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Unlock the Secrets of Thriving in Mexico: From Navigating Finances to Breaking Language Barriers, Your Complete Guide to a Successful Life Abroad.

Unlock the door to a successful life in Mexico with ExpatDen Premium. You’ll get expert tips that give you everything you need to enjoy living in Mexico, including:

  • How to live and set up your life in Mexico with all the answers you need for every aspect of your life.
  • How to easily manage your finances, including which credit card to get, how to deal with banks, and how to optimize your tax strategy.
  • How to quickly secure good yet affordable housing in the best neighborhoods.
  • How to significantly improve your quality of life in Mexico.
  • How to get a great job that not only pays well but also gives you a good work-life balance.
  • How to get the most out of the Mexican healthcare system and ensure you have access to quality healthcare, no matter where you are in Mexico.
  • How to increase your personal network and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • And many more tips that will help you create your new life in Mexico hassle-free while saving thousands of dollars at the same time.

Maximize Your Life in Mexico With Our Insider Guides

This subscription gives you access to valuable resources that can make Mexico your new home effortlessly. Save time and money with insider info straight from expats and locals currently living in Mexico!

Make Mexico Your New Home

Never worry about all the things you need to handle while living in Mexico. We show you how to effectively move to Mexico, set up your life, and thrive in the country—hassle-free.

Find A Good Place to Live

Mexico is a very BIG country, with every state feeling like you are living in a different country. With ExpatDen Premium, we show you a detailed breakdown of all locations in Mexico, that are not only good to live in but also safe, affordable, and have a great community. As a bonus, we show you how to negotiate rental prices by 40%.

Avoid Overpaying on Your Cost of Living

Expats tend to overpay for many things in Mexico, no matter how many years they have been living there. With ExpatDen Premium, you can avoid pitfalls that could cost you a lot of money in everyday life in Mexico. You won’t only find out how to avoid scams but also how to save on groceries, cell phone packages, and more through secret strategies that not even Mexicans know about.

Optimize Your Finances

Dealing with finances can be complicated, but it’s highly rewarding. With ExpatDen Premium, we’ll show you the easiest banks to deal with for all your financial needs, how to avoid ATM fees, credit cards you should have that give you the most rewards, how to save money on international transfers and how to optimize your taxes as an expat in Mexico.

Land a High-Paying Job without Sacrificing Your Work-Life Balance

Mexico is known for low salaries and the longest work hours in the world. But there are good jobs out there. You just need to know where to find them. With our ExpatDen Premium, we show you how to get a great job in Mexico that has a great salary and a great work-life balance. You’ll also find out how to make yourself appealing to companies in Mexico. And if you think teaching English is your only option, think again.

Get the Most from the Mexican Healthcare System

IMSS or private insurance? Local insurance or international insurance? Should I pay out of pocket? While the Mexican healthcare system is good, it’s not perfect. There are so many things to think about to make sure you can access quality healthcare. With ExpatDen Premium, we show you how to maximize the healthcare system in Mexico, which insurance to get, which hospitals to visit. And you’ll never have to worry when—not if—that medical emergency strikes.

Stay in Mexico Long-Term

A tourist visa isn’t your only option in Mexico. And you can’t keep abusing their visa exemption scheme forever. With ExpatDen Premium, we show you exactly all the visas available to expats in Mexico, what you need to do to get a visa on your own without having to go back and forth. You’ll get a list of embassies that are easiest to work with when applying for a visa.

You’ll find out how to get legit legal advice that won’t break the bank. We’ll show you how to hire a professional lawyer and negotiate rates. And we’ll introduce you to ways you can get free legal consultations.

Travel Around Like a Pro

We show you how to get around in Mexico like locals and explore all the transportation options, from local buses and trains to private transports and ride-sharing apps. You’ll also get insider tricks that’ll score you free seats and business-class airline tickets, and save you money on taxis, rent-a-cars, and private transportation.

Stay Connected with the Right People

You’ll find out how to meet like-minded people and build your own community in Mexico. We point out the exact networking events you can go to, how to approach people, and where to meet other expats both offline and online.

How can you pass up all of this priceless information?

What Exactly Do I Get with ExpatDen Premium?

In the list below you’ll find the exclusive guides that you get immediate access to after becoming a premium member

And, we keep these guides up-to-date, so you never have to worry about trying to implement the often outdated tips and tricks found online. Plus, we’re always adding more guides.

Here are the exact contents you will get.


Additional Exclusive Guides for Expats Worldwide

Additional Exclusive Guides for US Expats

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A Word from the ExpatDen Team

Mexico is a popular destination for expats from all around the world, especially those from North America. While it’s a popular country, we have seen many expats fall into expat traps and, unfortunately, give up their dream of having a new life abroad.

To prevent this, we team up with seasoned expats in Mexico to provide practical advice that helps you easily make Mexico your new home, saving time and money by avoiding trials and errors.

ExpatDen Team

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can ExpatDen Premium really help with my move to Mexico? 

Yes, it can. Statistically, ExpatDen has been helping hundreds of thousands of expats on their relocation to Mexico. Within ExpatDen Premium, you will find step-by-step guides to help you move to Mexico seamlessly from how to prepare your move to setting up and living your life in Mexico. 

I already live in Mexico, Is ExpatDen Premium going to benefit me?

Yes, it is. In addition to providing step-by-step moving guides, we also show you how to get the most out of Mexico in every aspect of your life from hidden deals, what to do when facing legal issues, to how to get the most from Mexico healthcare system. 

What’s the different between free content and paid content? 

In our paid content, you get unbiased and direct advice written by experienced expats in Mexico. We point out directly on solutions you need or what you need to do to overcome expat challenges. 

Are there going to be more guides in the future?

Yes, we keep adding more practical advice regularly. In addition, if there’s anything you want to know specifically, you can get in touch with our team directly and get prior support. 

Do you update your guides regularly? 

Yes, we know well that expat tips get outdated easily. So, we update our advice regularly to make sure they always work. In addition, when we find new tips, we will add them as well. 

Are there any extra benefits that come with ExpatDen Premium? 

In addition to exclusive Mexico content, you also get access to all of our premium contents which can help you relocate easily to anywhere in the world. 

Is there anything else I should know? 

By subscribing to ExpatDen Premium, in addition to getting practical advice to make Mexico your new home, you also support ExpatDen to keep producing up-to-date advice to expats worldwide.

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