The FSI Wiki Project

The FSI Wiki Project

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The free FSI Thai lessons…

If you have been anywhere near WLT’s extensive resource page, Learn Thai for FREE, then you’ll know all about the fantastic Thai lessons created by the Foreign Service Institute.

And ever since I’ve known about the FSI Thai course, I’ve wanted to change that drat transliteration (karaoke Thai) into proper Thai script.

And now I’m getting my wish.

Last week, 4 members from the ThaiVisa Thai language forum got together to do just that.

Some are doing the Thai script, others are coding in the English, while some are doing both.


And it’s all going on a wiki.

The FSIwiki…

But here’s the problem: We need your help.

Coding in a wiki is time intensive, so we are asking for volunteers.

If you don’t know how to code, templates are available. If you don’t know how to do the Thai script, then coding in the English is fine. If you don’t feel comfortable coding but can handle the Thai, others will code for you. And if you are a wizz at everything, well, bless your heart 🙂

Anyway, if you’d like to help just drop me a line and I’ll sign you in.

UPDATE: FSI Thai is now at

5 thoughts on “The FSI Wiki Project”

  1. I just realized today that some or all of Cornell’s Thai materials are in the public domain, too.

    In the advanced reader “Introduction to Thai Literature” (Jones and Mendiones, Cornell, 1970) it states on the copyright page:

    “Copyright is claimed until September 15, 1980. Thereafter all portions of this work covered by this copyright will be in the public domain.”

    Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of that date. Most of this particular book is straight Thai text — passages from well-known literary works, many of which are already public domain. The authors have added glossaries and explanations to the texts.

    This is an advanced book, granted, but it would be another excellent project, and it makes me hopeful that the other Cornell readers are also public domain. Time to do some homework…

  2. Talen, no prob. I’ve never coded a wiki from the ground up – I’ve only been annoying with wikipedia corrections and suggestions – so this is a learning curve for me.

    As I code in (reading as I go), I’m whispering to myself, ‘I CAN’T WAIT!’

    FSI Thai is grand stuff. For sure.

  3. I would love to lend a hand Cat but unfortunately I know just enough of each required element to be extremely dangerous lol.

    I wish you all luck though because it is definitely a resource that will be well used.


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