BiB024: From Zero to God: How to Start a Church in Bangkok with Philip Bassham

What does it take to start a Christian church in downtown Bangkok?

Philip Bassham is a missionary from the United States that has a religious worker visa for starting churches and propagating the Gospel. He has always wanted to be a minister on the “front lines” so, he ultimately decided to preach the Gospel in Bangkok. Not just because it was the most populated city with a comparatively lower number of churches and Christians, but also a place where people were “open-minded” to learning the faith.

In this episode, Philip explains the difficulties of teaching Christianity to Thais. Feeling the Thai population might doubt the laws, court and the “finality of judgement”, he comes up with his own strategies of sreading the word of god.

While offering free English classes, he also tells of the importance of missionaries learning to be fluent in Thai and how he learned from tutors at Baan Aksorn and by using a program called Glossika. Spending eight hours a day working with Thai citizens, he says that learning a language is all about motivation.

Preaching to a nation of 99.5% non-Christians, Philip sees himself in a position to change mindsets of fear, hate and unforgivable sin to love, compassion and personal responsibility by leading people to do the right thing, and to teach people about the love of Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “BiB024: From Zero to God: How to Start a Church in Bangkok with Philip Bassham”

  1. I found the interview interesting and educative. Iim a pastor in Thailand. I would like to meet Pastor Philip Bassham in person. This is my phone number 0990683027. I presently living in Bangkok in Udomsuk area, Sukumvit road.

  2. Hey great info! I will use this to start esoteric churches to communicate with spirits. Thai already believe a little in that. Awesome! Thank you so much!


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