Thai Snippets: Semantics, Spelling, and Sentence Construction

Thai Snippets

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Introducing: Thai Snippets…

EDIT: Thai Snippets is now offline.

I’ve been learning Thai for about 5 years now and have advanced beyond the beginner stage. I used to have the “Bakunin learns Thai” blog describing the first two years of that journey, but recently decided to take it offline and delete the content which caused the owner of this blog to lament over the loss of my travels through ALG (Automatic Language Growth).

Another project of mine, Thai Recordings, however, is still accessible and will be kept online as long as I can afford to pay for the hosting and the site is not getting hacked. Thai Recordings has about ten hours of recordings of spoken Thai, together with fairly exact transcripts, on a wide variety of everyday topics, and is aimed at intermediate learners of Thai.

Recently, I’ve started another little project: Thai Snippets. It is actually not intended to be a blog where I broadcast something to the world and engage in social networking and the rest of it, but rather something like a notebook that happens to be online. I’m not good at keeping notes in real life because I can’t stand stuff cluttering up my desk, but I still have the desire to jot down and keep those small personal insights I (and we all) have when learning a second language. The files I’ve started have never really worked out either. Maybe the format of a blog is a better solution because it imposes some structure with regards to how I present the content.

Thai Snippets is 100% focussed on my own needs and learning journey, and admittedly pretty random, maybe even obscure. I love to investigate questions related to semantics, spelling, and sentence construction. Instead of just researching that stuff, I now research it and write it down. That’s all there is to it.


Time will tell whether Thai Snippets will add value to my learning experience. If it does, I’ll keep doing it, otherwise it’ll die without much ado. It is clearly a niche project, but maybe there are a few people out there who share my interest in semantic relationships, spelling and the like and enjoy stopping by, or others who might be inspired to start such a notebook-type blog of their own, whatever their level and interest is.

Since starting Thai Snippets I’ve been busily adding material, and I’ve got an even longer pipeline. Somehow having to write the stuff up forces me to dig a bit deeper, and this in turn increases my learning experience. It’s also good fun, I’m just that type of guy. So, I guess I’ll keep adding to Thai Snippets for some time to come.

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