Blogging Language

Here are a handful of language learning blogs that inspire me. None are about learning Thai but they give wonderful advice.

Fluent Language
This is a new (to me) blog. Kerstin sucked me into her orbit and my head is still spinning. Book reviews are sure to follow.

I Will Teach You a Language
A wonderful blog by Olly Richards – Study hacks and mind tools for independent language learners.

Langwitches Blog | twitter: @langwitches
Silvia’s blog is top quality (I have a zillion of her technology and storytelling posts bookmarked).

Lindsay Does Languages | twitter: LDLanguages
LDL is a new blog that helps to keep me up-to-date with what’s new with learning languages.

Polyglot Dream | twitter: @Poliglotta80
Polyglot Luca Lampariello has developed a language learning method that works. You can check out his method on WLT here: An Easy Way to Learn Foreign Languages: Part One and Part Two.

Speaking Fluently | twitter: @speakinfluently
Richard Simcott is an impressive polyglot. His YouTube channel is a must for language learners: torbyrne.

The Linguist on Language | @Stevekaufmann
Steve Kaufmann can often be controversial in his opinions about learning languages. And while I don’t always agree, just listening to his views pushes me to work out where I stand.

The Mezzofanti Guild | twitter: @mezzofanti
It’s exciting to read Donovan’s experiences about the various languages he takes on.