WLT’s Facebook Page: Finally Hits 1000!

WLT's Facebook Page

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Surprise! WLT has a Facebook page…

A couple of days ago it came to me that I was so busy promoting everyone else, I’ve been neglecting WLT’s Facebook page, both in promotion and use.

I have been active on Facebook all this time, just not my own. Lately I’ve been helping out at the Farang Can Learn Thai Facebook group (18,566 and growing). And while FCLT is an excellent place to learn about the Thai language, taking over its timeline with learning Thai resources is just not on.

To compensate, almost daily I tweet learning Thai resources (@ThaiLanguageRes). I do love twitter but Facebook allows more than 140 characters, expanding the possibilities. So I need both.

Anyway … to get WLT’s Facebook page numbers up from miserable to mentionable, I contacted friends on twitter and Facebook to help. An hour ago 1000 ‘likes’ were reached. Thanks all! Your support means a lot to me. Seriously.

Now here’s the thing. It’s just not possible for me to write posts on WLT about every resource I run across. I do add them to WLT’s FREE Language learning resources page but that doesn’t give them a platform of their own. And I do get a far reach with twitter. But in order for me to promote learning resources the best I can, being able to reach even more people via WLT’s Facebook would be wonderful. And that’s where you (hopefully) come in.


If learning Thai language resources are your thing, please join WLT on Facebook or WLT’s twitter even. Or both. Thanks!

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