Stu Jay Raj is Back in Bangkok with Cracking Thai Fundamentals

Stu Jay Raj and Cracking Thai Fundamentals

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Stu Jay Raj is back with Cracking Thai Fundamentals…

As I mentioned earlier this year – Stuart (Stu) Jay Raj: Interview Part One – I met polyglot Stu Jay Raj right after landing in Bangkok.

I took Stu’s workshop to gain an insight into the Thai language and culture. And I did.

Cracking Thai Fundamentals is for anyone who has just arrived in Thailand and wants to start off on the right foot or for anyone who has lived in Thailand for a long time but their knowledge of Thai sounds like a clumsy shoe falling down the stairs.

To help us to remember Thai vowels, Stu got us up doing funny things with our mouths, hands, and entire bodies. And to this day, I still smile at how Stu taught me to get the vowel า into my head.

To see what I mean, watch his video in the second part of the interview: Stuart (Stu) Jay Raj: Interview Part Two.

So instead of freaking out about Thai tones like everyone else newly studying Thai, I came away from Stu’s workshop with cheeky memories of saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 🙂


Stu took his family off to Australia months ago. Then, in late August, I got a heads up with ‘Hey Cat! I’m coming back!’ So for those of you finding yourselves in Bangkok this October – lucky you.

Date: Tues (5th) – Wed (6th) October
Time: 09.00 – 17.00

For two days, Stu’s Cracking Thai Fundamentals Bangkok Workshop will be on offer. And if I were you, I’d grab at the chance because Stu is only visiting Bangkok. Not relocating.

Btw: Those signing up for the workshop will receive a free online membership.

Mistakes people make when Learning a language…

Stu’s teaching style is chock-full of fabulous energy that sucks his students into the excitement of it all. His latest video, Mistakes People Make When Learning A Language, is a perfect example.

Some of the mistakes we make are hilarious … if you are reading this and you’ve ever been to Soi Ruamrudee in Bangkok, you need to watch the clip lest you follow the hysterical (for others) route that many have trodden before you!

Look who’s attending Stu’s Thai workshop…

The online learning Thai community is close-knit, so it was a simple matter to get quotes from two people attending Stu’s workshop. You’ll already know Talen from his popular website, Thailand Land of Smiles (no longer online), or even his recent post on WLT: Review: Thai Language Schools in Pattaya.

Talen: Now that I am getting serious about learning the Thai language and taking language lessons, I am looking for anything that will help in this endeavor. The Cracking Thai Fundamentals workshop looks to be right up my alley and I am hoping that it will provide me a solid bridge into the fundamentals of the Thai language that I so desperately want to learn.

Talen (AKA Tim Bull)
twitter: @landofsmiles

I hooked up with Claudio on twitter yaks ages ago. As we twitter back and forth pretty much daily, he was happy to give me a quote too. It sounds like he’s just as excited about the workshop as I was!

Claudio: I’ve been living in Thailand for two years and find learning Thai to be a big challenge. The problem is the tonal aspect of the Thai language. In addition, I struggle with remembering the words I learn; they seem to go in one ear and right out the other.

While reading through the course description of Stu’s 2-day workshop “Cracking Thai Fundamentals”, I became very interested. I then watched some of Stu’s videos on YouTube, immediately liking his style and personality.

So far so good, but I wanted to be sure before signing up. I then reached out to my Twitter network to see if anybody had studied with him before. The responses I received from previous workshop attendees convinced me that this is a course I don’t want to miss.

I signed up for the workshop and can’t wait for it to start! I’m looking forward to a fun-filled and entertaining two days. And the prospect of finally mastering the consonant and vowel systems, as well as learning techniques to help me remember vocabulary, is exciting.

Claudio Sennhauser
Claudio Sennhauser | twitter: @DemoWell

Are you curious about the person Claudio talked to? I was too. And few tweets and emails later, Claudio’s friend and former student of Stu’s, @MrScottEddy, agreed to an interview (so watch this space).

And that’s not all. After Talen and Claudio go through Stu’s workshop, they’ll do an interview as well. Megga.

Polyglot Stu Jay Raj around town…

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14 thoughts on “Stu Jay Raj is Back in Bangkok with Cracking Thai Fundamentals”

  1. For me the biggest challenges were the tones- you really need to tune into the musical part of your brain (where the melodies are stored). Luckily grammar is nearly non-existant 😉

  2. Sophie, wouldn’t that be fabulous? To learn Thai without effort? But, it’s not going to happen. We have to work at it just like everything else worthwhile in life. So I guess the aim should be to make it easier, if possible. I like easy.

    Snap, Glad to hear that Stu’s videos are working for you 🙂 He has a new video (just out yesterday) that tackles the much dreaded ง : How to pronounce Initial Ng in Asian Languages

  3. Catherine I found that by watching only two of Stu’s vowel videos (twice each), using hand signs, I have retained all of the information. I am a visual learner and this method is tailor made for those like myself. My only regret is that I won’t be in BKK to attend.

  4. Cat, What do you mean…..everything does not magically get sucked into your head???? THAT is the course I am looking for. I want to just go sit somewhere, listen to someone and have it magically “sucked” into my brain. Unfortunately, I do know that is not going to happen. So I, like Ben, continue to slowing, organically, pick up little by little. It would be an understatement to say it is a slow progression. On a good note, at least I am still trying and still learning however slow my progress is. Sometimes when I am out and about here in the states I look at all the people around and think to myself smugly……”Well, at least I probably know more Thai than they do!” When I am at this site I feel woefully behind the crowd. Oh well.

  5. I don’t recall time passing that quickly during the class, but anytime you are engaged I guess it does. I did learn more about the Thai people and learning languages though. So if you are that skeptical, then watch the videos Stu has online to see for yourself…

  6. I’m always a bit skeptical – sure, he might have a fun and entertaining learning style, and that make seem time pass quickly and create the feeling that you learn a lot. But does he really make it easier and faster to learn Thai?

  7. Hi Jo 🙂 It’s great to know that a Thai native feels that Stu’s accent is excellent as well.

    And since you’ve mentioned it, the highlights of Stu’s Cracking Thai Fundamentals can be found on Bangkok Radio and his website.

    Martyn, are are correct. Anyone planning to attend Stu’s workshop should show up with an open mind and be prepared to take a lot in.

    Stu presents the information in an interesting way, but like anything else, it’s up to the attendees to put it to good use. Everything does not magically get sucked into your head. Ok, some does, but other bits will need continued work.

    Stu’s course is all about opening your mind to the Thai language. It’s about giving you handy tools to learn Thai (or any language). The rest is up to you.

    I don’t know what the venue will hold (I’ve never been there). But the workshops I attended with Stu were cosy, not huge.

  8. Catherine I can remember Stu’s “aaaaaaaaaaaah” moments and his unique way of getting over the Thai tones. His animated teaching style is a sure winner.

    Being link crazy I clicked and sent myself over to the Cracking Thai Fundamentals Bangkok Workshop post on Stu’s Mind and Mastery site, he’s certainly packing in one hell of a lot in two eight hour sessions. Those taking the course best arrive with a clear mind. Lights out early the night before.

    Out of interest do you know the capacity of the place Stu is holding his “aaaaaaaah” moments in. I’m just curious to know what figure of audience a big Thai Language event like this can attract.

  9. Stu is a great Thai speaker (and what I hear teacher too!) 🙂
    When I heard him I think on some Bangkok Radio website I first couldn’t believe he is not native. Welcome back.

  10. Hi Ben. Nice to see you here. I keep peeking in on your site to see how your little guy is getting on. What a sweetie!

    For me the workshop was an excellent introduction to the country and the language, as Stu knows so much about both. And Thailand would do well to suggest that new expats take Stu’s course.

    Moi? Learn Thai? Hmmmm… 😉

  11. Hi Cat, workshop sounds like fun. Wow you must have experienced so many different takes on Thai lingo you must be a guru by now! My Thai is coming along, but very ‘organically,’ shall we say. I tend to pick up something new everyday, but still I’m wey down on a fairly basic level. If I had the time I would take lessons, but that’s not really possible at the mo… How did you fit in learning Thai when you were so busy? Keep up the good work! Cheers, Ben

  12. Stu, five months is a good break from Thailand. It’s always oddness coming in after two to three weeks so I wonder what five months will feel like. But you are sure to slot right into your former lifestyle (and what fun 🙂

    Talen, I’m chuffed that you are able to go to Stu’s workshop. Good idea watching his videos, as some of what you’ll be learning is there. And it’s always handy to get a leg up, yes?

    Sorry to hear you are sick. I’m down with the flu as well. I slept most of yesterday afternoon-evening.

  13. Cat, I’m really looking forward to the workshop and digging into the material on Stuart’s site. Unfortunately right now I am sick again with a terrible head cold and just want to curl up and sleep.

    But, on a good note I will have a lot to keep me busy…


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