A List of Useful Services You’ll Need When Living in Thailand

This page includes a list of services you’ll find useful when living in Thailand. It lists only the service providers we feel comfortable recommending.

Health Insurance

International Insurance – An international insurance brokerage company providing free quotes and advice on health insurance. It’s a great option if you want to get offshore insurance.

Mister Prakan – A local insurance broker providing comprehensive insurance plan comparisons. Recommend for those who want to get quality local insurance in Thailand.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agent – Get in touch with a real estate agent we feel comfortable recommending. Suitable for those who want to quickly find a good place to rent or buy in Bangkok.

Booking.com – A booking platform with a great selection of hotels and serviced apartments in Thailand. You can book a place for up to 30 days with no contract.

akyra Thonglor Bangkok – A luxury hotel that offers serviced apartments in the heart of Bangkok. You can rent serviced apartments from 30 to 365 days and enjoy all the benefits the hotel has to offer.


Moving Quotes – Fill out the form to get free quotes from moving companies to ship your belongings internationally.

Boonma – A reputable pet shipping company in Thailand. They can help you bring your pet in and out of Thailand to and from many other parts of the world.


Relocation Services – A visa and work permit service that helps companies, digital nomads, and freelancers who already have clients work legally in Thailand and relieves the administrative burden of dealing with Thai bureaucracy.

Working in Thailand Kindle – Our ebook showing you how to effectively get a job in Thailand based on the experiences of nineteen expats from various fields who work in Thailand.


KIS International School – A reputable international school in Bangkok. KIS offers fully authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) programs to students from all over the world aged between 3 to 19 years old.


Thaipod101 – A great tool to study Thai Online. It includes step-by-step videos and podcasts that help you quickly speak and understand Thai.

Learn Thai From a White Guy – online Thai courses created by an expat who’s lived in Thailand for more than 16 years. He helps other expats get fluent in Thai quickly using clever learning tactics.

Money Transfer

TransferWise – A quick, cheap, and easy want to send money in and out of Thailand. Both transfer fees and exchange rates are better than most wire transfers.

Xendpay – An alternative to TransferWise. The website’s a bit more complicated to use but provides better rates in some cases.


BIDC – The specialized dental clinic in Bangkok with international standards. They provide everything you’ll need for dental care.

Banchee Legal – A law firm with good ethics and affordable rates. They can help you with general legal matters including rental disputes, contracts, notarizations, and litigations.

Frank Legal & Tax – A boutique law firm that specializes in corporate and real estate laws. You can contact them when you need legal advice for commercial laws or if you want to invest in real estate.


1040Abroad – A tax firm for American expats who live in Thailand or abroad. They can help you with US tax advice or filing.

Switchaya Nukkam – An accountant who can help you with tax in Thailand. She also provides accounting services for corporations.


HappyFresh – You can buy groceries, food, and fresh products from this site. They can also deliver products from superstores like Tesco, Big C, and Gourmet Market.


Expedia – Use it when you need to buy airline tickets anywhere in the world. Many times you’ll land a great deal on Expedia. They compare deals from different websites and show you the best based on price or flight duration.

Rentalcars – Check out Rentalcars if you need to rent a car in Thailand. Similar to Expedia, they compare prices and show you the best deals available.

Busonlineticket – A handy website to book tickets for buses, ferries, and trains online. With it, you don’t need to deal with the hassle of trying to explain where you want to go and at what time with a non-native English speaker at the ticket counter.

Disclaimer: ​We may receive financial compensation ​when you use one of the services on this page. This happens at no cost to you and helps us cover some of the expenses of running ExpatDen.