Luma Health in Vietnam: What You Should Know and How to Get a Quote

Based on our research, the Asia Care Plus health insurance plan by Luma is a great plan for expats who are living in Vietnam. You could pay less than $900 USD a year for $1,000,000 USD medical coverage. 

About Asia Care Plus in Vietnam

Here’s what sets Asia Care Plus apart from other plans:

  • You can pay locally in VND or USD, and get $1,000,000 USD coverage, which should be sufficient to treat any illness you may have. 
  • You can fly to any country in Southeast Asia except Singapore, which is a good deal when you have a critical condition that requires better medical facilities that what are provided in Vietnam. 
  • In case of an emergency, you can visit hospitals in many countries throughout the world and get medical coverage. 
  • By showing your insurance card, you can visit hundreds of hospitals in their network including Family Medical Practice and FV Hospital without having to pay anything out of pocket. 
  • You get full IPD coverage including cancer and medical evacuation. This means that you won’t need to pay anything as long as it’s within the $1,000,000 USD annual limit. 
  • You can get a second medical opinion from their in-house doctors. They can point out which hospitals you should go for the illness you have.
  • You can contact their support 24/7. They can communicate in over 16 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. 
  • All plans come with a lifetime renewal guarantee. They won’t kick you out even if you are diagnosed with expensive chronic diseases. 

Asia Care Plus in Vietnam comes with five plans. Here’s a short summary of each plan:

Plan 1: Full coverage for IPD and cancer for $827 USD per year*.

Plan 2: All benefits from plan 1 along with OPD coverage, including vaccinations at a limit of $6,000 USD, for $1,603 USD per year*.

Plan 3: All benefits from plan 2 with additional coverage for dental treatment, maternity, and vision, for $2,345 USD per year*.

Plan 4: All benefits from plan 3 with a significant increase in annual limits, dental treatment, and maternity coverage, for $3,090 USD per year*.

Plan 5: All benefits from plan 5 with unlimited OPD coverage, for $4,523 USD per year*.

*The example premiums are for a 39-year-old male. 

Get a Personalized Quote

If you’re 69 years old or younger, and you’re interested in applying for health insurance with Luma Health, enter your details on this page. You will be connected to an official agent from Luma Health who can then help you out. They can provide you not only with a quote, but also answer any additional questions you have.

About Luma Health

Luma Health offer various insurance packages, from individual and family plans, to SME and large corporate plans. There are some benefits that Luma offers that you’ll rarely find.

Unlike a lot of other international insurance companies, Luma Health has an internationally-staffed office in Thailand that helps their local customers. This means that in addition to English-speaking staff, there are native German and French-speaking staff on hand that can speed up a lot of things like reimbursements or disputes.

They’ve partnered with over 2 million medical providers worldwide. 


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