Red Shirts Yellow Shirts or Thailand?

Red Shirts

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The Red Shirts are coming…

When I woke up yesterday morning, there were no plans to go running around Bangkok looking for protesters. But when the termite company poisoned not only my condo but my lungs, go I did.

Calling my favourite taxi driver, we headed out. I’m near Victory Monument but we skirted around to the Thai Parliament for a real red fix.

All in all, they were a cheerful bunch…

Guys with Sign



Smiles all around

Time for change


Psst… Did you notice all the English?

16 thoughts on “Red Shirts Yellow Shirts or Thailand?”

  1. I hope some compromise suitable to both the Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts will be reach soon. This horrible bloodshed needs to stop for stability and peace to return to Thailand.

  2. Meee toooo! I think the Thai saying for thrill seekers who have fun without thinking of the consequences is: Sanook bai gon, dai chun mun..or something like that. Did you ever figure out what that means exactly?


  3. I believe it’s the same concept as people who race cars, jump out of planes, sign up to do a stint in a war zone and such.

    They all have a thrill seekers gene that I lack.

  4. Cat, I’m glad you had the good common sense to high-tail it out of there when you realized it was getting very tense. (ie:firecrackers..)

    I’m not so sure I could say the same about the wanna-be photojournalists you mentioned.

  5. Lynn, I’m chicken, so I took off when I heard the firecracker type sounds.

    Typing it all out sound absolutely crazy so I don’t know how the other photographers got right in the face of the action.

    And some are not even getting paid for it, nor do they have a professional background as a photojournalists.

    They are just experiencing the front line, which is a bit more of a rush than I usually go for.

  6. Cat, every time I think of you ‘out there’ my eyebrows disappear into my hairline and my eyes get big as saucers! I was wondering, where were you when the soldiers were shooting Over the Redshirts Heads? Hmmmm?

  7. Thanks Andrew. I didn’t go out to see the Yellow Shirts, but as the Reds were in my neighbourhood, go I did. I wonder if I’ll be brave the next time…

  8. I’m on top of all the news stories going on with these protests. I hope there is no violence. Love your photos, as usual. 🙂
    The guy with the headband in the third photo down – with his puffy hair and facial expression, he looks like he could be a character in a funny Will Ferrell movie! LOL!

  9. I love that YouTube video, with everyone chanting GO AWAY!

    It was quite odd how cheerful everyone was when I was taking photos. But I imagine it was the same with the Yellow Shirts at the airport. And just like last time, I’m supposed to leave for the UK! I hope their threat to take over the airport again does not materialise.

  10. Catherine everybody looks so happy. Another case of “behind the smiles” I think. Good shots and thanks for pointing me towards the You Tube video. A good example of p***ed off people power!


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