WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway: Learn Thai Podcast

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

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WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway…

Welcome to week FOUR of WLT’s seven weeks of Thai language giveaways by top movers and shakers in the learning Thai industry.

To find out about the $4,500+ in prizes being given away do read the intro post, Please Vote THAI and WIN! 2015: Top 100 Language Lovers Competition.

The previous three giveaway posts by sponsor are: 1) Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand, and 2) DCO Books and Orchid Press, and 3) PickupThai Podcast. Congrats to the lucky winners!

Learn Thai Podcast: 800 lessons and counting!…

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway For the week four giveaway, Jo and Jay are gifting FOUR full subscriptions to Learn Thai Podcast. That’s almost US$800 in fabulous prizes right there.

LTP’s site now holds a massive 800+ video, audio and text lessons where you can learn how to speak, read, and write Thai. There’s also a vocabulary trainer, a forum, and the ability to track lessons learned.


I already wrote extensively about what LTP offers in my post, Review: Learn Thai Podcast Relaunches!, so here’s just a taster of my review.

Checklist for LTP:

  • Visuals: Online lessons, downloadable YouTube videos in many formats.
  • Sound: Individual sound bites in online lessons, YouTube videos and mp3 files to download.
  • Thai script: Script included with all lessons, complete Alphabet course, transliteration.
  • Thai only: Lessons without English translations.
  • Conversations: Movies and sound files of actual Thais talking.
  • Testing: Reviews after each lesson, vocabulary trainer for individual words.
  • Extras: Printable notes to download.

Since then they’ve added 100+ lessons (reading, writing and advanced). And to better serve you, revamped their site from top to bottom. Another addition is their handy Top 300 Thai Words course. The first couple of lessons are free, so give it a go?

Awhile back I ran into one of the best LTP reviews ever, on Mezzie Learns. The review is in two parts: Learn Thai Podcast Features and Why I Chose Learn Thai Podcast over ThaiPod101.

I won’t spoil it for you but I do want to share this one quote:

Mezzie Learns: Learn Thai Podcast … has conversations and monologues that are husband-approved in their authenticity. In fact, Learn Thai Podcast is the only learning resource I have that hasn’t made my husband double over in laughter. When I showed him some of the intermediate and advanced dialogues and grammar lessons, he was pretty impressed.

“Husband-approved in their authenticity” – don’t you just love that? If you’ve been around the learning Thai block awhile you are sure to have run across phrases that no one uses (except in class). With LTP you get real Thai everytime.

Jo and Jay have big plans for the future but mums the word for now. All I can say is that I just know you’re going to love it to bits! But their course, as it stands, is already heaving with Thai learning goodness (some free even), so please don’t wait to try it out.

And here’s a bit about the sponsors…

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway I ran into Jo and Jay years back when they first dipped their toes into creating learning Thai products. It was thrilling really, because their fun mp3’s appeared for a short bit, tantalizing us all, and then came back in full force, bypassing all expectations.

And now thinking about it, in a way theirs is a modern day love story. Computer geek (Jay) moves to Thailand for work. Geek meets gorgeous and talented local gal (Jo) who has a love of languages. Using her command of the Thai language, she teaches him Thai in such a way that his geek instincts go into high gear. After briefly testing the waters, his geekiness and her Thai skills were fused to give us Learn Thai Podcast, which has now surpassed 800+ lessons. Now is that sweet, or what?

For more of the story, read Jo and Jay’s post from 2010: Overview: Learn Thai Podcast

Rules for WLTs Thai Language Giveaway…

The rules are dead simple:

  • To be included in the draw, leave comments below.
  • Comment(s) need to add to the conversation (it really does matter).
  • Each relevant comment gets counted, so please do leave as many as you like!
  • If you don’t collect your prize within a week of the announcement, it will be given away to the next person in line.

The draw will run from this moment until the 24th of June, 6am Thai time. As soon as Jo and Jay pick their favs, I’ll announce the winners in the comments below, as well as create a dedicated post.

And before I forget, my thanks goes to Jo and Jay for being a part of WLT’s seven year celebration!

WLTs 2015 Thai Language Giveaway…

Here are the posts so far in WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway.

And remember, after this there’s still THREE more weeks of prizes to be given out to celebrate WLT turning seven. Good luck everyone!

38 thoughts on “WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway: Learn Thai Podcast”

  1. Tony, I’ve heard several stories about Thai wives not wanting their expat husbands to learn Thai. Some are cute (like yours), and some I’m not too sure about, but they are all interesting 🙂

  2. Aleishea’s reply to Bernard reminds me of a funny story, with probably a lot of truth to it.

    When I lived in the U.S., I knew an American who had a Thai wife. We attended the same temple and, one day, I saw him looking at a Thai book.

    Me: Can you read that?
    Him: I can read it but I don’t know what most of the words mean.
    Me: Do you speak Thai?
    Him: Not very well. My wife won’t let me speak it. She’s afraid I’ll get the tones wrong and embarrass her.

    Maybe that’s why my Thai wife hasn’t made a real effort to teach me!

  3. You know it is interesting that Bernard, pointed out about the pronunciation difficulty out there. Believe it or not, from what I have learned in my second-language course for my study, research says pronunciation is a hard one to master at this age, that is if you have already passed the critical period which is age 12. But in my opinion, I don’t let that stuff bother me. I always pay attention to pronunciation and in any case, try to match it as much as possible. It may take 10 times more practice time compared to when you spoke Thai years ago, but I believe in any case, it is totally doable. Maybe turning on the Thai channel or radio while doing something else lets it run through my subconscious to get myself familiar with patterns of sounds might be helpful too. For me it helps. To me, repetition and consistency is important… even if you already know content by heart, you might catch something you missed. I just started with Thai so I still don’t have the hang of it just yet. But your comment is interesting and got me thinking too

  4. I do a bit like that now, with a Thai teacher. I have twice a week, two hours session with her on Skype. She is based in Chiang Mai, but I live outside the city, so I can’t go face to face ; only some times I will do, when I will have free time enough to drive to her place. I just started three weeks ago. I start to speak more “openly”, but I know that’s terrible – not fluid at all and without any tones correct or fluent prosody. But I didn’t speak Thai for many years, even with Thai friends, and so it is normal, I guess. I’m just afraid that I did get very bad pronouciation habit when I was all those years working my Thai alone with my computer and my iPad, witout any contol and guidance. Anyway, it may only be better in the future. Thank you Catherine for your chunks of advice.

  5. Bernard, have you tried setting subjects to talk about (ones that interest you), and then study up on the needed vocabulary and phrases beforehand? If you are stumped, you could even ask a Thai teacher to help with phrase patterns to play around with.

  6. I’m not sure it is a good thing. It is an exchange group. I will ending atftre few minutes by speaking French or English for sure, not Thai… I did try language exchange by Internet, I never succeeded to pseak Thai, but teach French. It is not what I want to. I tried also with sort of language helper who was eanable to speak one word of English or French, It was quite nice but after few sessions, we had no more things to speak togater with my limited Thai vocabulary and her inability to speak other languages than Thai and Tai Yai…

  7. Aleishea, getting a couple of years head start is a good idea. I had that plan but it didn’t quite work (I had a lot going on).

    Bernard, sounds like you need to join that Thai language meet-up at the coffee shop in Chiang mai (me too – time…).

  8. Sure Catherine, 15 minutes, I can do. In fact, I’ m dedicating about two hours per day for Thai Language. My only ‘problem” is that I ‘am regarding more an more may Thai studies the same way as somene collecting postcards and commenting then in a journal but never take a plane to travel… So I learn more and more of things and I can speak of them… in French or in English, but I have almost no practice of the Thai.

  9. You’re absolutely right that not everyone can get back on the bandwagon that easily. I was just as passionate about learning Japanese during my preteen years and like you said, it was more difficult to gain access to online learning (Pimsleur and singer BoA was the prime language input), but it was passion that triggered the desire to learn and to keep searching avenues to learn the language. Finally I went to Japan with adequate language skills and met my Thai boyfriend at the university we were studying at. What a blessing it is to have found this route to learning Thai (much easier than when I studied Japanese).
    Like you Catherine, my plan is to move to Thailand after my boyfriend finishes up schooling in Japan. It will be a few years until then, so this preparation period is essential for when that time comes. To make the best of it, by utilizing as much resources now to learn Thai language and culture is my goal! Thank you for the link to the video on motivation! I will check that out!

  10. Karen, I wish I could say more, I really do. But just think, it’ll be that much more delicious when you finally find out 🙂

    Aleishea, languages are meant to be taken on for the long-haul, that’s a given. Being able to keep pulling out the motivation when your energies go slack is something not everyone can do. One of the best videos I know on motivation is by David Mansaray: How to Use Motivation Effectively.

    My history with learning Thai started when I knew I’d live her for an extended period of time. The passion part comes from my love for searching out available Thai language learning resources. Compared to fifteen years ago (when I was merely flirting with moving here) what’s on offer for students of Thai these days is quite tremendous. On top of bog-standard courses, there’s smart phone apps, interactive websites, Facebook pages, and twitter even. I won’t say they’re all good but there’s more to select from than we had before.

  11. Gosh reading about everyone’s motivation to learn Thai only motivates me more and more everyday. I feel this contest is just the thing to bring us back into the mood to do what we love the most. Yes, we all get sidetracked at some point and when we get back to continue our task, many of us end up starting over again. What better way to get motivated than a generous giveaway from Jo and Jay. An opportunity like this is very rare and I’m just so grateful.
    Thai is still fairly fresh to me and it really is a pleasure getting to know everyone’s story through this experience. I also get good insight about Thai learning tips too (thanks Catherine!) Catherine, you inspire me a lot! I’d like to get to know about your history with learning Thai and how it became your passion!

  12. Catherine, you have me curious about the big plans to come! I’m impressed with what I see at their website already. Great to see a program that’s well supported and continuing to develop going forward!

  13. Jay, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to hear that you made contact with Bernard (internet boogers are a pain). 

    Bernard, they say even 15 minutes a day will help learn a new language. I personally know how easy it is to get sucked into doing our own thing, living in our little non-Thai bubbles. Perhaps I should enforce a 15 minute study period regardless of what’s going on.

Mitchell, if you’ve already got conversational down then you are more than ready to take on a huge course such as LTP. Good luck!

    Hunter, thank you! Facebook has opened up an easy way to get information out there fast. If I had to write a post on WLT for everything I share on FB these days, there wouldn’t be enough time in the day to breath. 

So thank goodness for FB.

    Steve, if you’ve hit a wall (with a pencil in it no less) then a change of scenery just might do you good.

    Mary, I’m always losing stuff so whenever I get a new Thai resource, I copy them onto an external. I have all the old LTP materials from years back so it’s past time for me to stop dawdling and get the new stuff updated.

    Having the materials is all well and good for a brush up especially (and recommended), but as I really enjoy how the courses are set up on this revision of the site, I’m thinking a membership would be handy to have.

    Good luck everyone! There’s only a few more days until the winners are announced. This week went whooshing by!

  14. My story is very similar to Bernard’s. I too bought the course when I was visiting Chiang Mai. I did download a lot of the files to my Ipod and thought I would spend more time with them when I moved to CM permanently. Unfortunately, my Ipod crashed and I lost everything. I sent an email as well as I was really bummed out that it all was gone. I really like the material and was slowly making progress and then poof – nothing. I especially like learning how sentences were really constructed and was learning a lot of cool vocabulary. I also enjoyed the conversations as I could replay them many times until I understood the concept. I have nothing but good things to say about the course. I guess at the time I purchased it I only had one year instead of the five years now offered. Since I am just now learning how to read and write I wish I had the material to study with. I know a lot of time has been put into preparing the course.

  15. I worked hard on my Japanese when I lived in Japan but have been incredibly slack with my Thai and have become a cliche–a longterm resident who doesn’t speak much Thai. One day becomes a week becomes a month becomes a year… So carpe diem.
    I’ve been using the books and audio of a certain infamous language school. The book seems to only have one basic sentence pattern: The pencil is on the wall (really? on the wall??) And to expand: The pencil is not on the wall but it is in in the box. I’ve been putting in 30 minutes a day but it’s so monotonous.
    Obviously, I need an upgrade so I’ve been looking around and Learn Thai Podcast looks like just what I need, a complete system with an online community where I can grow with other learners. : — ) Steve

  16. Thank you for providing this high quality content. I find your Facebook activity enjoyable as well as I am doing my best to learn thai fluently!

  17. After living here for 2 years it is definitely time to go from conversational to fluent in Thai. Can’t wait to get started!

  18. Catherine, I’m not sure I will have soon a lot of time to work on my Thai… I still read a little every day, and try to pratice time to time with real speakers (but that’s a so terrible experience each time !). But I still have lots of activities with the magazine, and can’t focus on Thai as I would like to do.

    Thanks Jay, I don’t find those e-mails back. It was in the first semester of 2014 and I had a computer problem and lost all may e-mails for first 6 months. (Yes, I have (too) often computer problems, but that because as editor in chief of a Mac/IOS magazine, I test many things and uses my computers in bêta configurations most of the time… so it is normal that something breaks sometimes). I don’t remenber to which e-mail address I sent. I also made a mistake in my post up, I was a LTP subscriber in 2011/20012 – as I receive an e-mail from you for renewing on the 4th February 2012 (this one and someothers I still have, they haven’t been lost).
    But don’t worry, I haven’t any problem against LTP at all. As I said, that’s just life, and nothing really important.

  19. Bernard, sorry to hear that. What is the email you used back then? We have pretty responsive customer support and check every day so no idea how this might have slipped through. You can get in touch with us directly at learnthaipodcast at gmail.com

  20. Adrianne, I too prefer to have a lot of language resources to choose from. With 800+ lessons, LTP really should be in every Thai student’s arsenal. I’m glad you are having fun learning the Thai alphabet song – there are some real cuties on YouTube showing off their skills! And if a 4 year old can do it, we can too (perhaps not as easily, but even so 🙂


Bernard, it’s great to hear that you will finally have time to get back to your Thai studies. With LTP you’ll be busy for a good long while.

    Gordon, I’m fairly certain that you’ll be able make decent headway into the materials before the five years are over. And remember, there’s even more coming (hint, hint).

    Why are you missing stuff that I’m not? Perhaps because you are studying while I’m goofing off. I have got to be the worst student, ever.

  21. 5th year download. Great suggestion Cat, thanks. LTP Forum? Why am I missing all this stuff that you find? Why are there not more free hours in the day? ^_-

  22. I have been using Learn Thai Podcast in 2010/2011. At that time, I paid a promotion price of 97 $, if I remenber correctly. But it was for one year access to the site. I had the good idea to download all the material that it was possible to download. It was much less than now, about 400 audio/video files. Alas, I had an elevtrical outage in Chiang Mai in 2012, and I lost lots of files, and in particular all of those material. I tried to reach Learn Thai podcast management by e-mails abot two times to explain my problem, but I didn’t get any answer. Finally, last year, speaking with Catherine about that, I found back some files on an external hard drive that I had used as a backup I guess, but I got back not much of the files. That’s pity as at that time, I had notreally time to spend with the course, so I didn’t get any benefits form my subscription. But that’s life… I’m not sure to have much more time soon to work immediatly with LTP, b if I win something, I will have at least five years to train with, and plainty of time to make many backups too.
    I tried also an another well known training site. It has like a free section, and I didn’t use the paid course, but I was disapointed. Learn Thai Podcast has a richer program and more accessible at my level, and voices are not so “strange” as on the other one course. So if your are looking for some online course LTP is a winner.

  23. I really love having a variety of learning modes because I can’t just pick up languages, especially Thai, by reading and memorizing. Context is really important for me. I need dialogue and consistency. Thanks Cat for all your helpful posts. I have been trying to memorize the alphabet song line by line and I love it!

  24. Aleishea, you are in the perfect position to learn Thai – lucky you! Learning a language without input is very hard to pull off. Sounds like you are having fun with Thai already 🙂

  25. Gordon, I now like learning via their website, but what you can also do is download all of the lessons before your subscription is up. You won’t get the forum, vocabulary trainer, or new materials, but you can keep going over the lessons via video, audio, and pdfs.

  26. I enjoyed reading all about the reviews for ThaiPodcast and its been on my mind for weeks now because I started learning Thai about 5 months ago just by speaking with Thai people, joining parties, and watching a whole bunch of dramas or movies, and tuning into Thai Pop. I have picked it up quite quickly because I talk to my Thai boyfriend everyday on Skype. Now our conversations are 50-50 Thai and English! Because of this, my motivation to learn Thai has increased drastically and now I want to do so with everything I can find online! ThaiPodcast is my number one choice. I really enjoyed the video clips I had accessed to on the LTP page on YouTube… My favorite being the “Instant Thai Phrases: Flirting and Love” which contained all phrases I memorized by heart (and frequently used to play and joke around with my boyfriend). Haha!
    Thai is such beautiful language both speaking and writing. And I really am thankful to all the learning materials out there, the time and effort spent to create everything made possible to learn Thai efficiently and spoil us “farangs”!! I am excited to get started with ThaiPodcast, soon!!

  27. Ah, thanks Cat. I missed that as it was hidden in there under installments. So, hopefully it won’t take more than 5 years to complete the course. Better start clearing the diary, lol.

  28. Hi Rod, if it’s been 8 years since you’ve seen their materials then I just know you’ll love the additions and changes. When I first got a membership with LTP I downloaded everything, but following along via their new website design just makes it easier to keep track. Plus, it just looks nicer than iTunes.

    Ben, good luck and thanks!

    Michael, ‘thai girlfriend approved‘ sounds equally good as well. I’d also like to know what she thinks. I do know that Thais coming from different walks of life (age groups, social status, north/east/south/west) will have slightly different opinions of what’s ‘correct’ to say. 

    Gordon, on “resubscibing” to LTP … here’s a bit from their website under FAQ:

    The cost for the complete Learn Thai Podcast Premium Course is $197. Because we know some people prefer an instalment payment plan, we offer you the option of making 4 consecutive monthly payments of $49.95. You will pay the first instalment at the time you subscribe then you will automatically be debited at the same time each month until the remaining 3 payments have been made. You will be able to log in for five years and get all lessons and updates, but you will not be billed again after the fourth instalment payment is made.

    Dafydd, the real life conversations are my favourites as well. Too many audio courses are recorded with no background and that’s just not how life works.

    “I think your enthusiasm is awesome!”

    Thanks! Being able to research/write for WLT and then share what I know elsewhere has been great fun. 

    Andrew, LTP is perfect for studying while in the car and around town. You’ll be talking with your new family before you know it.

    Good luck everyone!

  29. With android phones, pcs, podcasts are excellent tools for sound pronunciation. Would love these podcast learning sound bites on mp3 player in my car and for listening via heaphones from my mobile. Need to start learning proper now the Thai language. My fiancee has been with me 20 months now. Need to communicate with her family and her two daughters from two previous failed relationships.

  30. I absolutely ate up the free material from LTP and have been planning on getting the full package as soon as possible (ie whenever I’m not working three days a week in a restaurant 555).

    The one thing I really loved was the conversation lesson segment: taking audio clips from TV, movies and radio and breaking them down word for word. I’ve never felt my comprehension of Thai come on so quickly.

    Thanks for teaming up, guys, this is a truly priceless giveaway. Also thanks Caroline for your ceaseless work on FCLT- Never really had a chance to say before but I think your enthusiasm is awesome!
    โชคดีทุกคนและขอให้เรียนภาษาไทยประสบความสำเร็จ 🙂 อิอิ

  31. Curious about all these comments above re “resubscibing”. I realise they may be refering to previous incarnations of the course, but maybe not, so it would be nice to get clarification. Maybe you (Cat) can ask Jo and Jay to confirm if the “Premium” course subscription has an attached time limit to it, or if it is a lifetime subscription?

    Some of us are slow learners and many learners seem to stop/start due to other life commitments, whilst many also like to refer back to material months or even years later when needed to clarify points or refresh memories. Clarification would be appreciated.


  32. ‘husband-approved’ sounds good. Perhaps the podcast brings my Thai on a higher level and my girlfriend will understand my Thai better. Then I can say ‘thai girlfriend approved ‘

  33. Started off learning Thai 6 years ago by subscribing to LTP. I’m looking to resubscribe for their advanced material. Good job!

  34. Hi Catherine. I’m very happy to have recently come across your Facebook page and website. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m still at a beginner/intermediate level of Thai – the regularity of Facebook posts is creating a nice impetus to my daily learning (which had been limited to a single 30-60 minute blocks).

    I also find the content and discussions refreshing and helpful (I’d been getting frustrated at my lack of ability to apply my learning from Apps, textbooks and school classes to colloquial conversations).

    I first came across the Learn Thai Podcast about 8 or 9 years ago during an earlier attempt to improve my Thai, cut short when I temporarily left the region. Back then I think there was only a limited amount of lessons available – it’s great to see that they now have Intermediate and Advanced lessons which cover real conversations between Thais, something I find lacking in the materials I’ve been using.

    Thanks again for sharing your love of the language.


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