BiB038: All Smiles with Lucinda Chen

On this episode, Siddhant visits the Bangkok International Dental Hospital and meets Lucinda Chen, one of the directors of Bangkok International Dental Center. Lucinda is from Singapore and is a London School of Economics graduate. She moved to Bangkok a few years ago and really dove headfirst into learning the Thai language at Chulalongkorn University before working on BIDC full-time. 

With the Bangkok International Dental Center and its many branches, Lucinda has been striving to provide the best dental care possible to the people of Thailand and visitors from all over the globe. BIDC clinics and hospitals are JCI certified (one of the most rigorous and exacting certifications in medicine) and the dentists here are some of the best in the country.

We discussed everything you want to know about dentistry, from the new practice of sedative dentistry to dental tourism in Thailand. Just in case you haven’t already, please go see your dentist at least once a year!

About Lucinda

  • Lucinda is from Singapore
  • Graduated from the London School of Economics
  • She used to work at Accenture in Singapore as a Business Consultant
  • She has three children (that love visiting the dentist)
  • Lucinda is the Director and International Relations Manager of the Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), which is managed by the Dental Corporation PLC

Topics Discussed

  • Bangkok International Dental Hospital
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Accreditations
  • Settling into Thailand
  • Understanding the Dental System in Thailand
  • Bringing high standards to Dentistry in Thailand
  • What is Sedative Dentistry?
  • Major Competitors to Thailand’s Dental Tourism
  • Why is Dentistry so expensive?
  • Dental insurance
  • Taking Kids to the Dentist
  • Cosmetic Dentistry in Thailand
  • Attracting medical tourists to Bangkok
  • Making plans in Bangkok totally depends on the location
  • New locations for BIDC
  • How do Thai Dentists get certification to practice Dentistry?

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