WIN! 3 Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone iPad iPod Apps

WIN: Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone iPad iPod App

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WIN! Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone, iPad, iPod App…

Did you win a Three Way Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary app at Talen’s Thailand, Land of Smiles? No? Well, no need to give up yet because I also have three fabulous dictionary apps give away.

Chris Pirazzi (Word in the Hand): We are very happy to have completed the grueling 6-month process of development and testing on the amazing variety of different Android devices, from tiny sub-mobile phones to huge 10″ tablets.

We were able to include pretty much every feature from the iOS version of our app and even add handy speaker icons to play sounds with one touch (and we also ported this back to the latest iOS version). Plus we added 50,000+ new everyday entries (making the current total more than 150,000 bold entries). Plus, over and above the 150,000 figure, we now include more than 28,000 place name entries which help you to pinpoint geographical locations in Thailand.

If you’d like to learn more about this topnotch Thai-English-Thai dictionary read all about it at Word in the Hand or WLT’s double review here: Android and iPhone: Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary Review.

As before, the contest rules are simple:

  • Leave comments below.
  • Comment(s) need to add to the conversation.

NOTE: Each relevant comment gets counted, so leave as many as you like.

The draw will run from this very second until Wednesday, the 14th of March, 6am BKK time. As soon as I wake up I’ll throw the numbers at Talen who will then throw them into And ASAP, I’ll announce the three winners.


Psssst… the giveaway is only for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Not the Android.

Good luck everyone. The Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary is an exceptional app to win.

16 thoughts on “WIN! 3 Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone iPad iPod Apps”

  1. I enjoy reading all the comments. Thank you everybody for sharing your thoughts. Chris and I are continuing to work on the app to make it even better. I find new words to add almost everyday including suggestions from users. The best of luck to all in winning the drawing.

  2. Mike, I’ve already written a review so I’ll leave it to others to share 🙂

    Gordon, no prob. I believe I covered the expense angle back when the software came out. So yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you. When all the goodies are tallied up (extensive indeed) the dictionary is not expensive. And the time it took to do all the work was mind-boggling.

    I predict that Benjawan and Chris will still be recovering from their marathon in six months time. Seriously, they worked their butts off to get this update plus the Android version ready for us.

  3. I have heard so many good things about this app. For some reason though I am unable to download it and install it on my iphone 3gs. It might be because my phone has been unlocked.. is that a possible problem? Regardless I would like to have this app and I hope I can find the way to install it.

  4. Oops, you said extensive, not expensive! But my comments are still valid. Extensive – yes, and growing. Expensive – not really. Well designed and intuitive – yes.

  5. It is a great app. When you consider what it is; a very portable dictionary, a tone guide, tri-directonal (I think I can say that) Thai/English/phonetic, is being updated regularly at no additional cost, is vocal and has all the quick and easy search, and other, benefits of being electronic, then it is not really that expensive. Compare the money spent to a few lessons, or a night or two out which are over pretty quickly; this dictionary app will last you, and be useful, a lot longer. I already have it and use it on my ipad and I would recommend it to anyone who asks, and even to those who don’t. :-).
    Good luck to all and lots of happy hours of use of this app to the winner!

    Thanks to Benjawan and Chris, and of course to Catherine for offering this up. A great prize!

    Benjawan and Chris,
    Love le latest additions in vocab. Keep the new words comming. Love getting more slang, formal, and even some more archaic but sill used words added to make this even more useful with the aim of it being pretty much a single reference point for daily use. Keep ’em comming!


  6. The app sounds great. It also sounds like it is quite extensive. I understand that the creators are language specialist. I am wondering if the people that have used it could comment on how easy it is to use. A well designed interface that is intuitive and easy to use would be fantastic. I’d really like to give it a try.

  7. Lawrence, you are so right. With this app Benjawan and Chris are well ahead of the game 🙂

    Hi Emil! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your two cents on the dictionary. And I wholeheartedly agree – if you don’t win, buy your own copy. Be app standards it might look a bit steep but in quality alone, not at all.

  8. Hey Everyone 🙂

    Another contest and another comment from me 😛

    This time I don’t want to enter the draw though, just wanted to mention that I bought the iPhone app as soon as it came out and it is worth every cent.

    Good luck to everyone and if you don’t win it, buy it 🙂

  9. That app sounds like a real winner then. I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Benjawan would put out the single must have app everyone learning Thai needs to have. She already put out the orange book of Thai that I think everyone in Thailand already owns.

  10. Morning Lawrence 🙂

    Where needed the dictionary has small graphics next to words denoting what types of usage: used by monks, used by or about royalty, obsolete, poetic, technical, formal, spoken (slang, informal, colloquial), obscene.

    There is no reason to be connected to the Internet to use any part of this app. Once it’s on your device, it’s free running. Ok, you will need to connect again when the dictionary updates with even more vocabulary, sound files, and great stuff.

    The app is 346 mg for the Mac (not sure about Android). When it was first being designed that was considered a large download for an app but no longer.

  11. I just read through your review of the app and I had another quick question. Do you need to be connected to the internet in order to use speaking part of the app? I have an app right now that works okay, but it requires me to be connected to the internet in order to hear the spoken form of a word. If there are indeed 150k+ entries, that would be a pretty huge app if it was all downloadable.

  12. Does the app include slang words, or does it just use proper Thai words? Not a big deal either way, but it would be nice to have.

  13. Thank you Rob, it reads great! (I ran it through google translate). Your post also reminded me that the Top 100 Language Blogs 2012 is coming up soon. There are fabulous sites on that list. Inspiring.

  14. Thanks Catherine, You were on my bloglist for some time now, but today I added an article to the website because I think anybody who has something to do with learning thai should have your website on his/her hotlist.

  15. Welcome Rob 🙂 And thanks for sharing your Thai learning blog. I’ve now added it to a new section on Thai Language Bloggers (Non-English blogs).

    Good luck!

  16. Wow another great opportunity to win this fabulous dictionary !
    I am following this great blog for some time now. It was even a great inspiration for me to start a blog in the dutch language about learning to read and speak thai.
    I really could use this dictionary since I am only starting to learn this language, so I still have lot to learn and this dictionary would be a great help !
    Thanks Catherine for this great blog and this great opportunity !
    Greetings, Rob.


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