My 30 Day Thai Language Trial: Week Three

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Week three of my 30 day Thai language trial…

Don't Break the Chain I am settled into a study schedule, so that’s it. It took three weeks for me to gain a new language learning habit.

Nothing odd happened this week so I won’t post the results. I basically listened, read, and then repeated the Thai conversations. There were a few times when my time was strapped (and I forgot to update my calendar even). To make sure there was a continued input of Thai, on those days I pared down my studies to listening and repeating the audio.

What I do want to do is share two more language learning toys discovered while using Luca’s Method: iReadFast and

As mentioned, Luca’s Method centres around reading, listening, repeating. Sometimes I scrolled the Thai conversations in MS Word docs while listening to the audio, other times I printed out the Thai (but that means a waste of trees). I knew there just HAD to be a fix somewhere. A MS Word or PDF scroller was my first thought.

After trying out all possible keywords, I finally found speed reading programs. Most for the Mac could not read Thai script so I kept looking. Bless LifeHacker for their article: iReadFast Speed Reader. iReadFast does read Thai.


If you are on either a PC or Mac you can use which is an online speed reader.

And if you want to peck through other readers (not free), here is an overview: Speed Reading Software Review.

I never did get the speed timed to my audio files (karaoke software is a possibility). But regardless, both speed readers are a fantastic find for reading Thai script. My reading speed has already improved so I will continue to use them (even without sound capabilities).

The theory behind reading words at the same eye level is called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation.

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is a method of displaying information (generally text or images) in which the text is displayed word-by-word in a fixed focal position. Aside from a basic reading aid, RSVP is being researched as a tool to increase individual reading rates.

Whatever the theory, it works. So please do give it a try.

My 30 day Thai language trial…

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4 thoughts on “My 30 Day Thai Language Trial: Week Three”

  1. Martyn, Poor you! The flu? I guess I got off light then. Have fun with as it is a great resource for learning how to read Thai faster. And you might just start to stop worrying about there being no spaces between words.

    Apologies for approving your comment late (your email address changed and WLT is set to approve the first one). This has been one heck of a week so I’m late with most everything.

  2. Talen, when you get to reading Thai, you too will find the action helpful. I’m sure of it.

    This past year for you has been so difficult, but the last half should be a grand improvement. And then you can get a chain all your own!

    My chain is going great guns, but I keep forgetting to update the calendar on both WLT and my fridge. This week has been megga crazy, what with everything going on.
    .-= Catherine hopes you will read…My 30 Day Thai Language Trial: Week Three =-.

  3. Cat, I have enough trouble with Thai script in slow motion I’m not sure speed reading would help me. It does seem that it would be worthwhile to look into though for when my reading is a whole lot better.

    I’m really hoping that later on this year I’ll be be in a better state of flux and can get enrolled in a one on one Thai class to really start pushing the language envelope.

  4. Catherine I visited and bookmarked the page, that is one smart free resource. I do wonder where you find them all. I’ll give it a go with a few scripts over the next few days. Having recovered from my chest virus about a week ago I’ve now come down with what can only be the flu. Not having much luck at the minute.


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