BiB009: Humor is Despair Refusing to Take Itself Seriously With Pule Mapacpac

What does Bangkok look like through the eyes of a Filipino expat? How do you create and fine-tune a live comedy act? What’s a line you shouldn’t cross as a comedian? In today’s episode, Filipino comedian and teacher Pule Mapacpac shares his experiences working as a teacher and comedian in Bangkok. And of course, he showcases part of the routine on the show!

What I personally really liked about this episode is the insight you get when you compare what life is like for Filipino expats versus their Western counterparts when it comes to living in Bangkok. It’s a very open and unguarded look at not only what you see on stage, but what goes on behind it as well.

The title of today’s episode is a quote by Percival Arland “Percy” Ussher (1899–1980).


This is my guest Pule doing a live show at the Magners International Comedy Competition Singapore earlier this year.

Show Notes

  • What Thai kids share on Facebook (5:27)
  • The difference between white and Filipino in Thailand (10:08)
  • Working as a comedian (14:41)
  • Pule’s love life (25:46)
  • Taboos in comedy (29:53)
  • What to expect at an open mic night (34:32)
  • How to work a live show crowd (35:26)

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