Vote for Your TOP Thai Blog: GO! Overseas

Vote for your TOP Thai Blog

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Please vote for your TOP Thai Blog…

You might not know this, but there’s a competition going on. The guys at GO! Overseas collected a range of Thai blogs and they’d like you to vote for your favourite. And that goes for me as well 😉

The voting will be over soon. The 9th of November? Something like that. So if you do intend on voting, the time is pretty much now.

Who is GO! Overseas?…

In July I received an email from Andrew Dunkle at GO! Overseas:

We have finished reviewing your blog and I am delighted to inform that all of our staff agree that your blog deserves to be included in our list of top blogs in Thailand. Congratulations! Your content is clearly top-notch and we’re confident our users will enjoy reading your blog as much as we have.

In preparation for a future post on GO! Overseas, I asked Andrew for a bit of information about their site. He was happy to oblige.

GO! Overseas was founded two years ago with the intention of creating a one-stop resource for meaningful travel abroad. Our motto is, “Travel with a Purpose,” as we believe travelers today increasingly demand more from their overseas experiences. serves not only as an online resource, but a community website where our users regularly interact with one another on our blog and in our forums. We know there are a lot of questions when it comes to overseas travel, and our continued goal is to provide the necessary resources to ‘travel with a purpose.’

We think the positive feedback we have received so far speaks for itself and shows that there was always a strong demand for a site like this. We regularly see 100% increases in traffic from month to month, and we look forward to a bright future as we continue to expand our resources into new and exciting areas.

Site: GoOverseas
Facebook: GoOverseas
Twitter: GoOverseas


17 thoughts on “Vote for Your TOP Thai Blog: GO! Overseas”

  1. Thanks Josh 🙂

    Martyn, goodness, the urban dictionary has all sorts of ideas for lash. I tried to trace it back in time, but as I’m not a linguist I’m not sure what I found. Some results I dare not post here!

  2. Catherine here’s an explanation of the word ‘Lash’ from the Urban Dictionary or as Wilai would put it ‘Her..baan dic..shun..hairy’.

    To get (very) drunk

    Also ‘to go on the lash’.

    Synonymous with:
    Get pissed, get wasted, get hammered, get rat-arsed, get sloshed, get trolleyed etc

    The word ‘lash’ orinally means to strike with a whip, and so has this extended meaning (ie. drinking makes you feel like you’ve been flogged).
    NB. Usually used in a positive sense.
    1. “Hey John, what are you up to tonight? The boys are all going out and getting lashed”

    2. “The boys are all going out on the lash tonight.”

  3. Nice! Thank you for your support Martyn. I believe Talen is in second place and I’m after. He has a hugely gernormous site so I always expect to lag behind (taking needed advice from him along the way 🙂

    This drat cold just keeps hanging on. Every morning when I wake up it’s still here. I wanted to feel like a kid again, but this is not what I meant. Honest. Kleenex strewn all over, lozenges at the ready, and copious cups of hot tea.. all that’s missing is vanilla ice cream and cartoons.

    Ps: I’m not sure what ‘a night on the lash’ means for positive but if it has anything to do with whisky, I tried that earlier. I came to the conclusion that there isn’t a bottle big enough to cure this ache so I went back to lemons and maple syrup (maple is supposed to be healthier than honey).

  4. Catherine I visited Go Overseas and registered you a vote and saw you were in second place behind Talen. Best of luck to the both of you.

    I hope you feel better soon and can put the hankies away for a while. I always reckon a damn good night on the lash is a great cure for colds and flu. It sure beats hot lemon and sugar.

  5. Thanks Snap 🙂 researching and writing for this site has been great fun. And what with so many new expats learning Thai, next year is going to take off in a different direction. Please stay tuned as it should be equally entertaining (hope hope hope).

  6. Catherine, you know you’ve got my vote 😉 Your resources and links to Thai blogs/websites have helped me enourmously…and entertained many a time.

  7. The walking dead are a big part of Halloween…Or maybe someone finally got off their butt and started to promote the contest?

    Hope you feel better soon Cat, there’s nothing worse than a cold in the tropics. Get some rest and lots of fluids and vitamin C. I’m guessing some khao man gai would go well if you’re congested too, combination of the wonderful broth and spicy sauce.

    And how the heck do you get Talen’s germs all the way from Pattaya to Bangkok???

  8. Talen, I haven’t gotten to that stage yet. I’m only at the whiny, achy, whingy part. My body is presently fussing up a storm.

    Full moon? Halloween? It can do that? All that? Hmmm… pretty powerful.

  9. Cat, I promise you I have not sent you my sickness or you would be talking about bucketfuls of snot…okay, maybe you wouldn’t be talking about bucketfuls of snot but you would have them.

    as for the voting it could be chalked up to Halloween or the full moon …

  10. Talen, Ok. Then how come every time YOU get a cold, I do soon after too? Can you explain that? Hmmmm? The only thing good about this is that you’ve only given me a light version of what you always come down with.

    But I’m not feeling better (I know I’m not suposed to say that… but it’s the truth… I do not do sick well at all). After feeling awful all weekend I have my fingers crossed that tonight is the last night of this.

    Thank you for your kudos 🙂 oh, and your vote! Isn’t the voting going weird on that contest? I’ve never seen the like before. Talk about a blog rising from the dead…


    I hope you feel better…I have been to the hospital twice with this mess and to the clinic 4 times! Thankfully I haven’t had as much as a sniffle in a week ( thanks to massive amounts of antibiotics ) of course if I do get the sniffles I will die because my immune system is shot.

    I have to echo Paul’s sentiments. While I and other write about Thailand from a million viewpoints you have drilled down and really provide an excellent resource that will stand the test of time…I voted for ya.

  12. Thanks Paul 🙂 I don’t know what’s going on in Thailand as the tropics are usually immune from colds and flu. For me anyway. And it seems like Talen has been sick since he got here.

    So later on I’ll do a proper review of GO! Overseas. Promise.

  13. Hi Cat, I hope WLT does well in the Top Blogs competition. I think your website does a great service and it deserves the recognition. I’m sorry to hear that you are unwell; I’ve had a bit of a time of it myself recently.

  14. Oh. And please excuse such an abnormally (for me) short post. I’m sicker than a dog. I don’t know what’s going on in Thailand but many people I know are coming down with this mess. And not just once, but twice. Three times. Blech… drugs would be good right about now but I’ve opted for a long nap instead.


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