BiB002: Volunteering at a Refugee Camp in Thailand With Dave Crimaldi

Dave Crimaldi, better known as the ‘Rock Philosopher’, is an underground music journalist based in Bangkok. In this episode, he shares his journey from becoming a hardcore gamer in Korea to covering the independent music scene in Bangkok. Joining Karsten for this episode is his co-host Greg Jorgensen from Together they talk about gaming, music and volunteering at a refugee camp in Thailand.

‘When I Played, I Played’ – Rock Philosopher @davecrimaldi on playing WoW 16 hours a day.

Show Notes

  1. Gamer son of an Italian plumber (02:30)
  2. Moving to South Korea (02:45)
  3. Moving to Thailand (11:30)
  4. Thailand Refugee Camp (12:50)
  5. Teaching and Studying in Thailand (27:00)
  6. World of Warcraft (31:00)

Websites Mentioned

  • Rock Philosophy, Dave’s website about music in Bangkok
  • Greg to Differ, Greg Jorgensen’s thoughts on living and working in Thailand’s capital
  • Bangkok Podcast, a podcast about life in Bangkok hosted by Greg Jorgensen and Anthony Joh

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My name is Karsten and I'm a 30-something pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. I'm the youngest of three sons to a British mom and a German dad who met while working in Canada. As management trainee at Lufthansa German Airlines I worked in India, Dubai, Austria and Germany.

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