Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles


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Crossword Puzzles and Google Books…

When I started researching for the post Google Books: Thai Learning Resources, I came across Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles for both Level 2 and Level 4. Fabulous.

Now, I realise that some authors are scared of their work being in Google Books, but there are real benefits to being able to dig down deep into a book to see if it is for you. As this was the fourth purchase I’ve made after finding a book on Google Books, so it obviously works for me.

When I contacted Webster’s about their Thai – Webster’s Specialty Crossword Puzzles, they kindly sent me their Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles: Level 1 to review.

This being the modern age, the book was sent via email as a pdf. Nice.

Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles…

This edition is for Level 1 vocabulary, where the higher the level number, the more complicated the vocabulary. Though highly entertaining, if not addictive, this crossword puzzle book covers some 3000 translations. In this book, hints are in Thai, answers are in English… Within each level, the puzzles are organized to expose players to shorter and more common words first. Subsequent puzzles mostly build on these using longer and more complicated vocabulary.

For Level 1 there are 100 crossword puzzles, 121 pages in all. And they don’t waste your time either, as right after the preface you jump to the first puzzle, Puzzle #1: Level 1 – Most Common (shown below).



As you can see from the graphic above, you have have the guts of the crossword at the top, then the Across and Down, and below that are solutions in English. But the solutions are only hints, not answers. To get the answers you need to go to the back of the book, where they are laid out puzzle by puzzle.

There are four Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4.

8 thoughts on “Webster’s Thai to English Crossword Puzzles”

  1. Hi Talen. I’m really enjoying your series. It is refreshing to read about real relationships in Thailand instead of all the clichés going around.

    The crosswords are really great as they force you to think in ways other than the traditional (course work, conversation, etc).

    Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on it! I was wondering about having them sent to my son in WA and I’d pick them up when I was there next. When I did the maths, I found that there is only a savings of US$10 or so in shipping. But, US$10 is US$10…

    I really should ask Webster if they will be offering the set by pdf. That would save a ton on their carbon footprint. Yes?

  2. That is very cool. If you can’t track them down any other way maybe I can find them and send them to you or bring them when I finally get back.

  3. Rikker, 🙂 When I looked at the shipping cost to Thailand (over US$20 for the set), the first thing I did was contact Danny at DCO books to see if he could track them down for me. No luck.

    Fingers crossed they will offer the rest of the set via pdf too.

    Webster is generous as inside each copy is a disclaimer.

    Note to teachers: You are granted permission to photocopy individual puzzles to distribute as assignments to students enrolled in your classes.

    The books are created for Thai students learning English, so they do indeed understand the need to get study materials out there.

  4. Cool, I had no idea these even existed.

    Local publishers should copy the idea and sell it for much cheaper. 😉 It seems like it’s just as useful for Thai-speakers learning English, as it is for English-speakers learning Thai.

  5. Hi Abbie, I believe they are mistakes in the copy. Mine came over via pdf so that could have something to do with it. The same mistakes are in the answers, so… hmm. But except for some coding gremlins, their website has the correct spacing.

  6. The crossword puzzles are quite fun because they force you to dredge through your brain to find the answers. And a 12 hour flight to Thailand from the UK would be perfect time to sit back and enjoy the challenge (although I’d have to drag a dictionary along too 🙂

  7. This is a new one on me and what a great way to learn to read and write Thai. Most people like the challenge of crosswords and they are a lot of fun. What a great way to spend the 12 hour long haul flight to Thailand by trying to complete a crossword or possibly two. A definite winner.


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