A Valentine’s Day Treat: Win Both Heart Talk & Sex Talk

Win Heart Talk Sex Talk for Valentine's Day

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Win Heart Talk and Sex Talk…

Thanks to Kaewmala and Christopher G Moore, I’m sitting here with TWO hard copies each of their books (so four in total): Heart Talk and Sex Talk (now Thai Love Talk).

Both are excellent. Totally. And in my reviews I share a heap of vocabulary to show you just how useful they are:

Thai Sex Talk for St Valentine’s Day
Heart Talk by Christopher G Moore

So, how will this draw work?…

This time I’m going to make it simple by using the List Randomizer at random.org. And if anyone wants to do the honours, I’ll send the list of names to throw into the Randomizer. It really is that simple.

Besides that, what do you do? Leave comments. That’s it.


Well, it’s a bit more involved than that because the comments need to be reasonable to be included. And as before, each comment gets counted so please leave as many as you like.

Anyway, the contest will run from now until Monday morning, 8am BKK time. After that I’ll announce the winners.

Good luck all… and happy Valentine’s!

The winners of Heart Talk and Sex Talk are…

Scott and Gordon (goes to show that commenting more than once really does pay off 😉

Winners of Heart Talk Sex Talk

Congrats you two!

22 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Treat: Win Both Heart Talk & Sex Talk”

  1. Congrats to Scott and Gordon! Well done 🙂 I have a screen shot here of the randomiser finals if anyone wants to see how it works.

    Scott and Gordon, please send your addresses via my contact form. That way I can wrap up the books and get them posted asap.

    Everyone else, thank you so much for joining in. I do hope you purchase both books because they are fantastic for those of us learning Thai.

    Note: For those of you who have Kindle (the Kindle software is free for Macs and the iPhone – I don’t know about the PC) you can get the Valentine’s sample of both books in Sweet Talk for Thai Sweetheart. It’s a real steal at $2.73.

  2. Kaewmala,
    Not sure “wise” is the right word.”Instinctual” might be better as commenting on that kind of subject has less to to with brainpower and more to do with self-preservation. ;o)

  3. Kaewmala,
    I think I’ll wait and read the details before I try ไอ้ตูดหมึก (lit. “my dear dark bottom”) as a term of endearment with my mrs, as it does sound like if not used correctly, or even if used at all, it might not be taken as me being endearing. Discussing a woman’s bottom can be very dangerous (even/especially if you are talking about hers and not another woman’s bottom), and has to be done very, very, very carefully! ;o)

  4. @Gordon Thanks for trying. I don’t think แม่ยอดขมองอิ่ม /mÊE yÔOt khà-mǑOng ìm/ (lit. “my brains-full dearest beloved”) is meant to be taken literally. There’s another term of endearment that really cracks me up ไอ้ตูดหมึก (lit. “my dear dark bottom”), which I’ll include in my next post on terms of endearment, a family edition. 🙂

    @Cat I guess it comes with the territory. Sometimes it’s not “as advertised” – for better or worse. 🙂

    @Norman I think if your wife blushed, it must have worked then. 😉 Did you mean to say /thi rak/ or /naa rak/? (as the first means “dear”, “darling” or “love”, while the latter means “cutie” (if you want to use it as a term of endearment, that is).

    Best of luck to you all for getting the double-free copies of Heart Talk and Sex Talk.


  5. My wife is Thai and I love trying to learn her language. Everybook I use gives me a new facet to the jewel the is the thai language.

  6. Last night when i got home I said to my wife sawat dee nah rak krap. She blushed and said that was only for young people – I said she was nah rak mahk mahk to me

  7. Thanks Kaewmala. I’ve always been interested in how different cultures deal with romance. Some talk it up a storm but when you look beneath the sheets it’s not as advertised 😉

  8. Kaewmala,
    Interesting stuff. Might get as low as “charming and sweet” but can’t see me using anything from the “honey-dripping” bit onwards.
    I guess the nearest I would get to the แม่ยอดขมองอิ่ม /mÊE yÔOt khà-mǑOng ìm/ = “my brains-full dearest beloved” translation might be “dearest beloved who fills my thoughts”? Or is that too far off?

  9. Hi, y’all. Of course, I’m just here to say hi, not for the free book. 🙂 (I hope you’ll get it, Scott.) I wish I could say for someone not big on Valentine’s, I haven’t done so badly. But I try to mend my non-romantic ways. After having forgotten to get any present for my hubby (who never forgets any sweet occasion), I wrote a blog as a belated present for him: How to call your sweetheart in Thai (not that he needs any more terms of endearment). It’s me who needs to learn them. Ha.

  10. Talen, you’ve either been sick or wounded since arrival. If this were anywhere else but Thailand, you’d be seriously thinking of taking the next plane out… but instead, you are getting spoilt rotten. Not a bad trick really 😀

  11. Cat, Slim on the ground has much more to do with 2 blown knees and a nasty case of conjunctivitis…but I do have lovely nursemaids taking turns taking care of me 🙂

  12. Hi Scott, I’m not big on Valentine’s day as it’s marketed western-style either, but I do like flowers. And I can guarantee that the man didn’t spend anywhere near 300 baht for the bouquet of red roses he arrived with 🙂

    I won’t poo poo everything about Valentine’s day though. Some men don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies so a reminder once a year isn’t all bad.

  13. Well, I am only commenting so I have a chance to win these books – and am particularly interested in Kaewmala’s book.

    As for Valentine’s day, I am a bit ‘humbug’ about it generally, because it’s just another way to fleece people by ‘guilting’ them out of their money. 300 THB for a single rose on a street flower stall on Silom Road? Silly money. 4,000 THB to have a small bouquet delivered? Ouch.

    Didn’t stop me from having a quiet dinner with my beloved last night, but you don’t really need a reason to do that, right? 🙂

  14. Thanks Catherine.
    By the way, if I see any competitions around for a “names” dictionary then I’ll enter you in it. 2 “o”‘s and no “e” in mine. 😛

  15. Snap, the explanations in each will open your eyes just that little bit more about the Thai language.

    Talen, 4 sweethearts? No wonder you’ve been slim on the ground lately 🙂

    Martyn, sorry to hear that your old injury is acting up. Maybe take a rain check on the romance of Valentine’s day?

    Gorden, I’ll pass over your kind words and tips to Benjawan and Chris. They are always open to hear more.

  16. Oh, and after not being lucky last time winning Benjawan’s Thai Dict Iphone app I went and bought it. Great app. I love it. Already recommended it to several people, and one liked my demo so much they bought it on the spot from the itunes store before we parted. One thing I would like to see added to it is a Thai-Thai section (word-definitions), so I can try and avoid the English altogether as I get better. An English-English section would also be nice, but not as necessary, for when I come across an odd English word that I don’t know. 🙂

  17. Agreed. These look like great choices for Valentine’s Day. Not been lucky yet on your draws so not expecting a win but you can count me in. :o) Good luck to all the others entering.

  18. Catherine – How can I forget ‘Kicking a can loudly’. At the moment I am trying to forget it as my physical can kicking abilities are out of action right now. I’m talking feet not the other kind.

    I’m currently off work with an injured knee (old football injury) and your post has reminded me of the great love quotes and sayings Thais use. Both books will be great prizes for readers to win.

    Like Talen, count me out and let someone more deserving and romantic win them. I’d settle for being able to ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ right now rather than a romantic dinner for two. Besides I think my chips always take the romance out of my dinner dates.

  19. Cat, Unlike Snap this is an area I venture into all too often 😛

    Knowing what I know about Kaewmla and Chris these books will be terrific for whoever wins them. Since I was one of the winners of your last draws please don’t count me in this one so others can have a chance.

  20. Catherine, this is an area of Thai I haven’t ventured into yet…still grasping the basics of everyday new language life 🙁 I really enjoyed the idioms you highlighted in Kaewmla’s book and Christopher’s hearty nouns.

    A very apt give away for Valentine’s Day.


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