Blogging Thailand

With bloggers coming and going, this list continues to ebb and flow. Please be patient as I try to keep up with the many blogs about Thailand that are written, abandoned, and/or deleted. If you blog about Thailand, please contact me and I’ll check it out.

Almost like being there. Daily Thai news you can’t find anywhere else. Since 1999, 2Bangkok has featured background and perspective on local news with summaries of the Thai-language press.

A Monk In Thailand
Jamie Monk has been living in Phuket since 1999, is married with 2 kids and is very happy. He has been traveling all over the world, but it was Thailand that finally persuaded him to stop drifting.

Camille’s Samui Info blog
PADI Course Director Camille blogs about Koh Samui.

Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon
Interesting facets or news about the administrative subdivisions of Thailand.

Eating Thai Food
Authentic Thai recipes and restaurants so you can experience the real taste of Thai food!

engagingthailandtips Blog
Life Style Tips From Thailand And The East.

Wonderful writing, beautiful photography. By Austin Bush Photography.

Greg To Differ
Stories, anecdotes, advice and tales from Asia, with some general musings and rants thrown in for good measure.

Jamie’s Phuket
Places to go, beaches, hotels, eating, temples, diving, festivals and more…

Joy’s Thai Food Recipes & Cooking blog
I blog about Thai food recipes and cooking tips here in articles, photos, and videos.

New Mandala
New perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia.

Newley Purnell
Dispatches from Bangkok.
A blog about living sober in Thailand, by the Irish Paul Garrigan.

Photo_journ’s newsblog
John Le Fevre: Photo-journalist, editor, PR consultant, SEO, SEM, SNM specialist and DJ.

Richard Barrow
Thai Blogs Promoting Thai Culture.

Still Life in Moving Vehicles
Photos taken from inside Bangkok Taxis.

Thai Festival Blogs
Explore Thailand with travel blogger Richard Barrow.

Thai Food Paradise
Your home for Thai food recipes, tips, and eating in Thailand.

Thai Garden Design – Thai Landscaping Experts
Professionals in Thai Gardens, Tropical Landscaping Design and Construction.
One of my favourite blogs (be sure to check out his learning Thai section).

Thailand Pictures
Pictures from Richard Barrow, a British expat who has been living and working in Samut Prakan, Thailand for more than 21 years.

Thai Movie Central
A new blog about Thai movies (one to watch).

The Isaan Record
Telling the Stories of Northeast Thailand

The Siamerican
Dual national Thai American born in Colorado.

The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project
A photographic archive of derelict or converted movie theaters in Southeast Asia.


A group of us started blogging way back when but now there are only a handful of us oldies left. I’ve deleted any erased blogs but below are blogs that have merely been abandoned. Even though they are no longer being updated, the experiences shared are a good read.

A Little Peek Inside
This blog began as a newsletter while living in Bangkok, Thailand.

angellibrarian in Bangkok
A children’s/teen librarian working at an international school in Thailand.

Bangkok Beyond Blog
This Blog is for anyone interested in Thailand, be it travel, Thai food, culture, language or anything else concerning Thailand.

Bangkok Metblogs
Local politics, event reviews, lunch recommendations and ways to avoid that big traffic jam downtown.

Bangkok Reality Smackdown
Written by a crazy expat in Bangkok.

Behind the Noodle Curtain
A kind of an Indo-China Daily Life.

Eating Asia: Thailand
Beautiful photography; equally interesting writing.

Finding My Way Home
I have discovered that Thai culture and Thailand resonate with my soul on a very deep level.

Follow That Elephant!
…tales of an American expat in southeast Asia…

Go East, Young Woman
A blog about culture and technology in South-East Asia.

Successful Thai language learner Grace is moving to Thailand, so she’s started a blog to share her experiences in the region.

Jonny Foreigner
News, opinion, irreverence, attempted wit and tales of raising a son from a young Brit living in Thailand.

Kat’s Window
This blog is no longer updated but it’s a great read about a westerner’s view into Thailand.

Learning in the Land of Smiles
Expat teacher in rural Thailand.

Life in rural Thailand
My life with my family in rural Thailand.

Enchanting songs of Thailand. A collection of great music by thai people; ลูกทุ่ง (luk thung), ลูกกรุง (luk krung), หมอลำ (molam), various folk styles & others.

My home Koh Samui
Life in Samui through the eyes of an insider.

My Krung Thep กรุงเทพฯ (Bangkok)
My guide helps you to discover the hidden treasures of Bangkok. I collect tips by insiders and offer you links to Google Maps as well as reviews of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants by other guests.

My unseen Thailand
Places I have visited which normally no Farang would ever find.

Nomadic Tendencies
A photographic journal of my experiences living and traveling in South East Asia.

Only in Thailand
Living in Bangkok, a new and interesting experience.

Papaya in Thailand
A man living in exile in Thailand.

Personal Thailand
A bit of news along with a bit of real life in Thailand.

Philip Golingai
A Malaysian journalist’s take on Thailand.

Quote Thai
Thoughtful Thai blog.

Tales from Isaan
American banker goes open-toed in Northeast Thailand.

Thai Connoisseur
A blog about Thailand and all things Thai. I am passionate about Thailand, its culture, its foods and its scenic beauty.

ThaiKarl: Thai Country Life
I carry an American passport. But my home is Thailand. I go to USA to work, to make money to come back to Thailand.
Videos about Thailand and Thai life.

Thai Life + Travel: Experience good living in Thailand
Joanne Narksompong, half Thai-half American woman living and teaching in Bangkok.

Thai Life in Phana
Blogging about life in Isan, Thailand.

Thai Life + Travel
A personal living and travel guide for Thailand written by Joanne Narksompong, a half Thai-half American woman living and teaching in Bangkok.

The Peoples of Thailand
The fascinating ethnic make up of today’s Thailand.

The Streets of Bangkok
A blog-guide written by a long-time resident.

The Thai Pirate
Thai Blog and Travel Stories.

The Wandering Stray Cat
A cat getting a look into Thailand.

Travel to Lanna ล้านนา
Lanna (English: One Million Rice Fields) was a kingdom in the north of Thailand around the city of Chiang Mai. This blog is about Chiang Mai ภาษาไทย, Pai and Mae Hong Son เชียงใหม่ ปาย แม่ฮ่องสอน. Guesthouses and Hotels, Transportation, Tribes. Maps, Links and Videos.

Urban Pilgrim
From the Mayflower to Thailand and back…

Village Life in Southern Thailand
A Women Marooned in a Rural Thai Village.

Way Out There
From Stan: First I was there, then I was somewhere else, and now I’m here.

Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal
Wise Kwai is well worth coming all the way down here… News and Views on the Cinema in Thailand. No longer being updated…