AUA Thai Videos on YouTube

AUA Thai Videos on YouTube

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AUA’s ALG (Automatic Language Growth) method…

Are you aware that there are over one hundred FREE AUA Thai videos on YouTube?

Backing up… do you know about AUA’s teaching method, ALG (Automatic Language Growth)?

Our program is designed around levels of experiences, call them ‘tours into language’ if you will. Each hour of ‘touring’ is made up of understandable experiences, all taking place in the target language. The goal of the ‘tour guide’ is to insure that each ‘traveler’ understands at least 80% of what’s going on during each hour.

Language Growth is natural… much like the growth of a tree. Just as every natural process, fruit is produced at the right time. Focusing on fruit – as in all language programs that want to emphasize speaking, reading or writing – will never produce the desired results. It’s not until we focus on the roots that we get the fruit we want.

That’s why with ALG our focus is on understanding rather than speaking, reading or writing. For ALG students, speech happens – naturally.

David Long talks about the ALG Method in the video below. As it is only part one of many, go to their YouTube channel for the rest: ALGWorld.

My mini ALG overview…

If you use the ALG method to learn Thai, in the beginning you will have no reading, no writing, no learning the Thai alphabet. And no homework. Whooh. Are your eyes lighting up at the possibilities? And is that a huge smile I see?


Now, you all know that I’m a stickler for learning how to read Thai from the beginning. But even so, I’m not going to diss AUA’s method. Why? Because everyone learns in their own way. And besides, who’s to say that I wouldn’t get something out their YouTube videos as well? Who’s to say that I haven’t already?

AUA Thai videos on YouTube…

There are a lot of AUA videos on YouTube. And when I discussed the videos with David Long, he hinted at even more. Yes. More.

This is what I mean by a lot of videos…

1.1 (5 parts), 1.3 (6 parts), 1.4 (5 parts), 1.5 (5 parts), 2.1 (5 parts), 2.2 (6 parts), 2.3 (6 parts), 2.4 (5 parts), 2.5 (6 parts), 3.4.1 (5 parts), 3.4.2 (6 parts), 3.4.3 (6 parts), 3.4.5 (6 parts), 5-10.1 (5 parts), 5-10.2 (6 parts), 5-10.3 (6 parts), 5-10.4 (5 parts), 5-10.5 (8 parts), ALG Thai Linguistics (5 parts), David Long on the ALG Method (6 parts), Examples of ALG and Crosstalk (3 videos).

As you can see, the videos for AUA’s classes are broken up into sets of five to eight. When I first started watching AUA on YouTube their videos were all over the place, forcing me to spend a lot of time searching. But now AUA’s YouTube channel has playlists. I’m not clued up on playlists but I do know that they make watching linked videos easier. What you do is select an AUA lesson, then click on the first video and the rest will play in sequence. Nice.

AUA on the Internet…

If you interested in finding out more on AUA and their ALG method, below are a few resources:

AUA online:
Twitter: @auathai
Blog: AUA Thai
Website: AUA Language Centre
YouTube: ALGWorld

AUA bloggers:
Bakunin Learns Thai (no longer online)
Dan’s Adventure in Bangkok
Journey to Thai
sweet and coolbeans: learning Thai

Successful Thai Language Learner: David Long
Review: Thai Language Schools in Bangkok

I’m not finished talking about AUA, so stay tuned for more.

8 thoughts on “AUA Thai Videos on YouTube”

  1. Rick, to compare costs, check out Todd’s review of Thai Language Schools in Bangkok:

    Value: This is one of the cheapest Thai language schools a person will ever attend, and buying time in blocks gets you a further discount.

    For me, not having to work was great for about… two weeks? It got old fast (I like to stay busy). And because of that, WLT is around.

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing how your Thai studies go once you land in Thailand. So that now makes three: You, Talen, and Snap.

  2. I just watched the first three and couldn’t tear myself away. David Long is a very engaging speaker and remarkably clear in his explanations. I will watch more of them since I have the time now, not having to work anymore 🙂 I will be looking for convincing arguments why I should spend 700-800 hours in AUA classes. I haven’t even looked at the costs yet. Yikes!

    Yes, I’ve been avoiding studying my Thai. But the days living enirely in an English world are coming to an end and so I can’t imagine living in TH without learning the language. Thanks again Cat for such engaging material.

  3. These are great!

    Many years ago (maybe 1993 or 1994), on one of my visits to Thailand, my Thai teacher from America just happened to be in Bangkok while I was visiting. She knew Marvin Brown and took me to AUA to meet him in his office. He told me about their natural language approach and I was very impressed. Little did I know then that someday they would be appearing (for free!) on the Internet.

    Thanks, Catherine, for digging them up.

  4. Lani, I can’t just listen without running for a dictionary or asking someone. I’m just too anal – I have to know. But they are great videos regardless of how you intend on using them. Fun? Yes, that as well 🙂

  5. I learned about ALG when I was out of the country and didn’t think too much of it. I mean I was interested but now that I’m back and getting into the groove of things again, I really like them. They are fun.

    When I asked my Thai students why they wanted to learn English they said “English is fun!” And I think they are on to something. Thai should be fun too. I’m grateful AUA is putting the vids online.

    Thanks Cat 😀

  6. Hah! Talen, AUA videos are great for when you are in overload as well. Just push the start button and sit back to watch. Nothing else. Just watch and laugh. I also watch the videos when I haven’t slept for days and my brain has turned to mush. The videos are funny, entertaining, and help to get Thai into your head in a natural, easy as she goes manner.

  7. Information overload!!! Damn Cat, now that I am here and learning it seems there is not enough time in the day to try out or experience all the different programs, videos and such. And now you are giving more yet again.


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