Listening & Vocabulary Building using Hormones (Thai Drama): Final Season Episode 2 Part 1/6

Hormones 3, The Final Season Episode 2 Part 1/6

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EDIT: This video has already been taken offline – if you find it on Youtube, please contact me.

Main characters: Jane, Ms. Ying

Segment Time: 9:34—12:20

Background: Jane, a high school student, has recently returned to Bangkok after having studied abroad (in New York) for two years. This scene takes place in her English class.

Note: This clip has English subtitles, which you should turn off, at least for the first few viewings. I have put my own English translation at the end of the dialog below so that the exercise is not too easy. Try not to look at the English until you have tried to study the text on your own.

Answers: The answers can be found at the very bottom of this page.
Transliteration: Download the pdf to get both Thai script and transliteration.


  1. Learn the vocabulary below.
  2. Watch the scene 2-3 times with subtitles covered.
  3. Read the script and try to fill in the missing words without using the video.
  4. Watch the video again to check your answers.
  5. Next, read the English translation towards the end of this post to help you.
  6. Check your answers (found at the bottom of this post).
  7. Try shadowing a few of the easy phrases and short sentences from the video. Shadowing is simply pausing the video after you hear a target phrase and then repeating it. For example, stop the video after you hear “นั่งลง (sit down)” and say it out loud.

Important Vocabulary:

แบบฝึกหัด: exercise (homework or in-class assignment)
แปล: translate; mean (something)
ตัวอย่าง: an example; a model
สัมภาษณ์(งาน): (job) interview
เสนอตำแหน่ง: offer a position/job
โมโหร้าย: hot-tempered
อนุญาต: permit; allow; excuse
เมืองนอก: abroad; foreign country
พิจารณา: consider; take into account
บริบท: context
ใหญ่หลวง: huge; enormous; big; big time
กิริยามารยาท: manners; etiquette; politeness; decorum
สัมมาคารวะ: respect; esteem; politeness (to one’s elders)


ครูหญิง: แบบฝึกหัดที่ครูเพิ่งจะแจกพวกเธอไป
ครูต้องการ ____ (1) เธอแปลประโยคสั้นๆจำนวนห้าสิบ
ประโยค ครูจะแปลข้อหนึ่งเป็นตัวอย่าง จด ____ (2)
 ทัน ถ้าพวกเธออยากมีงานทำน้อยลงหนึ่งข้อ
(reads out #1 in English first)

ริชาร์ดไปสัมภาษณ์งานเพราะบริษัทบอก ____ (3) จะสามารถเสนอตำแหน่งดีๆ ____ (4) กับเขาได้ แต่ระหว่างสัมภาษณ์งานเขารู้ตัว ____ (5) มีโอกาสไม่มากนัก 
ผู้จัดการ…ผู้จัดการ…full of hot air…ผู้จัดการเป็นพวกโมโหร้าย

เจน: ขออนุญาตค่ะ

ครูหญิง: มีอะไรนางสาวเจน ลุกขึ้นพูด

เจน: หนู ____ (6) ครูแปล ____ (7) นะค่ะ

ครูหญิง: ฉันเป็นครูสอนภาษาอังกฤษมายี่สิบปี
เธอน่ะยังเกิดมา ____ (8) นานเท่านั้นเลย อย่าคิด ____ (9) เรียนเมืองนอก

เจน: หนู ____ (10) บอกว่าตัวเองฉลาดค่ะ หนูแค่บอก ____ (11) ครูแปล ____ (12) ถ้าครูแปลผิดแล้วปล่อยไปแบบนี้เนี่ยคนอื่นก็ต้องจำผิดสิค่ะ

ครูหญิง: ในการแปลประโยคจะต้องพิจารณาจากบริบท ‘hot air’ ในที่นี่หมายถึง

เจน: หนูเซิร์ชแล้วค่ะ ‘full of hot air’ เป็นสำนวน แปล ____ (13) ‘talking nonsense’ ค่ะ

ครูหญิง: ยังไงก็แล้วแต่ ปัญหาอันใหญ่หลวงของเธอก็คือเรื่องกิริยามารยาท ถ้าจะ ____ (14) มีสัมมาคารวะแบบนี้เธอก็คงอยู่ที่นี่ ____ (15) หรอก กลับเมืองนอก 
(?can’t catch this word) ของเธอไปเถอะ นั่งลง คุยอะไรกัน ทำงานไป

English Translation:

Ms. Ying: The assignment (exercise) I just passed out to you — I’d like you to translate fifty short paragraphs (sentences). I’ll translate #1 for you as an example. If you want one less to do, (keep up with me and) write this (one) down.

“Richard went on (sic=to) the job interview because the company said they would be able to offer him a good position. But during the interview, he realized there is not much opportunity. The manager was just full of hot air.”

Jane: Excuse me.

Ms. Ying: What is it Jane? Stand up and speak.

Jane: I think you translated it incorrectly.

Ms. Ying: I’ve been an English teacher for 20 years. You weren’t even born yet (when I started teaching). Don’t think that (just) because you studied abroad, you can come here and act like you are smarter than people here.

Jane: I didn’t say that I’m smart. I just said that you translated (it) wrong. If you translate it wrong, and then just let it go, then others will remember what’s incorrect.

Ms. Ying: When translating a sentence, you must take into account (consider) the context. In this context, ‘hot air’ means being ‘hot-tempered’.

Jane: I googled it already. ’Full of hot air’ is an idiom which means ‘talk nonsense’.

Ms. Ying: In any event, your huge problem is your manners. If you show no respect like this, you surely can’t fit in here. Go back to your country. Sit down. What are you talking about?! Do your work!

Answers: 1. ให้ 2. ให้ 3. ว่า 4. ให้ 5. ว่า 6. ว่า 7. ผิด 8. ไม่ 9. ว่า 10. ไม่ได้ 11. ว่า 12. ผิด 13. ว่า 14. ไม่ 15. ไม่ได้

REMINDER: Download the pdf to get both Thai script and transliteration.

10 thoughts on “Listening & Vocabulary Building using Hormones (Thai Drama): Final Season Episode 2 Part 1/6

  1. Let us know how you get on. It’s a lot of work ot transcribe shows (even more work to add subtitles). There is a Thai Subtitle site around but I don’t know how it works (if you can submit projects).

  2. Doesn’t look like there are any subtitles for it. Maybe I should pay a Thai kid 100 baht an episode to transcribe it for me.

  3. Does anyone know if the boxed DVD sets that you can buy have Thai subtitles? This series is brilliant for learning Thai and would be perfect with the Thai subtitles.

  4. Thanks a lot David, very interesting exercise. This type of thing is great as it gives learners the little push they need. I’ve tried to translate parts of many lakorns and movies and it’s quite hard to work out every word even when you understand the general discussion. Sometimes I get the words but I end up with two possible meanings which I can’t resolve because I’m not Thai. The people in that series speak very clearly. I watched the episode and got most of it, although I wasn’t expecting the content.

  5. Matthew, Thank you for telling me about turning off the subtitles. I had tried to do that before but was unable to. I figured it out now and will modify the activity accordingly.

  6. This kind of thing is great for intermediate and above learners but there’s nothing like it anywhere else so thanks a lot for this. I watch Thai movies which goes some way to improving my listening skills, vocabulary and grammar but without guided learning it’s of limited benefit. The activities that go with this clip are great and exactly what’s needed.


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