BiB028: Oh (Spread) Sheet! How To Excel In Thailand with Andrew Stotz

In this episode of Brewed in Bangkok, Karsten and Siddhant meet Dr Andrew Stotz PhD, co-founder of Coffee Works, President of CFA Society Thailand, financial analyst and teacher. Andrew came to Thailand 25 years ago and fell in love with the country instantly. While Andrew worked as an investment banker in Bangkok, he decided to co-found CoffeeWORKS, a coffee roasting company that provides coffee to restaurants such as Dean & Deluca, McDonald’s and many more. Andrew has been very successful as a financial analyst over the last two decades and as CEO of A.Stotz Investment Research (ASIR), he has been at the forefront of the Asian markets. Nowadays, Andrew also teaches a masterclass on valuation and investment online. Join Karsten and Siddhant as they chat with Andrew about stock markets, coffee, investment and business advice and why you should or shouldn’t come to Thailand.

And as a special for every listener: Have a business plan for Thailand and want an expert opinion on it? Andrew tells him how you can get his input and advice for free in this episode!

About Andrew Stotz

  • co-founder of CoffeeWORKS Co. Ltd
  • founded Valuation Master Class
  • author of “How To Start Building Your Wealth Investing In The Stock Market”
  • lectures on financial topics around the world
  • has a ping-pong robot
  • moved to Thailand in 1992
  • was a stock market analyst in 1993
  • president of the CFA Society Thailand and is a member of the Advisory Board at Thammasat University’s Business School
  • grew up in Hudson, Ohio
  • has taught finance for 25 yrs.
  • graduated with a PhD in Management Science and Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China, a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and an MBA from California State University

Topics Discussed Today

  • how he started a coffee business in Bangkok during the worst financial crisis in history
  • The Asian financial crisis of 1997 that started in Thailand, predicting a bust and Marc Faber (Dr Doom)
  • explains his online course on “How To Become a Better Investor”
  • how many stocks you should own
  • gives advice on what to do when your stocks go down
  • getting ready
  • being a manager at Pepsi
  • how he met and advised the Finance Minister of Thailand
  • why or why not you should move to Bangkok

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I had some help with this episode: Lou Pobjecky kindly helped me with a lot of the necessary audio edits to get the file in a listenable shape. Lou also put together the cover image and quick description for this episode.

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  1. With the Thai stock market now setting records perhaps this site and its acclaimed experts here could get beyond and a superficial review, visit and explain how to be a successful individual investor. Or is that beyond most all people’s grasp?


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