Thai Bumper Stickers: Five


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Rikker’s Friday post on bumper stickers, Bumper-to-bumper Language Lessons, reminded me that I had one more bumper sticker post waiting in the wings…

Stickers from Buy Thai Books…

When I ordered two packs of books from (no longer online) last December, as a thank you they sent over a handful of stickers. Yeah! And as I collect stickers, I was chuffed.


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เปิดปิดเบาๆด้วย ขอบคุณ
bpèrt bpìt bao bao dûay kòp kun
Turn on, turn off, softly, softly, please.
Please open and close softly (don’t slam the door).


bpìt bao bao.
Close softly, softly.
Close softly.


yín-dêe dton ráp
Pleasure to welcome.
You are welcomed.


hâam sòop bòorèe
Forbidden to smoke cigarettes.
No smoking.


têe sòop boorèe.
Place for smoking cigarettes.
Smoking area.


เรา [หัวใจ] พระเจ้าอยู่หัว
rao [heart] prá-jâo-yòo-hŭa
We heart His Majesty.
We love the King.


rák pôr-mâe
Love father mother.
I love my parents.

The Thai Bumper Sticker series: Thai Bumper Stickers 1, Thai Bumper Stickers 2, Thai Bumper Stickers 3, Thai Bumper Stickers 4, and Stickers on Taxis.

As soon as I can chase down another bumper sticker hawker, there will be more to come.

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