BiB004: Street Fighting, Vacuums and Meeting Your Wife by Amputation With Dom Dumais

Domnick Dumais is taking a more colorful route through life than most people. From starting ice skating at age 2, things took a turn for the more extreme when he got stabbed at age 12, before becoming a TV-featured, teenage pro-wrestler. And that was just the start of it.

This episode of Brewed in Bangkok is a co-production between Karsten and Dom. It’s not only episode 4 of this podcast, but also episode 21 of Dom’s podcast.

Show Notes

  1. Dom started ice skating (00:25)
  2. Karate, the mistake of mysticism, origins and distinctions (3:20)
  3. Getting into fights (7:50)
  4. Getting stabbed (10:25)
  5. Street fighting (13:15)
  6. Becoming a radio show host in high school (15:15)
  7. Teenage pro-wrestling (17:20)
  8. Joining the Navy (22:28)
  9. Learning the tricks of door-to-door vacuum salesmen (26:30)
  10. Fantasy discussions and amputations (34:40)
  11. Martial arts in Thailand (39:45)

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