Why Choosing the Serviced Office with Regus in Bangkok

Regus offers serviced offices for corporate of all sizes. Some of their added services are rarely provided by other providers.

Regus is located in over 20 places in Bangkok, and the number continues to grow. Each Regus office has English-speaking staff and holds regular networking events where you can connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why Regus?

Here’s why we’ve stayed with Regus:

  • They have the exact serviced office package we need for our company.
  • They offer the cheapest serviced office in the area we want to be in.
  • We pay one price each month, which they automatically bill our credit card company for, and we get access to everything we need in an office, including furniture.
  • They have an exceptional support team that answers all our questions and helps us whenever we run into a challenge.
  • They send mail directly to our office and let us know when we get mail from important government offices like the Social Security Office and Revenue Department.
  • They clean our office twice a day and even check whether our door is locked or not.
  • They give us free access to their co-working spaces in over 3,000 locations throughout the world.
  • They have regular networking events where we can join for free and connect with other companies.
  • Price starts at 9,000 baht a month

Here’s what sets Regus aparts from other serviced office providers:

  • They offices of all sizes, no matter if you’re a startup company with one employee or a large corporation.
  • You can find them in 20 different areas of Bangkok.
  • You can choose from monthly, bi-yearly, yearly, or longer contracts.
  • You can manage your serviced office package or book a meeting room through their website or mobile app.
  • You can start working the day after you sign your contract.
  • You can promote your business in their marketplace of 2.5 million members.

Making a Visit

We made our visit to Regus in 2016 while looking for a serviced office. After visiting, we knew right away that it was the right office for us.

You can do the same by filling the form below. An rep from Regus will get back to you and set up a visit to your preferred location.


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