Please Vote THAI and WIN! 2015: Top 100 Language Lovers Competition

Top 100 Language Lovers of 2015

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Please VOTE for the Top 100 Language Lovers…

It’s that time again, the Top 100 Language Lovers Competition! To vote for Language Learning Blogs, please click on the button to your right (I’m in the A’s this time – oh yah).

There are five categories to vote in: Language Learning Blogs, Language Professionals Blogs, Language Facebook Pages, Language Twitter Accounts, and Language YouTube Channels.

Competition rules: You can only vote for one entry per section. For more about the competition go to: Top 100 Language Lovers 2015 – Let’s Get Started!

Language bloggers have worked hard all year long, so please do show your support by voting for your favourites.

Psst: WLT also made it into the Language Facebook Page section this year.


I look forward to the Language Lovers Competition organised by and Lexiophiles each year because it inspires me to improve WLT. This year I’ve totally revamped the site (as you can clearly see). And with over 700 posts (aren’t Guest Writers wonderful) I’ve also added a Please Start Here page with an easy access button. I hope it helps.

But hold on – there’s more! As WLT is turning seven (my lucky number) there will be Thai product giveaways each week for seven weeks. So every week there will be new winners. Yay for you!

What I did was approach the top movers and shakers in the Thai industry to see if they’d be interested in donating their fabulous products. And everyone said yes! I’m so grateful because I can now share what I believe are some of the best products available for learning Thai.

My sincere thanks goes to Stu Jay Raj (Jcademy), Duke (Duke Language School), Bingo-Lingo (Read Thai in 10 Days), Jo and Jay (Learn Thai Podcast), Tom and Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style), Benjawan Poomsan Becker (Paiboon Publishing), Chris Pirazzi (Word in the Hand), Yuki and Miki (PickupThai Podcast), James Higbie and David Smyth via Danny at DCO Thai and Orchid Press.

In total, they have generously contributed over US$4500 in prizes. Wow.

Seven weeks of FREE giveaways from top movers and shakers…

Before I get to the prizes, I’d like to explain exactly what I believe makes a true mover and shaker in the Thai industry. I thought long and hard about it, so here you go.

Each company mentioned are at the top of their field, creates materials with everyday Thai that you will actually use, and has a long-time commitment to the learning Thai industry. Are there others out there? Sure. But I was limited to seven weeks.

Jcademy (July 9): FIVE of Stu’s Ultimate Thai Combo packages (includes the Full Cracking Thai Fundamentals program, Thai Bites and Glossika Thai Fluency 1). If you already have the combo, you can go with the new subscription package (yet to be announced).

Duke Language School and Bingo-Lingo (Arthit Juyaso) (July 2): FOUR copies of Bingo’s detailed book and CD, Read Thai in 10 Days. And FOUR budding Thai students will receive Duke Language School’s Survival 1 group lessons, which includes the textbook as well as free access to the beta version of Duke’s online course.

Learn Thai Podcast (June 18): FOUR subscriptions to Learn to speak, read, write Thai via LTP’s massive Thai course that has over 800 video, audio and text lessons.

Learn Thai Style (June 25): FOUR Speak Thai Course winners will receive a lifetime access to over 40 hours of audio and video materials, over 300 worksheets (with or without transliteration), online quizzes, self study materials, learn Thai blog access, as well as access to over 700 trained teachers (UK, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Skype).

Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand (May 28): FOUR EACH of the Talking Thai-Eng-Thai Dictionary apps, Talking Thai-Eng-Thai Phrasebook apps, and Thai for Beginners apps.

PickupThai Podcast (June 11): FOUR winners get 15 podcasts each of either Sweet Green or Spicy Red. Winners get to choose their level (beginner to advanced).

DCO Books and Orchid Press (June 4): TWO sets (four books) of James Higbies’ Essential Thai and Thai Reference Grammar, as well as Smyth’s Essential Grammar and Segaller Thai Without Tears.

The rules for the giveaways are simple:

  1. Leave as many relevant comments as you like (with a stress on ‘relevant’).
  2. Comment in as many of the giveaways as you want (there is no limit on how many prizes you can win).
  3. Claim your prize before the week is out (unclaimed prizes will go to the next in line).

Note: Those donating will be responsible for choosing the winners. That’s right. So even if you are one of my closest buddies, don’t stay away! Yes, everyone can win. Good luck all!

Top 100 Language Lovers of 2015

18 thoughts on “Please Vote THAI and WIN! 2015: Top 100 Language Lovers Competition”

  1. Thank you for inviting me to participate in this wonderful site. I have learned so much and have infinite resources. I particularly enjoyed your post about onomatopoeia. I am happy to rub elbows with so many interesting and knowledgeable language experts.

  2. Adrian, thank you for your support 🙂 I too love the Successful Thai Learners series (the different advice and experiences are exciting to read). Over the past few weeks I’ve been interviewing even more for the series, so stay tuned!

  3. Already voted for the website; will vote for the FB page later. Thank you Catherine and friends for one of the best websites for learning the Thai language and culture. Interviews of successful learners are very inspiring. The reviews of learning materials are also very helpful and comprehensive. In fact, I bought (or rather, asked friends to buy) James Higbie’s books – ‘Essential Thai’ and ‘Thai Reference Grammar’ – based solely on your reviews and recommendations. Cheers from Manila!

  4. I like your website very much. Here I found the links to the resources with whose I started to learn Thai. And if I look to the answer on special question I’m sure I will find it on your site.

  5. Great website and some great advice and resources as always. Good luck in the competition and I am happy to vote you up. Keep up the good work. The advice I have received on the Fb forums from you guys and info on here has helped me immensously

  6. 7 years? Why, you don’t look any older than 6. Wait… That doesn’t work in this case, does it?

    Nice going Cat, vote is cast, now it’s chocolate time.

  7. Always a pleasure to support your work, Catherine, in whatever small way I can — in this instance, voting for A Woman Learning Thai in all the relevant categories.

  8. Gordon, time is going by so fast, I can hardly believe it myself! Seven years already. Where’d the time go?

    Thank you for your kind words and support! It’s always a tough competition, but it’s so much fun to be involved in. Fingers crossed…

  9. Another year gone by already Cat? Wow, time flies! Always love to see your updates come in, especially the “new finds” of yours, Todd’s reviews, and of course the Successful Language Learners series. WLT has been a great blog for years, a fantastic source of Thai language learning resources, and you keep making it better year after year so it has my vote again this year.

  10. Thanks Mike! I hope you join in on the seven weeks of Thai giveaway fun. We’ve known each other for years but please don’t let that stop you – sponsors will be choosing the winners 🙂

  11. Your site is my favourite Thai language resource. So I have already voted. I have used many of the resources you review and recommend. My most frequently used is the talking Thai dictionary app which I keep handy on my iPad and iPhone. A great product that is really useful with my efforts in learning to read Thai.

  12. Mary, thank you for your support! I was thrilled to see my FB made it in this year. I have so much to share that it’s just not practical to put it on posts here at WLT. So by following WLT’s FB page, people can get a look at the resources coming through whenever they have the time .

    Redoing the site was a lot of work – I really loved the previous theme and didn’t want to give it up, but it was time (some might say past time 🙂

    Again, thank you for your support! With seven weeks of giveaways for WLT’s seven years, this is going to be a fun competition.

  13. Catherine, your site is the best and of course you have my vote. In fact, already voted. Glad to see your name is on the Facebook list this year as well. I’ve been watching all of the revisions recently and would imagine you’ve been working 24/7. Everything is so neat and organized. Thank you for everything you do to help all of us learn Thai!


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