FREE: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download

Free Thai Vocabulary Download

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Here we go with quick and dirty…

NOTE: I’m updating this resource.

Don’t you just love free? But before I get to the free Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary download, I want to clarify a few things. Mainly, what quick and dirty actually means.

Wiki (no longer live): The phrase is frequently used in describing any document or tutorial that gives a brief overview about how to do something, without going into too much detail about why or how it works.

And while you won’t get an overview on the free Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary download, you will get miles and miles of useful Thai vocabulary and phrases. For the overview, you’ll need to purchase a copy of Myke Hawke’s The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast at or your favourite book store (feel free to take my affiliate link off the url).

The entire Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary file has been checked out by none other than Rikker from Thai 101. Rikker is a respected academic in the Thai language learning world, fondly known for his many hours spent clearing up the confusion that often comes with learning Thai. Rikker has certainly cleared up mine on more than one occasion!

The free Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary download…

For easy viewing, the pdf is designed in the landscape format. Depending on what you want to study, you can fold the pages to see either the English with Thai script, or the English with transliteration. The page numbers are there to assist those following along with Myke’s book.


Due to the size of the project, only the phrases and vocabulary listed in The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast are included in the list. More Thai vocabulary and phrases, some with sound, will come later.

PDF format 436 kb: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary A4
PDF format 436 kb: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Letter

Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast…

For those of you newly arriving on the scene, here is a brief overview of The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast on WLT:

Back in July, after reading through a stack of language learning books, I wrote a review of The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast. Almost a year later I managed to track down the author, Myke Hawke, who then gave me permission to share the list I compiled from his book. While waiting for the list to be refined (and because he is such an interesting guy), I wrote another post – Interviewing Myke Hawke: Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast.

More free Thai language learning…

Before I forget… If you really like free, then you might be interested in the Learn Thai for FREE page on WLT, as well as the free downloads listed on the Thai Language Cheat Sheets post.

So, what’s coming next? Well, as Myke’s list is generic for all languages, my aim is to fill in the Thai holes. I’ll do that by moving things around, adding words specific to Thai, as well as downgrading what doesn’t quite fit (as mentioned in the file, there are some words that do not have an English-Thai equivalent). And in each post, I’ll make sure point you to the excellent Thai language learning sites available. With Thai being a tonal language, I’ll also include sound as it is important to hear the words and phrases, as well as read them.

Stay tuned, and as ever, enjoy…

13 thoughts on “FREE: Quick & Dirty Thai Vocabulary Download”

  1. Hi Camille, thanks! This is one of my largest vocabulary downloads on WLT. The intentions are to tweak it for Thainess and add sentences and sound.

    Learning with the little ones always seemed to me to be a fun way to get into the Thai language. The pressure isn’t as great and you can giggle as well. Ok, I would anyway as I love getting silly with kids 🙂

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Great list and it looks very helpful. Will try to stop by more often!

    Right now I’m learning a lot of writing with my daughter who’s 7 and a half, it’s fun to sit down together and it’s about time that I learn some more Thai after 11 years! Just for the record, am married to a Thai woman but we pretty much only speak English together from day one.

  3. Hi Cat,

    First-time poster here. The link you have for the “Letter” size version is taking me to a 404 page.

  4. Thanks Pete. It was a good deal of work to put together, but I feel it is a decent start for my aim of getting the top needed words all in one place.

    When you get a chance, scroll down to the bottom of the file and read Rikker’s notes. The list was created directly from Hawke’s generic list, so there are words that do not translate directly into Thai. When I put together the totally Thai focused revision, those will be taken out. But, it is always good to know what can and cannot be said English-Thai, so no worries there.

  5. Great work Catherine. I read through the first vocab/phrase list, was congratulating myself on how much I knew at the top, but it was all downhill from there on 🙁 Stupid – away from LOS for several months, and not knuckling down to some hard work so as to be able to better cope on my return. Still with your help and probably more importantly, a little less laziness on my part, hopefully things will improve on my return!

  6. Hi Martyn, good deal. When you do get a printer, please make sure that it is stocked with paper and ink as there are about 70 pages in all. Please note that in the coming months/year?, that file will grow to include all of the top words in Thai (this is the first run).

    As ever, I’m looking forward to reading your next post 🙂

  7. Catherine I have promised myself that I will download and print off the Quick and Dirty guide freebies but at the moment I haven’t got a printer. As learning Thai is your blog theme then your recommendation is not to be missed. Must dash as I’m trying to write a serious post at the minute, a very hard task in itself for me. I just know it’s going to go belly up and finish in the land of ridicule. Have a real sweet day.

  8. For the phrases, what I would like to have is a choice. The ‘Proper’ Thai that we are given in course books and by our Thai teachers, as well as the colloquial Thai that we hear.

    But wait! There would have to be more…

    Proper Thai (that we are taught)
    Street Thai (that we hear)
    Upperclass Thai (ditto)
    Issan Thai (ditto)

    Talen, I’m now off to read your post – My Thai Girl and I Part 1

  9. Again, thanks Rikker. I believe this file will continue to be tweaked for awhile. Tweaking and Thai tend to go hand in hand.

    Just recently, after coming across a statement that I didn’t agree with, I decided to look up what I thought would be a simple answer.

    How to pronounce ค่ะ.

    From what I could find, everything online says that ค่ะ is said with a falling tone – kâ.

    And that’s what I’ve been taught too. So before this, I really didn’t think about it that much.

    Besides, it’s a baby word, taught in the beginning, so no big deal.

    What I found in course books and dictionaries says so too – a falling tone.

    So I grabbed ‘A Reference to Thai Grammar’ and ‘Thai Reference Grammar (Spoken Thai)’. Both state that there are three ways to pronounce ค่ะ. Haas stayed out of it.

    After reading about the three tones, I went around saying ค่ะ. And I really do say ค่ะ three ways, depending (but what do I know?)

  10. One could spend endless hours tweaking a list like this, so to Catherine’s readers, don’t be surprised when you find that it’s, well, quick and dirty.

    It still errs on the side of polite, since most of the list was written by actual Thais (as it should be). I mostly cleaned up confusion about what the source English terms meant, and anything I thought egregiously off.

    This sort of thing isn’t my specialty, either. So I’m sure Catherine welcomes comments and corrections, should the need for a Q&D Thai 2.0 arise.

    Beyond that, have at!


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