Andrew Biggs is Tongue Thai’d on TV

Andrew Biggs: Tongue Thai'd

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Tongue Thai’d is on TV…

Andrew Biggs is well-known in Thailand for his hilarious Bangkok Posts articles. Today he wrote about his Thai learning experiences in Fishing out the good bits in Thailand’s alphabet soup (no longer online).

“Your language has too many letters. I’m only learning the first half,” I pronounced the first time we met. When I came to my senses and learned them all, she then revealed that two of the letters were obsolete. They remain in the Thai alphabet but nobody uses them any more.

After you laugh your way to the bottom of the article, Andrew sneaks in a welcome surprise.

… I started a new TV show on cable (Mcot World, Channel 99) teaching Thai. It’s called Tongue Thai’d, a title I proudly thought up myself until I found out half the Thai restaurants in the world have that name, not to mention Catherine Wentworth’s wonderful website which is a mine of linguistic information.

Excellent! As soon as I get the chance to watch his show, I’ll plop down in front of the TV, ready to be entertained (as I’m to be).

Andrew, megga thanks for the plug (I owe, I owe). And for those of you who haven’t read it yet, here’s Andrew’s interview on WLT: Andrew Biggs: Successful Thai Language Learner.

Note: The post mentioned is a part of Rikker Dockum’s Thai 101 Learners Series, No Need to be Tongue-Thai’d Anymore.


Update: Be sure to read Andrew Biggs is Tongue Thai’d on YouTube!

9 thoughts on “Andrew Biggs is Tongue Thai’d on TV”

  1. Andrew Biggs ‏@andrewbiggs
    @WomenLearnThai Hi Catherine. The channel isn’t officially open yet … I think it starts early Sept. Supposed to be on every 4 hours.

    I checked the TV schedule (magazine) for Sept and they don’t list Channel 99. No prob. I’ll keep an eye on the channel and post here when Andrew’s show appears. I don’t usually watch TV during the day but as Andrew is sure to be great fun, I will.

  2. On the Andrew Biggs Academy website they have the practice sheets you need for the first 10 epsiodes of the show “Tongue Thai’d” here;

    Just as an aside; does anyone know what time the show actually airs on MCOT?

    I couldn’t find it in the menu on True Visions; all I get is MCOT 1 and 2 and they just show blocks of hours not individual programs. 🙁

  3. That was a really good article. I like how Andrew “takes jabs” at “all-thingz-thai” in his own tongue in cheek style. He certainly has far more tact than I do in that area.

    I found it funny that he didn’t “plug” his book ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเส้นเหล็ก (Steel Noodles). Then again, perhaps because it’s written in Thai, it may have only marginal value for new learners of the language. Normally his books are designed for Thais to better their English skills. This book was to show Thais that the “other side of the coin” is just as “tough a row to hoe” in regards to a foreigner learning Thai as their second language.

    Quite honestly I was gonna throw in the towel on my learning Thai. It was only coincidentally that his book came out the very week I’d decided to “bin studying Thai”. It was the most inspirational read and I found so many parallels between his path to language proficiency and my own meanderings in the endeavor.

    His analogy; 65+ million people can speak/understand read ‘n write Thai made me see that there’s no reason that I couldn’t too. It was a real eye-opener as far as realizing the problem wasn’t in the Thai language at all, but within me.

  4. Nice to know that Ajarn Biggs is a reader. Now I will have to be more careful in my own writings. For those who got really intimidated about learning the Thai alphabet, be not dismayed. There is another way.

    I spoke Thai for about 25 years before learning to read. Then I decided that I could only get off the low language plateau I had stalled on by learning to read. It really is the only way to achieve fluency.

    And I was lucky. Since I already knew the vocabulary I was reading about I could begin to sound out a word and then, even before finishing reading it, I knew what the word was. Reading came really easy. I have to admit. I still don’t know all the letters of the alphabet, especially those unused ones.

    So if you don’t want to put in all that time learning all those letters, all you have to do is speak Thai for about 25 years first. Then it will be a breeze.

    Thanks Ajarn Biggs, good read, and lots of luck on your new TV show.

  5. Thanks Martyn – the mention made my day 🙂

    Andrew is good for the soul. Every so often I catch up on his Bangkok Post articles, sure of a hearty laugh. I’m confident his TV show will do the same (I’ll let you know).

    Now waiting to discover if Andrew’s show will be available on CD… hope… hope… hope…

  6. Catherine, I’ve just read Andrew Biggs article on the Bangkok Post and my first thought was that I’ll never learn Thai. After a rethink I’m now thinking the opposite. Andrew didn’t give up so why should I, or anyone else for that matter. It’s an excellent article and I laughed a little because I’ve only recently learned to write Gor Gai ก.

    That’s one hell of a plug you received from Andrew. Well done and well deserved.


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