A List of Useful Services When Traveling to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand? This page includes a list of services you’ll find useful when spending your vacation in the Land of Smiles. It lists only the service providers we feel comfortable recommending.

Saving Money

Insider’s Guide to Traveling to Thailand – Thailand Starter Kit’s Kindle that shows you how to cut your traveling budget in half and avoid being scammed while spending your vacation in Thailand.

Travel Insurance

WorldNomads – One of the most famous travel insurance companies in the world. You’ll pay less than $10 a day and have the peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens, the bill won’t break the bank.


Expedia – A flight comparison site allowing you to get a good deal without having to compare deal from each airline sites individually. And you can book a ticket directly here.

Vayama – One of the world’s biggest search engines for travel. The site gives you results and prices for your travel dates. Then you can book through their links.


Booking.com – One of the largest hotel booking sites in the world. Most of the time you can book hotels directly on their site. Prices shown on search results are the final prices–no hidden costs.

Agoda – Another one of the world’s largest hotel booking sites. On some hotel listings, you can get a cheaper deal on Agoda than Booking.com. But you’ll need to add 17% to the price displayed on the search result since the cost displayed doesn’t include service fees and taxes.


Rentalcar – One of the most comprehensive car rental sites in the world. You can land a good deal within just a few clicks.

Taxi2airport – You can avoid taxi scams and book your private airport transfers for any airport in Thailand.

*Disclaimer: ​We may receive financial compensation ​when you use one of the services on this page. This happens at no cost to you and helps us cover some of the expenses of running Thailand Starter Kit.