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FREE Thai Language Learning Resources…

Here it is, the mother of all FREE Thai resources: Free Thai courses, ebooks, audio books, songs, dictionaries, audio files, videos, podcasts, YouTube channels, alphabet lessons, grammar lessons, cheat sheets, flashcards, typing tutors, keyboards, games, quizzes, study aids, iOS apps (iPhone, iPad, iPod), radio, tv, newspapers, spoken Thai, written Thai… and more.

In case you are looking for a good way to learn Thai online, you can check out Thaipod101. Although it’s not free, it’s cheap and effective. ExpatDen readers also get 25% off on all courses using this link.

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Please, if you come across a site that’s been taken over contact me and I’ll fix it.

Free Online Thai Courses…

Learn Thai from a White Guy
After entering your email, you get five free Thai lessons to help you start learning to read Thai.

A list of free Thai vocabulary.

A free mobile application for learning Thai.

AUA: Learn Thai Language Videos
The complete set of AUA’s ALG videos.

Book2 English – Thai For Beginners: A Book In 2 Languages
The online files for the book, Book2 English – Thai For Beginners.

Department of Non-Formal Education – Ministry of Education, Thailand
Animated course teaching the basics of Thai. Reading, writing, grammar.

Everyday Thai Language school: Learning materials
Online flashcards, quizzes, lessons created from the FSI materials, sound included.

FSI Thai Basic Course
Thai language course developed by the Foreign Service Institute. Pdf and mp3 downloads.

FSI Thai Basic Course
Workbook, Reading and Translation Exercises, Lessons 1-80

FSI Thai Basic Reader
FSI supplementary textbook for self-study. Pdf download.

FSI Thai: Live Lingua Project
FSI Thai materials for self-study or with a teacher.

Foreign Service Institute Thai Language Course
Updated FSI Thai materials hosted on thai-notes.com (a work in progress).

FSI: Noss Thai Grammar
A greatly revised and expanded version of his dissertation, ‘An Outline of Siamese Grammar’.

GLOSS online language lessons
Reading and listening lessons taken from articles, TV, radio, etc.

Educational materials for kids.

Kruao.com: Thai Teaching Media (Total 1,826 videos and counting)
Huge resource of Thai teaching materials that includes Thai, Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Computer.

The lessons are written for English-speaking expats living in Thailand, travelers to Thailand, those doing business in Thailand, and those who are simply learning the language. Mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads.

A 100% aural based series of flashcards which automatically adjust to your level.

Loecsen: Learn Thai
Learn 400 words and phrases (in 40 languages). Mp3 and Pdf downloads (not free: 4.75 €). Loecsen is also on smartphone.
iOS app: Loecsen – Audio travel phrasebook
Android: Loecsen – Audio PhraseBook

Peace Corps Thai Course (basic introduction to Thai language in 13 lessons), Peace Corps Central-E-Saan Thai Dictionary, Peace Corps Central Southern Thai Dictionary, Northern-Central Thai Dictionary. Pdfs and mp3 downloads.

Supported by Northern Illinois University, this site is slightly old-fashioned but well worth the time it takes to dig into all the various nooks and crannies. Suggestion: read the site guide. Includes sound.

Spoken Thai
Spoken Thai has been adapted from the book of the same name authored by Mary R. Haas and Heng R. Subhanka. 30 lessons, includes sound.

TCU Open Courseware
Created by Chiang mai University, with a Creative Commons license. It is an excellent online course for the Thai beginner. Includes activities, animation, sound and pdf downloads.

Thai Basic Reader
This is a fabulous course. I don’t know how I missed adding it until now because I reviewed it here: Free Online Thai Readers.

inter.mua.go.th: Thai Language Textbook for Foreigner

The Fundamentals of the Thai Language
Thai course with 26 lessons. By Stuart Campbell and Chuan Shaweevongs (Fifth Edition, not under copyright). No sound.

Free Online Thai Mini Lessons…

Dino: Thai for Kids
Thai Vocabulary Click and Tell Game.

elearning with Sriwittayapaknam School
Thai only. If you can’t read the Thai script, click on the icons.

Learn Thai online with simple games.

Learn Thai Language
400 + short lessons sponsored by Thai Language Hut

Learn Thai Online
101 Languages has an overview of the Thai language.

Learn Thai with Oliver
Thai flashcards, exercises and games.

Learn to read Thai Tutorials
By Phil at Phil.UK.Net.

Excellent resource with Thai consonant / vowel flashcards, printable flashcards for the Thai consonants and vowels, consonant shape learning aid, chart of the 44 Thai consonants arranged by similar shape, voice viewer, the five tones of the Thai language, the consonant sounds of Thai, the vowel sounds of Thai, pronunciation guide systems for Thai.

Speak Real Thai
Lessons cover greetings, how to wai, how to make a suggestion politely, giving a snappy retort, how much money to give a beggar, dialects.

Thai alphabet and phrases (with sound). Articles on the Thai language.

Thai for lovers
Basic Thai for relationships. Touches on apologies, writing letters, love poems, etc.

Thai Language Games
Interactive game to learn Thai numbers, colours, fruits and vegetables.

Thai Language Hut
200+ YouTube videos created by Thai Language Hut.

Thai Language Survival Kit
Developed by the U.S. Defense Language Institute – includes audio and pdf downloads.

Thai Newspaper Headlines
Learn how to read Thai newspapers in the Paknam Web Thailand Forums.

ThaiSmile: Let’s Try Thai Language

World Nomads – Free Travellers Language Guide
Thai iPod language guide. Thai language guide app for iPhone & iPod touch. Pdf and Mp3 downloads.

Thai Language Cheat Sheets and Free Downloads…

WLT Review: Thai Language Cheat Sheets

Thai Consonant Map – Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth (Pdf download 948 kb)

Thai: An Essential Grammar
First edition of David Smyth’s popular grammar book. Pdf download.

Thai Consonant Sounds cheat sheet (Pdf download 41 kb)
Tod Daniel’s cheat sheet to study the initial and ending sounds of the Thai alphabet. (Thanks Tod)

Thai Language Cheat Sheet A4 (Pdf download 124 kb)
Thai Language Cheat Sheet Letter (Pdf download 124 kb)
This intensive and well-researched cheat sheet includes classes, tone marks, clusters, symbols, final consonants and more (beginners will need keep a grammar book handy). English, transliteration and Thai script (thanks NguuMuu).

Thai script card, 1000 Word List, and the Book of Remembrance
Ben Crowder from Riverglen Press has three downloads on his site. The last two are for the religious minded, the Thai script card is for everyone.

Thai Script Guidebook
Written by Veradej Wisetjarkhun, this is a wonderful cheat sheet to learn the Thai alphabet and tones.

Thai Building Terms (Excel download 38 kb)
This handy sheet covers ceilings, foundations and footings, windows and doors, electricity and bathrooms (thanks Andy).

English-Thai housing/shop rental contract
Download a free, bilingual English-Thai housing/shop rental contract to use to rent from a Thai landlord.

Thai consonant and vowel flashcard
From slice-of-thai.com, these flash cards solve the transliteration dilemma by leaving the choice up to you.

Free Thai Lessons from Pay Sites…

EuroTalk – Learn Thai for FREE
This is an online taster of what to expect from EuroTalk products.

Conversation course (400 Thai words with sentences), 5 lesson vocabulary course (50 Thai words), and the first 3 lessons free for their Thai script course. Online course.

L-Lingo Thai uses content from their language learning application, L-Ceps Personaltrainer Thai.

Thai Language Hut
Thai exercises, phrases and vocab at Learn Thai Free.

Learn Thai Podcasts
Blog style Thai Language lessons with video and audio. Pdf, mp3 audio and mp4 video downloads.

Thai Flashcards
Using a flashcard system, you can go with either a free or premium account.

Top Thai Language Learning Websites…

Internet resource for learning the Thai language: Lessons, forums, dictionary with an excellent search criteria, and Thai language reference.

Richard Barrow’s sites will go here as soon as they are in operation again.

Google Books…

WLT Review: Google Books: Thai Learning Resources
The resources for Google Books grew too large for this page so I’ve moved them to a dedicated post on WLT.

An Elementary Hand-book of the Siamese Language
This book is online in full (out of copyright) By Basil Osborn Cartwright (1906).

English-Thai Thai-English Dictionaries…

WLT Review: Thai Translation: Google Translation & Thai Dictionaries

Bab.la: English-Thai Dictionary
Includes translations, synonyms, usage examples and questions asked in the forum. Search via word or via letter. There are many more dictionaries (scroll down on the page).

English to Thai Dictionary Online
Contains more than 83,000 English words and phrases translated into Thai. Community forum with live chat, online Thai keyboard.

Glosbe: English Thai Dictionary online
Glosbe has translations and examples of usage.

Lingopolo English-Thai audio dictionary
A small dictionary with recordings of all words.

A serious English-Thai, Japanese-Thai, German-Thai, French-Thai dictionary.

Mac Thai Dictionary OSX app

Dictionaries for macOS

Royal Institute Dictionary
Official dictionary of the Thai language.

Royal Institute Dictionary: iOS app
Royal Institute Dictionary: Android app
Royal Institute Read and Write: iOS app
Royal Institute Read and Write: Android app

SEAlang Library Thai Dictionary Resources
Based on data developed by the Mary Haas Thai Dictionary Project.

Thai – English Dictionary Online.

Handy dictionary with a whole lot more as it’s designed to assist in learning the Thai language, as well as translating from Thai to English.

Thai Dictionary at seasite.niu.edu

thai-language.com Dictionary
Dictionary of over 36001 Thai words and phrases with English definitions, and 13146 audio clips.

TNC: Thai National Corpus
Database of 14m words from books, newspapers, legal and other sources with part-of-speech tagging for comparing word usage.

English-Thai Thai-English Dictionary Software Downloads…

English-Thai Vocabulary
From Fundamentals of the Thai Language, it includes around 2600 words used in the course as well as others in common use.

Tamilcube.com: English-Thai Thai-English
This is a single search dictionary (one word, not sentences)

Google Translate
Google Translate for Thai-English and English-Thai.

Picture dictionary
This is quite the helpful dictionary (and there is no transliteration to get in your way).

Thai-language.com: Dictionary
Online dictionary at one of the best language sites on the internet. You can search via single word or sentence.

You Translate
Community driven translation for all languages.

Thai Alphabet and Numbers…

Dave’s BangkokMac online Flashcards: Consonants, Vowels and Numbers.

DurianData: Thai alphabet mini-course
Mini-course that includes overview, flashcards (with audio), plus a cheat-sheet.

e-Learning at Sriwittayapoknam
Learning the Thai Alphabet: Thai Alphabet (a), Thai Alphabet (b), Thai Alphabet Test.
Pronunciation: Lesson One, Lesson Two, Lesson Three, Lesson Four.

Memrise: Thai Alphabet Crash Course

MThai: Learn How to Write Thai Consonants

MThai: Learn How to Write Thai Numbers

Read and Write Thai: COMPACT By Ruedi Seiler
Youtube course to learn the Thai alphabet.

Thai Flashcards: Learn the Thai Alphabet and the Digits, too!
Thai Flashcards teaches you consonants from the Thai alphabet, as well as digits (initial consonants only – Finals coming soon).

Thai Notes: Reading Course

ThaiStyle: Thai Letters & Pronunciation Guide

Alphabet poster
Vintage Thai alphabet poster at pinterest.com.

Vintage Thai alphabet set
I’m a softy for antique art and this Thai alphabet set is a keeper.

Thai Tones and Pronunciation…

Thai pronunciation guide – Forvo
Crowdsourcing site where you can add words (record and upload), pronounce, listen & learn.

Thai Language YouTube Channels…

Adam Bradshaw
His shows are for Thais learning English but they are fantastic for those learning Thai as well.
Blog: Ajarn Adam TV

ALGworld’s YouTube Channel
You can also get the ALG videos on the site at: Learn Thai Language Videos
Automatic Language Growth (ALG), is a language learning method. Ditto with AUA in Bangkok.

Alif Silapachi Thai lessons in English and Spanish and Spanish lessons for speakers of Thai

Andrew Biggs’ Tongue Thai’d (40 lessons)

CultureTalk Video Interviews
Interviews with people of many different ages and walks of life – most include transcripts.

Gwindarr’s YouTube Channel
The scripts for this channel can be found at Learn Thai from a White Guy.

ITS4Thai Channel

Langhub’s YouTube channel
Mp3 audio and mp4 video files for learners of the Thai language.

Learn Thai Podcasts YouTube channel
The free podcasts from Learn Thai Podcast.

Luke Bruder Bauer’s YouTube channel

Paiboon Publishing’s YouTube channel
The YouTube home of Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Thai for Beginners, Thai for Intermediate, etc…)

SpokeDark TV
Thai comedy YouTube channel.

Stuart Jay Raj’s YouTube Channel
Polyglot Stu from Behind the Curtain. While there, be sure to check out his new Thai TV Show เหนือชั้น 1000 แปลก.

Learn Thai Podcast

Langhub Thai Channel

ThaiPBS Kid’s Show

thaiguysabu’s YouTube channel
Thai-American John makes his way through learning the Thai language. It’s a learning process as he doesn’t get it quite right in the beginning.

vincentvandervaere’s YouTube channel
So far he has How to Read Thai Part 1 and How to Read Thai Part 2.

David Thai Lesson

Jacky Niere from Germany: Thai using German and English

Khon Thai Chai Yo: Thai for French speakers

Ponyothai2 channel: Thai for French speakers

Ruedi Seiler using Thai, English and German

Thai Language YouTube Channels: Thai Teachers and Thai Schools…

Ekkijaney: A Thai Teacher who teaches Thai and also English

I Want to Learn Thai from Teacher Bo

Learn Thai Bon’s Way

Learn Thai with KruuMay

Learn Thai with Kruu Wee

Learn Thai with Mod

Learn Thai with ThaiPod 101

Learn Thai with Ying and Paula

Learn to Speak Thai

Let Me Speak My Mind

Lily Brand (Thai Ladyboy) Teaching English
Quite fun – had a huge following (25k).

Pick Up Thai’s YouTube Channel
More lessons can be found on her website: Pick Up Thai

My Thai Language School: Thai for English speakers

Siam Utk’s Channel: Learning Thai

Speak Thai with teacher Noi Naa

StilloKay: Teacher Metalizza Kay

Thai Language Hut

Thai with Joy: Kruu Ladawan

Wat San Fran School: Watch, listen, read along

Msc Thai Language Videos…

Google Doc: Thai TV shows (and other videos)
This is a growing list of Thai TV shows compiled by Josh from Sweet and Coolbeanss.

Fairy Tales in Thai
A cute channel of fairy tales that’ve been translated into Thai.

Kor Bua: How to Speak Thai – 1

Thai Alphabet Cartoon
Translated into English by WLT at Thai Alphabet Cartoon (taking out most of the rude parts ;-).

ThaiStyle: Thai Letters & Pronunciation Guide

TED-Ed Thai
A Thai version of TED (some with subtitles).

Webcorp: Linguist’s Search Engine
Examples of words in sentences (some good, some not so good).

Thai Acronyms and Abbreviations…

Thai wiki project with Thai acronyms and abbreviations.

Another book on abbreviations.

พจนานุกรม คำย่อ-อักษรย่อ ในภาษาไทย
Abbreviation dictionary – acronyms in Thai.

Thai Videos with Subtitles…

Do a search for ‘Thai’ to find the videos.

Thai Subtitles
Crowdsourced subtitles website.

Online Thai Radio and TV Stations…

The BBC in Thai.

Internet TV broadcasts
Streams only, 26 channels.

Thai Radio
Mister Kwai’s list of online Thai radio stations.

VOA News – Voice of America Thai
VOA broadcasts news, information, educational, and cultural programming. Mp3 downloads.

Online Thai Audio…

Spoken Thai MP3s
Free Thai downloads at the Paknam Web Thailand Forums.

ThaiARC: Thai Language Audio Resource Center
Various styles of Thai speech: royal speeches, academic lectures, oral literature. Thai script and audio.

YouTube: Thai Audio Books for the Blind

Thai Listening and Reading…

Learning From News > Learning Thai from Post Today
Each post has a short article in Thai and English, with audio for both. You can read along with the audio online, or copy everything to your computer to study at a later time.

WLT Review: Learn Thai from the Bangkok Post

Self Study Thai
Using articles from VOA (Voice of America) Self Study Thai has Thai audio, transcripts, English translations and flashcards.

Thai Recordings
Five minute audio clips with transcripts covering a variety of topics for intermediate learners of Thai.

WLT Review: Thairecordings.com: Audio Clips for Intermediate Learners

Thai Music and Language Learning Sites…

Learn Thai from Songs
Practice reading seven songs. Each song is accompanied by culture notes, grammar notes and explanation.

Top 10 Thai Music Charts
New Thai songs are added each week. You can read the lyrics in Thai, or in Roman letters if you cannot read Thai. Many of the songs have been translated into English.

Online Thai Readers, Thai Books…

WLT Review:Thai-English Readers with Mp3s

WLT: Download 12 FREE Manee Books
There are several sites to download the Manee books – I’ve created one on Dropbox.

Thai Literature audio books. Pdf and mp3s downloads.

English language poems with Thai translations

WLT: FREE Downloads: Gla and Geo (there is life after Manee)

Manii Readers
Manii Reader 1 and 2, as well as online vocabulary tests. It’s old and clunky, but it is there if you need it. Pdf and mp3 downloads.

Fungdham: Local Fables
Listen online or download the audio files (my Mac doesn’t recognise the plugin).

Resources on Thai word origin and usage.
Rikker from Thai 101 points us to these online jewels for the advanced Thai reader.

Retire 2 Thailand eBooks for learning to read Thai
Hugh Long from retire2thailand generously released four free pdf downloads: A Field Guide to Thai Roadside Signs, Reading Thai Newspapers, Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Builder Volume 1, Advanced Thai Reading and Vocabulary Builder Volume 2.

SEAlang Lab: Just Read
The motherload of online Thai-English reading. Sounds are lacking for whole paragraphs, but when you click on individual words the search takes you to a dictionary with sound and video. Be sure to check out the SEAlang Archives while you are there.

Readers on SEAsite:

Saonday: More Manee downloads

Thai Basic Reader
The lexical range represented in the early lessons is approximately that of lessons 1 through 50 in the Thai series prepared for A.U.A.

Thai Distance learning institute (DLTV)
Thai school book downloads: P1-6 and M1-6, including Thai for Thai scholars.

Thai Fiction in Translation
Translated modern Thai literature, by Marcel Barang.

Thai Reader Project
By the University of Wisconsin at Madison. There are two readers with 76 lessons. Volume I is for beginners up to high readers, Volume II is for intermediate to advanced readers. Includes pdf downloads

And don’t forget the Thai Language Wikipedia
Reading a foreign language is usually more interesting when reading a subject you enjoy.

The Thai Bible
This Biblica translation of the Bible is for the Thai language, which is primarily used in Thailand. This translation uses a semi-formal language style and applies a mixed translation philosophy. It is translated from the biblical languages and the New Testament was completed in 1999.

Typing in Thai Software and Online Keyboards…

WLT Review: Thai Typing Tutors: aTypeTrainer4Mac

A fantastic multilingual typing tutor for the Mac.

Fast Fingers Typing Test
Improve your Thai typing speed and share your results with friends.

Mister Kwai – Virtual Thai Keyboard
Note: check out the Thai-English-Thai dictionary (editable), along with the quiz generator (uses the dictionary).

Thai Keyboard Tutor
A simple Thai keyboard tutor made in Game Maker Studio 2.0 – Windows.

Thai Notes
Thai Notes has a Thai typing trainer, Thai speed trainer, custom speed trainer, Thai typing game, flashcard game, IPA typing tool and Thai typing tool.

Thai Notes: Thai Typing Trainer
Browser based typing trainer.

Thai Typing Tutor Game
By Josh Sager, hosted on thai-language.com.

Type in Thai: Free online Thai typing tutor
Type in Thai offers an interesting way to improve your typing skills. First you practice by typing out the different Thai phrases. Then, when you feel you are ready, you can move on to the challenges.

Virtual Thai Keyboard
Simple online Thai keyboard for learning the Thai language.

Visual Thai Keyboard
If your keyboard does not support typing in Thai, the Virtual Thai keyboard can help.

Typing in Thai Advice…

Thai Typing – The Key to A Hidden World
Tips on typing in Thai from Stuart Jay Raj.

Thai Fonts…

Free Thai fonts to download.

Free Thai Font Collection
Free and open source Thai fonts hosted by lanna.io.

Downloadable Free Thai fonts and their licenses.

Language Forums with Thai Learners…

How To Learn Any Language: Forum
Online polyglot community for self teaching many languages; Thai included. Be sure to check out Learn Any Language Wiki (gleaned from how-to-learn-any-language.com).

Learning Thai
Paknam Web Thailand Forums.

Learning Thai forum
Forum sections for beginners and intermediate, Thai grammar, Thai songs translated. Hundreds of mp3 files to download.

thai-language.com Message Board
Forum for thai-language.com.

Thai Visa Thai Language Forum
A decent mix of beginning to advanced Thai learners.

Online Language Exchange Partners with Thai Learners…

Conversation Exchange
Through ConversationExchange.com you can have three types of language exchange: Face to face conversation, correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat.

International language exchange.

A language exchange group, HelloTalk also has free iOS and Android apps.

A social network and online resource for learning foreign languages.

You write in the language you are studying, native speakers correct your entries, you correct theirs.

Learn to Speak Thai
Language exchange via email, text chat and voice chat.

My Happy Planet
Learn & practice languages with partners around the world.

Phrasebase Foreign Language Learning
Conversational foreign language learning social network.

Shared talk
Language exchange community.

Language exchange via Skype.

A language exchange community for everyone.

Verbal Planet
Verbalplanet.com is a an online language learning platform that brings language teachers and students together using Skype internet telephony.

VoxSwap: Crunchbase
The social network for learning languages.

About the Thai Language…

60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet
Brief overview of the Thai language (consonants, vowels, reading, writing, etc) in the left nav.

Basic Concept of Thai Language
Posted by the University of Electro-Communications.

Royal Thai General System of Transcription
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Royal Thai Consulate General
Basic sentences using Thai script and transliteration.

A brief site on the Thai language. Includes sound.

Omniglot: Thai language, alphabet and pronunciation
An outline of the Thai language.

Thai Language
Thai language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about Thai.

Thai language
Outline of the Thai language from the ESL Teachers Board.

Msc Thai Materials for Teachers…

EMESCN: School Curriculum

Msc Thai Language Resources…

Clay’s Kitchen: Thai Food Glossary
Food normally used in Thai cooking. Photos, transliteration and Thai script.

Children’s site with animation. I need to poke around more…

Google Handwriting Input: app
The Google Handwriting app recognises Thai.

Learning Thai Affirmations: Thai Sex Talk for Valentine’s Day
A sexy learning Thai affirmation download from Kaewmala.

linguee.me: Thai Vocabulary Test
How many words you know in Thai? Check your vocabulary now.

Plant Names
Multilingual, multi-script plant name database.

Resources in and about the Thai language
An extensive list of papers, books, and Thai courses.

Rhinospike: Foreign Language Audio on Demand
RhinoSpike is a language learning tool that connects you with native speakers to exchange foreign language audio files. Get foreign language text read aloud for you by a native speaker.

Thai Vocabulary
2107 Thai words with their language source (where applicable).

Free online Thai tests – read Maarten Tummers review here: Test Your Might: Online Thai Language Proficiency Tests.
WikiBooks: Thai/Adding vocabulary with word association
A growing list of Thai words that are similar to English words.

WikiBooks: Thai/Writing lessons plan
Same concept as above, only with Thai letters (Quote: the goal is to introduce letters one by one so as not to overwhelm the student).

Thai Language
Thai characters, writing in Thai, vowels, tones, grammar and spelling. Includes sound.

Wikipedia: Farang
Origins of farang.

Wikipedia: Thai alphabet
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia: Thai phrasebook
From Wikitravel.

Wikipedia: Thai proverbs
From Wikiquote.

Thai Proverbs

Wikipedia: Thai six-hour clock

Your name in Thai
Enter your name in English to get your name in Thai.

SRS (Flash Cards) Software…

WLT Review: Byki Thai Language Course – Note: they are no longer updating this software.

A friendly, intelligent spaced learning system. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

A free open-source Java application that manages your learning processes by using flashcards and the famous Leitner system. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

Pauker – Flash Card Learning
Uses a combination of ultra-shortterm, shortterm, and longterm memory. You can use it to learn all the things efficiently you never want to forget, like vocabulary, capitals, important dates, etc. For Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Free vocabulary trainer for Mac OS X.

The Mnemosyne Project
A sophisticated flash-card tool to optimize your learning process, as well as a research project into the nature of long-term memory. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

SRS (Flashcards) Resources…

Flash cards from Dave’s BangkokMac.com…

Durian Data Online Flashcards
Flashcards for the Thai alphabet – includes audio (part of a mini-course).

English-Thai Vocabulary Quizzes
Quizzes to help you learn and review vocabulary.

L-Lingo’s Anki Common Thai Word Flashcards
Thai 1000 Common Words (incl. Audio, Phonetics, Examples).

Using Word lists
Advice on using words lists.

Articles on Learning Thai…

Learning Thai with a Palm Pilot, a PC and a `kroo’
…and a compulsive, obsessive personality.

Rules for Transcribing English Words (into Thai)
The Royal Institute has recognized the importance of adopting foreign words such as names and specialized scientific terms into the Thai language.

Speak Thai in 10 Days
How to be conversational in Thai (hmmm…)

Thai Culture in Language
By Peansiri Vongvipanond, presented to a workshop of teachers of social science organized by the University of New Orleans.

Non English Resources…

Lire et Ecrire le Thaï
Free ebook to learn how to read the Thai alphabet.

Sites and Resources No Longer Online…

Some of these sites are offline temporarily, others are permanently gone from the internet. If interested, I have some of the downloadable materials.

youreadthai.com: You Read Thai
For intermediate Thai students who aim to improving their reading. Also provides insights into Thai culture.

thaiaua.yhoonchamlong.net: Learning Thai 101 with unit exercises
Learn the Thai writing system via the AUA Thai Course Reading Book. Produced by the Thai Language Program, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Includes pdfs and sound.

soas.ac.uk: Teaching Thai Tone Rules — Walaiporn Tantitkanangkul (aka Uan)
This is an excellent resource for learning the tone rules (no longer online but I have it

Thai Dictionary in Excel
It’s no longer online but if you want it just contact me. There are 13 files, from 2000 to 22000 words. The languages in the spreadsheet are: Thai, transliteration, English, and Japanese.

Teachthai.com (offline but sometimes Thai gov sites come back)
Interactive Thai language e-Learning course covering the basics of Thai. Flash based, includes sound. Hosted by the Department of Non-formal Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand.

Learning Thai the Easy Way (offline for now)
Extensive resource for learning the Thai language: Forums, Thai alphabet, Thai script, read Thai, grammar notes, listening resources, reading resources, Thai road signs, short stories, study aids, games and quizzes, exams, your name in Thai, and much much more (check out their free Thai resources page). This is also the home of Read with Manee.

Learn to Speak Like a Thai (spokenthai.com – offline for now)
Video and audio clips to help you speak like a Thai. Mp3 downloads.

learningthai.com: (offline for now)
Thai alphabet: Consonants 1 and Consonants 2 and Vowels

Thai Video Transcripts (thai101.wikispaces.com – offline for now)
Gifted from Rikker of Thai 101.

Read Thai with Manee and Friends (offline for now)
A modern Manee (Manii) reader at LearningThai.com. Included are 22 lessons with sound, a vocabulary list, flashcards, tests and more tests.

learningthai.com/thaikeyboard/: PPA Thai Keyboard (offline for now)
Virtual Thai Keyboard.

Learningthai.com: Thai Language (offline for now)
Exercises and flashcards.

Suphawut.com: Bilingual Translations Zone (no longer online – please contact me if you find it)
Translated Thai songs, poetry/poems and assorted texts.

http://www.design.in.th: Tales from Thai Childhood (no longer online)
Thai and English versions. Includes lullabies and sound (songs from Thailand). There is background music but you can opt to turn it off (it is difficult to hear the songs over the music).

http://www.lonweb.org: Languages on the Web
Daisy Stories: http://www.lonweb.org/daisy/ds-thai-nightwatch.htm: Night Watch
http://www.lonweb.org/daisy/ds-thai-littletrip.htm: A Nice Little Trip
http://www.lonweb.org/daisy/ds-thai-bookworm.htm: The Bookworm
http://www.lonweb.org/daisy/ds-thai-macbeth.htm: Daisy Macbeth

: Changkhui.Com | ช่างคุย

gwenael.free.fr/wattana (Assimil Thai)
Materials taken off by request from Assimil. Stay tuned for something else exciting.

NOTE: Site down for maintenance … Thai Tone Quiz
A small quiz from thaitones.com.

Thai Tone Test – thai-tone-test.herokuapp.com (hasn’t worked in awhile)
A simple Thai tone test. It can be accessed from your smartphone (excellent for testing yourself from speeding taxis).

A language learning system using association and transliteration. No Thai script or sound.

Thai Music, Thai Lyrics and Thai Songs: ethaimusic.com
For people who want to learn Thai through music. Some songs have been translated into English.

Reading Thai Signs
Reading from Signs is part of a mini-grant project for Less Commonly Taught Languages at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota.

Please contact me with free Thai language learning resources.