Luma Health: What You Should Know and How to Get a Quote

Luma Health provides excellent health insurance plans for expats and locals in Thailand. In fact, its Hi5 Care package is one of the best affordable plans currently available on the market.

About Hi5 Care Plan 

Here’s what sets Hi5 Care apart from other plans:

  • You get an annual limit of THB5 million, which is among the highest for local plans.
  • You get full coverage for IPD, cancer, newly discovered chronic diseases, and medical evacuation as long as it’s under the plan’s limit. This makes it valuable because other local insurance plans usually come with specific limits on each IPD coverage.
  • You can walk into one of the many hospitals (including top-tier facilities like Bumrungrad) and show your card to get treatment. The hospital will settle your bill directly with the insurance company, and you won’t have to pay a cent.
  • You can pay for your plan in Thai Baht through a bank transfer or with a credit card. You can also pay for your plan annually or in four consecutive installments with no extra fees. 
  • You get worldwide emergency coverage with annual limits of THB1,250,000. 
  • You can add a deductible to your plan to lower your insurance premiums. There are many deductibles to choose from, ranging from THB30,000 to THB300,000. 
  • You can get up to 20 percent off of family plans. 

Luma’s Hi5 Care plan comes with two options, both providing THB5 million in annual coverage with distinct options for hospital room access. Here’s a short summary of the cost of each plan.

For a 39-year-old individual, the starting premium is THB33,827 per year. 

The upgraded option at THB37,479 per year allows for higher hospital room limits, giving you the option to pick a room other than the standard.

About PRIME Plan

In addition to the Hi5 Care plan, Luma also offers a PRIME plan, giving you more coverage. 

Here’s the key upgrades you get with the PRIME plan. 

  • You get an annual limit of THB10 million, THB30 million, or THB50 million. This gives you more financial security for unexpected medical expenses. 
  • You get coverage internationally, with three zones available. The most basic zone includes international coverage in Thailand and Europe. This allows you the flexibility to seek treatment in multiple European countries, including Germany, making it a good feature if you visit these countries often. 
  • You get access to premium rooms, giving you more comfortable experiences in case of hospitalizations.  

How Much Does PRIME Cost?

For a 39-year-old, here are some example PRIME plan cost:

  • PRIME Plan 1: THB10 million in coverage per year; THB47,545 premium per year
  • PRIME Plan 2: THB30 million in coverage per year; THB53,493 premium per year
  • PRIME Plan 3: THB50 million in coverage per year; THB60,168 premium per year

Family Discount

You can get further family discounts with LUMA for both Hi5 Care and PRIME plans as follows: 

  • Family of two: 5 percent off (a couple, or a parent + child)
  • Family of three: 7.5 percent off
  • Family of four: 20 percent off

Get a Personalized Quote

If you’re 69 years old or younger, and you’re interested in applying for health insurance with Luma Health, enter your details on this page. You will be connected to an official agent from Luma Health who can then help you out. They can provide you with not only a quote, but also answer any additional questions you have.

About Luma Health

Luma Health offers various insurance packages, from individual and family plans to SME and large corporate plans. There are some benefits that Luma offers that you’ll rarely find.

Unlike a lot of other international insurance companies, Luma Health has an internationally staffed office in Thailand that helps their local customers. This means in addition to English, there are native German and French-speaking staff on hand that can speed up a lot of things like reimbursements or disputes.

On top of that, it has its own medical team that includes foreign doctors and nurses, to help guide foreigners living in Thailand through their healthcare journey.

Luma Health have partnered with over two million medical providers worldwide. Over 6,000 families and companies in Thailand are insured by Luma health.


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