BiB012: Those Who Wish to Sing, Always Find a Song With Napak Boonruang

Music is the life for a great many people, but it’s only for a select few that it actually provides a livelihood. Napak Boonruang, better known as Dom, is one of the people who can count themselves among the lucky talented few.

Running three different bands, she has taken music from just a fun passion to a business that supports herself and her family upcountry. In this episode, she talks about making her way from Thailand’s countryside to the capital, from her first steps after arriving at a temple school to venturing in the world of music.

The first band Dom started back in her days at an all-girls high school exists to this very day: The Unicorn Girl Band. Since then, she’s launched her own solo acoustic act and founded another band called ‘The Grumps’. She and her bands have made a name for themselves in Bangkok and at contests in the region.

Show Notes:

  • Coming to Bangkok from the countryside (0:58)
  • Dom’s school background (2:06)
  • The origins of her first band (4:26)
  • Success, competitions and failure (12:54)
  • What you miss once you leave the world of live performance (17:47)
  • When was the first time someone threw money at you (18:19)
  • How parents see a singing daughter (21:12)
  • Differences between Bangkok and the countryside (23:00)
  • Supporting a family back home (25:54)
  • Working hours of a band leader (28:54)
  • What are your plans for the future (32:45)

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