Thanking Sponsors of WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway

WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway

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WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

For a second year in a row it was great fun giving away prizes during the Thai Language Giveaway.

A huge thanks from me goes to the generous sponsers: Yuki and Miki (PickupThai Podcast), Duke (Duke Language School), Bingo-Lingo (Read Thai in 10 Days), Tom and Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style), Brett Learn Thai from a White Guy, Jo and Jay (Learn Thai Podcast), Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Paiboon Publishing) and Chris Pirazzi (Word in the Hand).

WINNERS: WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

Below is a breakdown of the sponsors, the winners, and the prizes they won. Again, congrats and thanks everyone!

From Yuki and Miki (PickupThai Podcast): Diane N, Michael and Micky won 10 Creamy Coconut lessons each, Anna Measures and Roger won 15 Creamy Coconut lessons each, and the grand prize (full Creamy Coconut course – all 30 lessons) went to Jeff Netto.

From Duke (Duke Language School): Micky and Gordon won the intensive 60 hour Journey One group lessons (with course books).


From Bingo-Lingo (Read Thai in 10 Days): Fabian, Bernard, Matthew and Peter won the 2nd Edition of Read Thai in 10 Days (with audio).

From Tom and Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style): Stuart Cox, Michel Geneva, Lauren Sautter and Micky won the Speak Thai Course (includes a pre-release version of Speak Thai Course with Thai script only – no transliteration).

From Brett Learn Thai from a White Guy: Colin and Tim, won Read Thai in 2 Weeks along with The Need to Know Sentence Pack. Mathew and Gordon won Read Thai in 2 Weeks.

From Jo and Jay (Learn Thai Podcast): Danielle Tong, Wes and Matthew won Learn Thai Podcast’s megga course.

From Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Paiboon Publishing) and Chris Pirazzi (Word in the Hand): Robert Vargason, Kaisa Edfors Terkildsen, Mark B, Danielle Tong, Nam Parikh and Diane N won their choice of either the Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or the Thai <> English Dictionary for Android phones/tablets.

Posts: WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

So, will there be a WLT 2017 Giveaway?…

At this point I’m hoping to be back with a Thai Language Giveaway this time next year. But if not, thanks again to everyone who contributed prizes and to those who added comments under each post. It’s been brilliant.

5 thoughts on “Thanking Sponsors of WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway”

  1. Thanks again to the sponsors for donating their products to the WLT 7-week giveaway so the many lucky winners can get to try them out, and everyone gets to see the cream of the product crop available out there. Thanks to you too Cat, for organising this wonderful yearly giveaway which is a great bonus that, along with all the other 45 weeks of reviews, comments, and posts, from you and your contributors (Hugh, Todd, etc.), ( and not forgetting that wonderfully large database of other Thai language resources & links), help us all re-motivate ourselves and progress with our Thai studies.

  2. Many Thanks Cat for putting this together and also to all Sponsors for supporting. I have thoroughly enjoyed joining in this year and also spectating.


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