Andrew Biggs

Andrew Biggs – writer, TV producer, Tv and radio emcee, school owner – is one of the top known expats in Thailand. Andrew writes saucy articles about Thai culture, the expat culture in Thailand, and the quirks of the Thai language. His articles appear on the Bangkok Post and elsewhere. This series has a bit of everything but it’s mostly about the Thai language.

Interviewing Successful Thai Language Learners: Andrew Biggs.

Andrew Biggs: Thai Memories…

Thai Memories: The Boat Sinks in the Mouth of the Bay
Thai Memories: Returning to Gor Gai (ก ไก่)
Thai Memories: Adjectives
Thai Memories: Expensive
Thai Memories: Fetmot
Thai Memories: Deluxe
Thai Memories: Paeng and Jeud
Thai Memories: No – Maybe
Thai Memories: Freshy