BiB039: Exploring the Cave with Grace Robinson

On this special episode of the Brewed in Bangkok podcast, Siddhant got a chance to chat with Grace Robinson, an assistant producer of the ‘The Cave’.

The movie is based on the rescue of the Wild Boars football team from caves in Chiang Rai, Thailand in 2018. It was a national story that become an international story and culminated in a miraculous ending. Grace talks a little bit about making the movie but we also had a chance to talk about her time in Thailand as well.

From studying about Thai culture and the Thai language abroad to living in Chiang Mai as a journalist to even working in many media roles in Bangkok, Grace has seen many facets of Thailand. We discussed learning Thai abroad, gentrification, domestic tourism and many other topics in this episode.

About Grace

  • From Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • Studied Thai Culture at the University of Leeds
  • Spent one semester in Chiang Mai University
  • Finished an MA in research on Thai Culture, specifically the Floating Market
  • Spent time in Chiang Mai as a Deputy Editor at CityLife Magazine
  • International Relations Liaison for the Thailand Amateur Boxing Team
  • Worked as a presenter on Thai television (Voice TV)
  • Worked on ‘The Cave’ as a producer
  • Founded her own business in the UK called ‘Eden Assistants’, a virtual assistant service

Topics Discussed

  • Studying Thai Culture from Abroad
  • Learning and Speaking Thai in the UK
  • Chiang Mai has changed
  • Gentrification and malls outside Bangkok
  • Going to University in Chiang Mai
  • Working on an MA about Thai Culture
  • The story of the Floating Market
  • Domestic Tourism in Thailand
  • Writing about Chiang Mai at CityLife Magazine
  • Working at the International Relations Department for Thai Boxing
  • TV Presenting in Thailand
  • Getting better at speaking Thai
  • Helping out with ‘The Cave’ movie
  • Thailand Amateur Boxing stint
  • Living in Phra Khanong before it was ‘cool’
  • Eden Assistants
  • Collaborating on Future Projects 

Resources Mentioned

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