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WLT’s aim is to share all things learning Thai: Resources (some free, some not), reviews, interviews to inspire, and tips on learning Thai. Also included are expat experiences, often with a smattering of Thai thrown in.

What’s in a nav?…

The About hosts the history of WLT, but the guts of WLT can be found in the Sitemap (which has categories) and the Quick Archives (posts in the order they were written).

In Guest Writers you’ll find the jewels of WLT. Under the dropdown menu there’s Sean Harley (Thai Cat Cartoons and Thai Lyrics Translated), Hugh Leong (Thai Language Thai Culture), Tod Daniels (Thai Language Schools in Bangkok, Tod’s Thai and Tod’s Reviews), Andrew Biggs (Thai Memories), Yuki Tachaya (Colloquial Thai and Thai Connections), Andrej (various subjects), Rikker Dockum (Thai 101), Luke Cassady-Dorion (various subjects). Then under Guest Writers there’s Arthit Juyaso (Thai-Time), Wannaporn Muangkham (65 Useful Thai Phrases You Won’t Find in a Travel Phrasebook), Priaw (Thai Teacher Interviews), Benjawan Poomsan Becker (The Interpreter’s Journal: Teasers), Justin Travis Mair (Speak Your Language), Kris Willems (assorted articles), and Kru Jiab (Thai Style). One/Two-off Guest Writers are: Jo and Jay (LTP), Luca Lampariello, Paul Garrigan, Sua noy, Chris Pirazzi, Mark Hollow, Mia Rongslaw, Christopher Stern, Philip Lyons, Mike Arnstein, Nils Bastedo, Michel Boismard, Ryan Hickey, Maarten Tummers, Fredrik Almstedt, Ann Norman, Alex Martin, Luke Bruder Bauer, Francesco Alessandro Accomando, Marc Belley, Kruu Cherry and more (some got away from me so I’ll add them as I find them).

The Thai books section has a list of books on the Thai language, Thai reference, Thai phrasebooks, and native Thai texts.

A hot new page, Thai-Thai & Thai-English Study Resources, includes a list of Thai study materials that are either Thai only (Thai-Thai) or have been translated from Thai to English (Thai-English), not English to Thai (which can produce funkiness). Thai dictionaries, grammar books, full courses, reading and writing courses, pronunciation lessons, typing tutors and games, Thai fonts and more.

In FREE Thai Resources be sure to check out the massive Learn Thai for FREE! page as well as Thai Courses, Thai Schools, and a list of Thai Teachers (one-on-one).

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Series (in order of appearance)…

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