How to Choose the Best SIM Card in Singapore

How to Choose the Best SIM Card in Singapore

Moving to a new country can be scary, but staying in touch with your family and friends back home can help make the transition easier. 

To stay connected in Singapore, it’s important to get a SIM card. There are many providers and tons of SIM cards and plans, which makes choosing the best one a bit overwhelming.

This guide can help you make an informed decision, though, as it talks about all the SIM card providers and plans available and discusses the pros and cons of each. 

All prices mentioned throughout the article are in Singaporean Dollars (SGD). 

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Cell Phone Service Providers in Singapore

Below is a summary of the main cell phone service providers in Singapore.


Singtel Logo
Singtel is one of the biggest mobile network operators in Singapore.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, or Singtel for short, is one of the largest mobile network operators in the country. It offers mobile, broadband, and television services to personal and commercial properties and devices. 

Singtel is actually in the top 30 of the largest network providers in the world. In fact, including its subsidiaries, the company has over 600 million mobile subscribers.

Because it’s the largest network in Singapore, Singtel does have great coverage, so you can make calls, text your friends, or access the Internet from anywhere on the island.

You can get SIM-only plans, postpaid plans, prepaid plans, or roaming plans from Singtel. It has mobile devices as well, so you can purchase a new phone if you’re in the market for one when getting your SIM card.

There are 145 Singtel and Singtel-affiliated shops around Singapore that you can visit for more information or to purchase your SIM card. 


The second fastest network in Singapore is StarHub. Like Singtel, StarHub offers mobile, broadband, and television services. You can even bundle your service plans to get a discount.

StarHub offers SIM-only plans, prepaid plans, postpaid plans, and roaming plans. However, if you want to access the 5G network for faster Internet speeds, you can only do so with a postpaid plan, like the All Star Plan

You can also purchase phones and smartwatches from companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo from StarHub to complete your plan.

Pop into one of StarHub’s seven stores or contact them by phone or email for more information. 

MobileOne (M1) 

MobileOne, or M1, has been offering commercial services since 1997. While it’s not the largest network, M1 offers personalised mobile plans, from contract-free to SIM-only options, so you’re more likely to find a plan that suits your specific needs. 

M1 was also the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service and ultra high-speed fixed broadband. 

It offers mobile, broadband, and security services, and you can even get an M1 credit card from Citibank if you want to make paying your cell phone bill easier. 

There are eight different M1 stores that you can visit for more information. 

Simba Telecom

Simba, formerly known as TPG Telecom, isn’t as well-known as the other three mobile network operators, but it’s still a fully licensed network offering 4G and 5G services. 

Simba is more popular among business owners who want commercial mobile and broadband services, but the network does offer personal cell phone plans as well.


Choose between prepaid and postpaid plans depending on your needs. Simba even offers a senior plan, which is a great option for people over 60.

Simba doesn’t have any physical stores, but the network has plenty of SIM card pick-up locations that you can visit after registering online.


MyRepublic is a virtual mobile network, meaning it doesn’t have any of its own mobile towers in Singapore. Instead, MyRepublic leases network access from StarHub.

This means you get the same coverage from MyRepublic as StarHub, but you may get access to cheaper SIM cards and plans.

MyRepublic was the world’s first telecom company powered by a proprietary cloud platform, so it has perfected its offerings.

Although it’s a virtual mobile network, MyRepublic does have a few physical stores you can visit to purchase a plan. 


Circles.Life is another virtual mobile company that leases its network from M1.

Many customers have complained about Circles.Life’s limited customer service in the past, but the company has taken the feedback seriously as the Straits Times recognised them as the top telco in the Singapore’s Best Customer Service Survey for the second year in a row in August 2023.

Circles.Life doesn’t have their own stores, but you can buy their SIM cards and a ton of affiliated phone stores across the country.

Travel SIM Cards 

If you’re traveling to Singapore rather than moving here, you may still want to stay connected.

Singapore’s mobile providers offer plenty of SIM card options for tourists that can give you access to local calls, texts, and data.

You can get travel SIM cards in the same places as normal ones, such as convenience stores and the airport. Getting an e-SIM card may be even more convenient because you can turn it on as soon as you land in Singapore. 

The table below shows some of the best travel SIM cards for tourists from the three main providers in Singapore.

M1$3030 days150GB3,000 minutes for local calls1,000 local texts50 minutes of international calls and 3GB roaming data (in five destinations)
StarHub$3212 days100GB3,000 minutes local outgoing calls and unlimited local incoming calls5,000 local texts3GB of roaming data (for 17 destinations) and 90 minutes of international calls
Singtel Hi Tourist!$3028 days100GBUnlimited local callsUnlimited local texts5GB data roaming and 90 minutes of international calls

Prepaid SIM Cards 

A prepaid SIM card is not attached to a cell phone plan. Instead, the money you put on the SIM card acts as a credit balance, and you can use this credit toward phone calls, text messages, and data usage, typically for a limited time or until you run out of credit.

As prepaid SIM cards have a validity limit, they may not be the best choice for people who plan to stay in Singapore long-term. But one benefit is that getting a prepaid SIM card is the easiest option because you don’t have to sign a contract. 

You can just purchase the SIM card with credit on it, or purchase one and add credit that you can start using immediately. 

There are plenty of prepaid SIM cards from all the major mobile network providers, so let’s take a look at the cheapest options for Singtel, StarHub, M1, and Simba. MyRepublic and Circles.Life don’t offer a prepaid plan.

Singtel Hi! Prepaid SIM Card$890 (top up your credit to extend to 180 days)1.5 GB for 30 days$0.22 per minute$0.05 per textFree 30-day subscription to Viu Premium, the Filipino Channel, and Banglaflix
StarHub Prepaid SIM Card$890 days 1 GB for 30 days$0.22 per minute$0.05 per text30 minutes of IDD 018 calls for 30 days
M1 Prepaid SIM Card$890 days1.5 GB for 30 days$0.20 for the first minute, then $0.18 per minute $0.05 per text10 free local texts
Simba Prepaid Plan$1030 days100GBUnlimited local callsUnlimited to Simba lines (and 30 free texts)1GB of roaming data

Postpaid SIM Cards 

A postpaid SIM card is a contract that offers you continuous phone services for a monthly fee. This is a good option for long-term residents, as it can be cheaper than prepaid SIM cards.

Cell phone network providers typically offer multiple types of postpaid plans depending on your needs. The table below lists some of the best ones from each provider.

StarHub Two-year Plan$70.29 per monthTwo years80GB300 outgoing minutes and free incoming calls200 textsFree Amazon Prime subscription for three months and free international roaming
M1 Base Plan$47 per monthTwo years30GB300 minutes300 textsN/A
Singtel XS Plan$62 per monthTwo years30GB100 minutes100 textsFree one month subscription for Spotify, Entertainer, and Straits Times
MyRepublic 5G Standard Plan$17.95 per monthTwo years90GB300 minutes300 texts12GB of data free for the first six months
Simba SIM-only Plan$10 per monthOngoing100GBUnlimited calls to local mobile lines and 300 local fixed line minutesUnlimited texts to Simba lines and 30 local texts1GB of roaming data
Circles.Life 5G SIM-only Plan$20 per monthOngoing438GB300 minutes outgoing & unlimited incoming25 textsFree 2 GB roaming

Unlimited Data SIM Cards

If you spend a lot of time online, you probably want a plan that includes a lot of data. Otherwise, you may end up paying more on overage fees when you use up your data allowance before it resets at the end of the billing period.

Some companies sell phone plans with unlimited data, so you can surf the internet as much as you want. The only catch is that your speed might slow down after you use a certain amount of data.

Since not every company offers an unlimited data plan, we’ll also outline the most data you can get from each provider.

M1$19.18 per monthOngoing200GB1,000 minutes talktime1,100 texts Unlimited weekend data
StarHub Star 30$30 per monthOngoing200GB1,500 minutes local calls 750 local & international texts20GB free for the first three months and two months of Disney+
Singtel$288 per monthTwo yearsUnlimited1,800 minutes talktime1,800 texts$500 loyalty voucher and worldwide roaming 30 GB
MyRepublic$25.90 per monthTwo yearsUnlimited1,500 minutes1,500 textsFree 1GB roaming data for first six months
Circles.Life$30 per monthOngoing210GBUnlimitedN/AFree 2GB roaming 

What is a SIM-Only Plan?

A SIM-only plan is a phone plan that only comes with a SIM card, compared to device plans that include a phone that you pay off each month. 

You may still be on a contract with monthly payments, but as these payments don’t include the cost of a device, SIM-only plans are typically more affordable.

A SIM-only plan is also a great option for people who already have a phone they’re happy with, as you won’t be tied to monthly phone payments. 

Most providers offer both SIM-only plans and device plans for flexibility, but Simba and MyRepublic only offer SIM-only, no-contract plans. The table below lists some SIM-only plans you can choose from.

SIM-only Base Plan by M1$16.15per monthOngoing 150GB Free incoming calls, free calls to M1 numbers, and 1,000 minutes1,100 texts Unlimited weekend data
SIM-only Plus 45 by Singtel$30 per month for six months, then $45 per month 12 months188GB1,000 minutes outgoing, unlimited incoming 1,000 texts Free caller ID and $100 phone voucher
Star 22 Plan by StarHub$22 per monthOngoing150GB1,000 minutes500 local and international textsAdd 1GB for $1.00

Family Plans

If you move to Singapore with your family, purchasing a family plan from one of the network providers we mentioned may be beneficial.

Family plans offer service to you and whoever you choose to include in your plan. Bundling your service typically gives you a discount.

You receive your own data, minutes, and text allowance, but some networks pool your allowance, so you ensure you share everything carefully. 

The only major provider we’ve discussed that offers a family plan is Circles.Life. Singtel and M1 do, however, offer discounts to families who connect their lines. You can get 10 to 30 percent off your cell phone plans with Singtel and 15 to 30 percent off with M1, depending on how many family members you add to your plan.

The table below lists Circles.Life’s family plans:

Number of Family MembersPriceDataMinutes Texts
Two$20.47 per line300GB shared500 shared minutes200 shared texts
Three$17.04 per line300GB shared500 shared minutes200 shared texts
Four$15.33 per line300GB shared500 shared minutes200 shared texts
Five$14.30 per line300GB shared500 shared minutes200 shared texts
Six$13.62 per line300GB shared500 shared minutes200 shared texts

Where to Buy SIM cards in Singapore 

If you know which SIM card you want, you can visit that provider’s store. Each major service provider has a store in most malls, which you can find all around the island. 

Check the provider’s website to determine what documents you need to bring, like your passport or Employment Pass.

You can also buy certain SIM cards from convenience stores like 7-Eleven or Cheers, but these are typically tourist SIM cards that have time constraints, like 10 days or a week. 

If you want to buy a SIM card as soon as you land, you can purchase one at the airport. Each terminal has a StarHub store, 7-Eleven, or Cheers. The airport’s help desk, Changi Recommends, also carries SIM cards, but providers typically charge a surcharge of $2.50 to $5 when buying a SIM card from the airport.

If you buy a SIM card that you need to top-up, like prepaid SIM cards, you can do so at these stores as well. Most network providers also give you the option to top-up your SIM card on their website or phone app, making it convenient. 

What is an e-SIM Card? 

An e-SIM card is a digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your chosen provider without inserting a physical SIM card into your phone.

These cards are fairly new to the market, so they’re not popular everywhere yet, but their convenience is making them a top choice among many cell phone users.

You can typically purchase an e-SIM card online on the network provider’s website. They send you a QR code that you can then scan to set up your new plan.

Luckily, many companies, like M1, Singtel, and Circles.Life, sell e-SIM cards that work in Singapore if you prefer it over a physical card. The table below lists some of these companies.

Circles.Life$12 per monthOngoing20GB300 minutes outgoing and unlimited incoming calls25 textsM1
Connect Lah!$18 USD30 days 10GBN/AN/ASingtel
M1$15.95Ongoing150 GBUnlimited free calls to 3 M1 customers, 1,100 minutes talktime1,100 SMSM1
Singtel$1214 days100GB500 minutes100 textsSingtel

Now, on to You

As each provider and SIM card we discussed has pros and cons, it can be hard to choose the best one for you.

So, consider your own needs, such as strong Internet to stream videos, roaming for when you travel, or affordable plans that suit your budget. You can also talk to your friends, neighbors, or colleagues about their favorite providers for more insight.

When I was in Singapore, I purchased a SIM-only mobile plan from StarHub. Getting the SIM card and paying my monthly bill was easy. I always had service and never ran out of data, so I’d recommend StarHub based on my own experience. 

No matter which SIM card you choose, you’ll likely enjoy great service as Singapore is so well-connected. 

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