Red Shirts Yellow Shirts or Thailand?

Red Shirts

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The Red Shirts are coming…

When I woke up yesterday morning, there were no plans to go running around Bangkok looking for protesters. But when the termite company poisoned not only my condo but my lungs, go I did.

Calling my favourite taxi driver, we headed out. I’m near Victory Monument but we skirted around to the Thai Parliament for a real red fix.

All in all, they were a cheerful bunch…

Guys with Sign



Smiles all around

Time for change


Psst… Did you notice all the English?

16 thoughts on “Red Shirts Yellow Shirts or Thailand?”

  1. Meee toooo! I think the Thai saying for thrill seekers who have fun without thinking of the consequences is: Sanook bai gon, dai chun mun..or something like that. Did you ever figure out what that means exactly?


  2. Cat, I’m glad you had the good common sense to high-tail it out of there when you realized it was getting very tense. (ie:firecrackers..)

    I’m not so sure I could say the same about the wanna-be photojournalists you mentioned.

  3. Lynn, I’m chicken, so I took off when I heard the firecracker type sounds.

    Typing it all out sound absolutely crazy so I don’t know how the other photographers got right in the face of the action.

    And some are not even getting paid for it, nor do they have a professional background as a photojournalists.

    They are just experiencing the front line, which is a bit more of a rush than I usually go for.

  4. Cat, every time I think of you ‘out there’ my eyebrows disappear into my hairline and my eyes get big as saucers! I was wondering, where were you when the soldiers were shooting Over the Redshirts Heads? Hmmmm?

  5. I’m on top of all the news stories going on with these protests. I hope there is no violence. Love your photos, as usual. 🙂
    The guy with the headband in the third photo down – with his puffy hair and facial expression, he looks like he could be a character in a funny Will Ferrell movie! LOL!

  6. I love that YouTube video, with everyone chanting GO AWAY!

    It was quite odd how cheerful everyone was when I was taking photos. But I imagine it was the same with the Yellow Shirts at the airport. And just like last time, I’m supposed to leave for the UK! I hope their threat to take over the airport again does not materialise.

  7. Catherine everybody looks so happy. Another case of “behind the smiles” I think. Good shots and thanks for pointing me towards the You Tube video. A good example of p***ed off people power!

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