Looking for an Accountant?

When I first founded my company in Thailand, I was fortunate enough to meet a good accounting and tax professional who handled the accounting, taxation, and social security for my company.

My accountant handled all of my tax related procedures with the Thai government including: monthly, mid-year, and yearly tax filings and returns. She also provided tax consultations when needed. And when I need to contact the Revenue Department, she got in touch with them on behalf of my company.

My accountant also takes care of employee social security, payroll, and pay slips. Since our company is promoted by the BOI, she’s the person that submits our financial statements to them. And every month she sends me the company’s financial report.

All of these services are included in her monthly accounting fee.

In Thailand, an accountant normally provide the following tax and accounting services:

Corporate Tax Service

  • Cooperate tax planning and consultation
  • Tax filling
  • Financial statement submission to Thai government organizations
  • Monthly financial reports (Balance Sheet, P&L)
  • Record accounting transactions
  • Payments to government agencies
  • Payroll services
  • Social Security
  • Provident fund

Personal Tax Service

  • Thai Personal tax planning
  • Thai Personal tax consultation
  • Thai Personal tax filing

If you want help finding the right accountant for yourself or your business, please fill in the form below. We will put you in touch with a reliable accountant that can handle your corporate and personal tax issues.


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