BiB031: Get Some Cash Back with Anthony Quinn

In this episode of Brewed in Bangkok, Siddhant has a chat with Anthony Quinn, founder of Dee Dee Cashback.

Anthony started working in marketing with GAME, a video game chain in the UK before going to Thailand for a very long vacation, which involved working in Phuket for an e-Commerce store featured on eBay.

In Thailand, he met his girlfriend, who would later become his wife, and they ventured back to the UK for 8 years.

Anthony decided to return to Thailand and start his own business, which turned into Dee Dee Cashback.

Learn a thing or two from Anthony about affiliate marketing, working in Phuket, becoming a digital publisher, using cashback services in Thailand, and many other topics on this episode of Brewed in Bangkok.

About Anthony

  • Founder of Dee Dee Cashback, a cashback website in Bangkok
  • From West London but spent many years in Slough (where they shot “The Office”)
  • Worked in marketing at GAME, a UK-based video game chain
  • First started working on affiliate marketing at GAME
  • Applied for an e-Commerce marketing job from a newspaper classified ad in Phuket and got the job
  • Spent 1.5 years in Phuket before returning to the UK
  • Appointed as an account manager at Linkshare in the UK
  • Rose through the ranks in Linkshare and stayed there for 8 years
  • Anthony and his wife, who is Thai, moved to London for work; they visited Thailand intermittently during their 8 years in the UK
  • Founded Dee Dee Cashback after quitting his job at Linkshare and moving back to Bangkok with his wife

Topics Discussed

  • Affiliate Marketing–What is it?
  • Working in Phuket for a start-up
  • Risk and reward decision for moving to Thailand instead of working in the UK
  • Working and professional life in Phuket in the mid-2000s
  • How start-up life is different
  • What Linkshare does in the digital space and its connection to affiliate marketing
  • “Behavioral re-targeting” is a thing
  • Bangkok’s growth as a city from the late 2000s
  • Motorcycle taxis are the “necessary evil”–get an app instead
  • What does it mean to be a publisher in the digital space?
  • Can non-marketing people become affiliate marketers?
  • What is “Cashback”?
  • How much money can you make in cashback?
  • A small summary of Dee Dee Cashback’s business model
  • How has Thailand responded to the Cashback storefront?
  • Educating the customer about cashback
  • How did the name “Dee Dee” come about?
  • A rough estimate of how much money can be made by an individual using cashback transactions frequently
  • Cashback stacks up with merchant discounts, which is a great tip for savvy shoppers

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I had some help with this episode: Lou Pobjecky kindly helped me with a lot of the necessary audio edits to get the file in a listenable shape. Lou also put together the cover image.

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