BiB014: Housing an Idea With Chris Reynolds

When Neal Stephenson wrote Cryptonomicon in 1999, few people realized how accurate his description of the future was and how soon it would come to pass. I feel, at any given point, there are moments in our today that give glimpses into our future. One such glimpse is Chris Reynolds’s Entrepreneur House.

It’s a mix of coworking and cohabitation that takes the idea of a productive retreat and turns it into a month-long, productive and supportive environment for entrepreneurship.

In this episode of Brewed in Bangkok, he talks about how this all works and how Thailand can benefit from this new way of entrepreneurship in the years to come.

Websites and People Mentioned

  • The Entrepreneur House: The blog that gives a hands-on insight into the accelerator Chris Reynold’s is running in Spain, Thailand and Brazil.
  • The Entrepreneur House Podcast: Chris Reynolds’s podcast on what’s happening in, with and around The Entrepreneur House
  • Simone Sauter: One of Chris’s first guests whose story gets featured in this episode of Brewed in Bangkok
  • Dynamite Circle: The entrepreneur community we are both members of and where we originally met.
  • The previous episode mentioned, in which I describe the impact of the current situation in Thailand on myself.

Want More?

Check out the complete collection of Brewed in Bangkok episodes. In case you missed The Entrepreneur House and still want to set up shop for a while in Thailand, you can check out my guide to renting an apartment in Bangkok, registering your company in Thailand, office for rent in Bangkok, and accounting service in Bangkok.

My name is Karsten and I'm a 30-something pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. I'm the youngest of three sons to a British mom and a German dad who met while working in Canada. As management trainee at Lufthansa German Airlines I worked in India, Dubai, Austria and Germany.

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  1. Thanks for having me on the show Karsten! It was a great chat! Looking forward to many more with you my friend.


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