Thai Bumper Stickers on Taxis


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I’m one who doesn’t mind sitting in Bangkok traffic. Others (who will not be named), fuss, fidget and complain, making life miserable for those of us forced to sit through their grumbles of displeasure.

It reminds me of British weather actually. And the fact that every time it rains (often) the conversation turns to surprise. Like, it doesn’t rain in the UK? Often? Hah!

Same, same with BKK and traffic. It happens. Often. ไม่ เป็นไร (mâi bpen-rai) already!

I have a new trick for keeping occupied while inching forward towards the front of the cue – taking snaps of Thai bumper stickers from the back of a taxi.

It’s great fun for me. And also entertaining (and at times alarming) for the taxi driver when I drape over their side while trying to take that wee shot of opportunity out the wing window.


Taking photos of bumper stickers when in motion is hit and miss. In a lucky moment, I was able to snap this Bangkok taxi (shown in the photo above). Luckier still, it had three stickers.

เมา ไม่ ขับ
mao mâi kàp
If drunk, don’t drive.

ปิด เบาๆ
bpìt bao bao
Close softly (boot / trunk, door of car)

โทร ไม่ ถือ
toh mâi tĕu
Don’t use a mobile when driving.

Note: โทร is short for โทรศัพท์ (toh-rá-sàp = telephone)

A special thanks goes to my Thai teacher Khun Pairach for the translation, entertaining explanation, and voice.

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2 thoughts on “Thai Bumper Stickers on Taxis”

  1. I plan on going to JJ Market some weekend as there is sure to be standing taxis, ripe for the snapping! It might be cheating a bit, but it certainly would be easier.

    (… as long as the police don’t move them off…)

    This weekend, my favourite taxi driver took me around from 2 until 7pm. I totally forgot to keep an eye out for bumper stickers, but saw a fantastic double duo of Michelin men giving the wai.

    But, too late, They were gone too fast as we were in terrible traffic and couldn’t turn around.

    That’s about what happens when I’m trying to snap bumper stickers in traffic. Some of the really good ones get away!

  2. I agree. Reading those stickers from the back of taxis or trucks makes you smile a lot of time. We may say that these working hard people can still see the bright side of life.


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