Thai Sex Talk for Valentine’s Day: Learning Thai Affirmations

Thai Sex Talk for Valentine’s Day: Learning Thai Affirmations

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Thai Sex Talk on Valentine’s day has become a sweet tradition. It started back in 2010 with Thai Sex Talk for St Valentine’s Day. Then, in 2011, copies of both Christopher G Moore’s Heart Talk & Kaewmala ‘s Sex Talk were gifted in a draw.

Here we are in 2012 and Kaewmala is talking, for real. And you betcha, everyone one of you can take her home.

Because this year, the lovely Kaewmala recorded learning Thai affirmations as a Thai Sex Talk Valentine’s treat. Sweet.

Why? Because positive affirmations help you suck less…

In Tim Brownson’s post, 30 Amazing Facts About Your Brain, he bluntly stated why some [ insert ‘language students’ ] can suck awful bad [ insert ‘when learning Thai’ ]:

A thought is a physical pathway in the brain. The more you have that thought the more you groove that path and the easier it is to have it again. That’s why having the thought “Why do I suck?” is never a great idea.

Written properly, affirmations groove a positive path through your brain. Positive. So no, in Kaewmala’s learning Thai affirmation, you won’t hear her intone the negative “Why don’t you suck less?” a zillion times. Instead, she’ll tease your brain in such a way that the desire to study Thai will grove a needed positive pathway.


I don’t need to reread what I wrote to know that the idea sounds cheesy. The point is, I already know it works. And if you seriously think about it, you’ll know too.

And oh, oh! A plus (pluses are good and won’t make you suck). I can personally attest that listening to the lovely Kaewmala’s voice is mega fine for sliding softly into sleep.

The learning Thai affirmation…

That’s right. Sleep. Some affirmations are for daytime listening. This particular learning Thai affirmation is for bedtime. Or for whenever you want (or need) to drift off. So in the hopes that you [and me me me] drop off, there is no real ending; the affirmation keeps on rolling.

Tip: To make it roll around forever you’ll need to set it to loop.

Kaewmala’s learning Thai ThaiSexTalk Affirmation:

Download: ThaiSexTalk Learning Thai Affirmation [4.2mg]

Script to Kaewmala’s learning Thai affirmation:

Get comfortable. Get ready to enjoy your learning Thai affirmations. Lay flat back and relax. Now let’s stretch your body out. Take a deep breath while stretching your toes forward, as far as they will go. Exhale slowly. Relax. Take another deep breath and point your toes to the sky. Feel the stretch. Exhale slowly. Relax. Take a deep breath… while raising your arms over your head… arching your back. Again, feel the stretch. Exhale slowly while bringing your arms back to your side. You are relaxed…. You are relaxed… And it is time to visualise learning Thai. You love learning the Thai language. You love spending time with your Thai lessons. Every day is a learning day. Every day, the language soaks into your brain. You enjoy reading and listening to Thai every day. You study the Thai language with energy and enthusiasm. You enjoy studying Thai because it’s interesting. You enjoy learning the Thai language. Every day, you are getting better at speaking Thai. Everyday, you are getting better at reading Thai. Every day, you can remember more. And more…

Note: The royalty free background music was created by Michael Stevenson from Trancescapes. Michael Stevenson is a certified clinical hypnotherapist (and whatever MNLP, MTT and MHt adds up to – a lot, I’m guessing).

Where to get even more of Kaewmala…

Twitter: Thai_Talk
Websites: Thai Women Talks

Paperback: Thai Sex Talk
Kindle Edition: Sweet Talk for Thai Sweetheart

WLT: Thai Sex Talk for St Valentine’s Day
WLT: A Valentine’s Day Treat: Win Both Heart Talk & Sex Talk

Thank you Kaewmala, for just being you. I applaud (and learn from) your serious side. I cherish your freedom of spirit and passion for fun 🙂

And a very happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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