BiB037: Getting the Word Out with Stuart Kelly

On this episode of Brewed in Bangkok, Siddhant has a chat with Stuart Kelly, who is a Public Relations expert. Stuart has spent many years in various countries in the English-speaking world from the UK to South Africa, and finally, Australia.

As a journalist first and then as a PR person for much of his career, Stuart has seen plenty of changes take place in the media landscape.

The discussion is about Public Relations in today’s world of digital channels and constant innovation and Stuart has plenty of knowledge to share.

Does PR still have a role to play in this saturated landscape? What’s PR like in Thailand?

Stuart answers all these questions and advises us to all become storytellers of some kind After a long hiatus, Brewed in Bangkok is back and better than ever before!

About Stuart Kelly

  • Is the Managing Director of Weber Shandwick in Thailand
  • Worked as a journalist in Australia before spending most of his career in PR
  • Moved to Thailand to take on the Weber Shandwick Role
  • Runs a digital storytelling workshop with the Australian Chamber of Commerce
  • Loves to catch up on sports on weekends

Topics Discussed

  • Becoming a Global Citizen
  • Subtle Changes around Tourism in Thailand
  • Is Digital Marketing a part of Public Relations or Advertising?
  • How has PR changed in this new age of Fake News and media convergence?
  • Measuring media marketing today
  • Corporate reputation and values have changed consumer buying habits
  • Stuart’s start in PR
  • Doing PR for one company vs PR for an agency
  • Important skills that are great for PR
  • Storytelling is the way to go
  • Managing a reputation, during a crisis or otherwise
  • PR in Thailand
  • New generation of PR in Thailand
  • The interaction between Thai media and Thai PR
  • The shortcomings of Digital Marketing
  • Stuart discusses Digital Storytelling, his workshop with AustCham

Resources Mentioned

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