How Do You Motivate Yourself to Study Thai?

What is Your Motivation to Study Thai?

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Are some languages seriously harder than others… or…

According to the graphic below, for English speakers Thai is in the medium range of difficulties at 44 weeks. The hardest languages to learn are double that at 88 weeks. And apparently it takes a mere 23-24 weeks to learn Italian.

But seriously, I believe they have the graph all wrong.

MOTIVATION should be in huge letters at the top of their factor list. Because without motivation, the other talking points don’t mean a thing – and the 23-24, 44, and 88 week estimates turn into unattainable dreams.

So, what do you do when you run out of steam to study Thai? How do you revive your language learning passion?

Do you listen to Thai music?
Which singers, which songs?
Do you watch Thai movies?
Which actors, what movies?
Do you (gasp) watch Thai tv?
Which programs?


And while I’m at it… what is YOUR motivation for learning Thai?

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