Write for Us!

Are you a student or teacher of the Thai language?
If so, WLT would really like to hear from you.

WLT is looking for posts that are…

  • From your own experience (not research only).
  • Deal with learning/studying Thai, and/or teaching Thai (lessons are welcome).
  • That are not sales spiels or crafted solely to get exposure.
  • Are not duplicate content (appearing elsewhere).

If you do get accepted I’ll need…

  1. A writer’s bio of three sentences or less (short and sweet).
  2. Your Social media links (twitter, Facebook, Youtube, whatever).
  3. An email address linked to an avatar from gravatar.com.
  4. A photo for each post (to create a banner). If you don’t have a photo, I’m quite happy to make it so.

How it works…

Those with four posts or more will be given a section of their own, with mini-banner, on the Guest Writers page. And if you become a regular guest writer you’ll be given your own page, similar to Sean Harley, Hugh Leong, Yuki Tachaya, Andrej, Luke Cassady Dorion, Rikker Dockum and Tod Daniels.

Still interested? Then please send your query via WLT’s contact form with your idea for a post(s).