Share Your Tips, Advice, and Experience As An Expat

Share Your Tips, Advice, and Experience As An Expat

Love giving advice to new expats? Do you consider yourself an experienced expat? If so, you can now share your tips, advice, and experiences with fellow expats from around the world.

At ExpatDen, our mission has always been to provide expats with practical guides on how to overcome the many challenges we tend to face. We would like to invite YOU to join our mission. 

If you share the same passion for wanting to help others, join us in building the largest, high-quality, yet free resource for expats around the world. 

You can share your tips, advice, or experiences about any topic that you think is important for other expats to know in any country using the form below. If we publish your tip, we’ll notify you and you’ll get credit. 

Let’s work together to build the highest quality resource for expats around the world.


When you share your tips, be casual and personable, just like you would when giving advice to a friend.

We have no specific word count requirements. As long as it’s helpful, your advice can be fewer than 100 words or over 1,000 words. 

A good rule of thumb is this: the writing should be as long as it has to be in order to help your fellow expats answer any questions they might have – minus all the fluff.

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