BiB035: Polish it Up with Greg Boudah

On this episode of Brewed in Bangkok Siddhant pays a visit to Gemopolis in outer Bangkok to meet American Jeweler Greg Boudah.

A former US Marine and Iraq War Veteran, Greg found his new vocation in the jewellery business, first as a salesman and then as a manager.

Greg was sent by one of his employers, a Belgian diamond trading company, to open a jewelry manufacturing business.

He spent many years working in jewelry manufacturing with them and an American jewelry company.

Greg and his wife, Emma, who is a trained gemologist, founded Spokes Jewelry Services in Bangkok in 2011.

He is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce Thailand’s SME committee, where he organizes all kinds of activities and seminars for fellow entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Greg and Siddhant talk about the perils of starting a business in Thailand, what the Board of Investment (BOI) is all about, lessons learned from managing Thai people, and why opening a business in Thailand is not as hard as you think.

About Greg Boudah

  • former US Marine and Iraq War veteran
  • started out as a jewelry salesman before moving up into jewelry manufacturing
  • worked in the US in jewelry production before moving to Bangkok with a Belgian company
  • started his jewelry business, Stokes Jewelry Services, with his wife, Emma
  • is a prominent member of the American Chamber of Commerce Thailand and co-chairs the SME committee.
  • has an eight year-old son and has just moved to a new place in Ekkamai.

Topics Discussed

  • starting out in jewelry manufacturing in Bangkok
  • Thailand’s place in the world jewelry market
  • gemstone markets in Bangkok
  • time in the US Marine Core and part-time jewelry store salesman
  • starting a jewelry business from scratch
  • bringing some military insights and sales floor experience into a new business
  • lessons in management in Bangkok
  • setting up a Business in Thailand is more straight-forward than you think
  • the pros and cons of Thailand’s Board of Investment
  • the SME Committee with the American Chamber of Commerce
  • working with Emma, Greg’s wife in the same company
  • settling in Bangkok suburbs and now moving into the city
  • living life in Thailand with one foot out the door

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