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Thailand Starter Kit is a one-stop relocation resource for Thailand. We provide free guides to current and future expats who are looking to live and work in the country. Covering the less glamorous topics every expat and long-term visitor has to figure out, you can read up on step-by-step guides to health insurance, renting an apartment, opening a bank account, hiring a lawyer and other challenges of expat life in Thailand. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use the search box on the right hand side (bottom of the page if you’re viewing it on mobile).

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A good place to start is this detailed overview of my cost of living in Bangkok. It shows what I spend money (as well as exactly how much) while living and working here. From there you can then check out what you’ll need for living here, discover how to get the best deals and figure out the most convenient solutions. The article cross-links to a lot of other sections on the website, making it easier to dive deeper into how to figure life out in Thailand and what it’ll end up costing. You can also check out our ‘Start Here!‘ guide which gives you a very good overview of the contents of this website.

And if you enjoy the free content we have to offer, check out Thailand Starter Kit: Save Cash, Land a Job, Avoid Pitfalls, and More. It’s the only guide of its kind. It’s written by expats and researchers who’ve been living in Thailand for over a decade. The book helps you avoid the pitfalls every expat faces in the Land of Smiles and saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

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I cover the essentials of life in Bangkok, but there are some areas that I feel particular confident in giving advice. These aren’t always the most popular posts, but I think they can really make a different for people moving here. I’m a health-conscious guy (how to stay fit in Bangkok), who likes to optimize life (where to order groceries on the internet) and enjoys running a tech company out of Bangkok (how to hire the right people in Thailand and how to handle cross-cultural management challenges). If you are still trying to figure out what you could be doing when you move to Bangkok, you might also want to check out this guide to finding a job in Thailand.

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We constantly add new content to the website. If you haven’t been back in a while, you can find a list of new articles here:

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If you’re wondering what life is like for the people who actually live in Bangkok, you should check out our podcast ‘Brewed in Bangkok‘. It’s a great way to discover the stories that lie hidden throughout Thailand’s capital. Here are the latest episodes of the Brewed in Bangkok podcast:

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